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Beyond Alice in Glow Lip & Cheek Collection | Review & Swatch

25 Januari 2017
Hello Girls...

A couple of months ago I blogged about Beyond Alice in Glow Cream Shadow. I almost forgot I have this article shortlisted in my drafts until quite recently, when I was once again grazed by the loving presence this lil cutie pie. Alice in Wonderland is another product from Beyond Cosmetics. A love child of their partnership with the widely loved and enduring franchise that is “Alice in Wonderland” (thank you Captain Obvious. The Beyond Alice in Wonderland Lip & Cheek is a cream product that sets out to accomplish a powdery finish once it blends with your skin. It can be used for both your lips and cheeks.

I think the packaging is super cute. You can Alice’s picture printed on top of the clear lid – thereby the backdrop itself is the color palette of each corresponding product. However, I am slightly disappointed with the fact that all of the products from this collection have the exact same picture of Alice. It would have been nice if they had adorned different variants (cushion, eyeshadow cream, cream blush, etc) with separate, unique to each variant designs. Having the same design painted on all of the existing design seems kind of repetitive and TBH, a tad lazy for me. All I want is to see more variations of Alice’s artwork printed on their makeup collection ^^

Mineral Botanica Studio Series Collection | Video

17 Januari 2017
Hello girls...

I know you've been waiting for this post. Pertamakali ngelihat produk ini aku langsung loncat-loncat kegirangan. Gimana nggak, Mineral Botanica mengeluarkan line makeup baru yang terdiri dari, bukan satu, bukan dua, tapi empat jenis lip product. Berbeda dengan koleksi makeup mereka yang sebelumnya, koleksi Mineral Botanica Studio Series mengusung gaya yang lebih elegan dan tentunya dengan formula yang lebih baik lagi.

Ada rasa bangga tersendiri saat melihat koleksi Studio Series ini. Bangga karena akhirnya ada produk Indonesia yang kemasan dan juga formulanya nggak kalah sama brand-brand lain diluar sana. Mineral Botanica Studio Series saat ini terdiri dari Perfect Cover Matte Lipstick, Lustrous Silky Lipstick, HD Gloss Liquid Lipstick, dan juga Ultra Pigment Matte Liquid Lipstick. Banyak kan? Jadi gimanakah kualitasnya?

Simple & Easy Bold Lips Makeup Tutorial | Video

09 Januari 2017
Hello Lovelies....

Finally I am back with another tutorial. Nggak seperti makeup aku yang biasanya bernuansa soft dengan lipstik berwarna nude. Kali ini aku mencoba makeup yang agak sedikit menor, iya sebut saja agak lebih menor secara yah tuch blush on ya olooo... #TutupMata haha. Di tutorial kali ini aku juga memberanikan diri mencoba bold lipstick. Nggak tanggung-tanggung bold lipstick nya aku pilih yang warna ungu.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in shade Bittersweet, Lipstik ungu satu ini benar-benar bikin aku jatuh cinta banget deh. Pertama kali cobain tuh waktu Lauching Event Urban Decay bersama Sephora Indonesia. Warna Bittersweet ini adalah warna iconic Urban Decay, yang biasanya jadi sentuhan di kemasan produk makeup mereka.

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