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No Filter Selfie with Insta Blur from The Body Shop

24 Desember 2014
We will start everything with the word "Pores"..

If you follow me on this blog.. read the blog post I write, where I act like I know what I was writing about.. *hahaha..*, I believe you found the word "Pores" which is my biggest enemy in this entire world...^^ I have a lot of pores and they are somehow decided to claim their existence on my skin with become as large as they can.  I have a lot of big pores around my nose, cheek also smaller pores on my forehead and chin. It's also the reason why my skin gets oily during the day and when I wear make up, I never skip my pore minimizer primer.

the body shop insta blur

About 3 months ago The Body Shop Indonesia launch their new make up primer to instantly blur your pores and make your make up look flawless which is The Body Shop Insta Blur All In One 5 Action Perfector. Insta Blur is basically a silicon based make up primer that claims to temporary minimize the appearance of your pores and give you flawless make up looks just like the filter featured on Instagram.

The Body Shop Shiso 2in1 Brightening Eye Cream

20 Desember 2014

Hello beauty lovers...

Do you know that skin around your eyes is the most delicate and vulnerable area? The skin around your eye is thinner and shows signs of aging more quickly than other areas of your face do. Unlike skin on the rest of your face, the eye area does not contain oil glands that can help keep this skin moist. That's why most beauty company recommended a separated eye cream.

Eye cream is actually have same ingredients like facial moisturizer but it's usually more moisturizing than facial moisturizer. It is a myth if people said that you will always need separated eye moisturizer, or if you need a product called as an "Eye Cream" for the skin around your eyes area. Basically, skin care is about finding the perfect ingredients for you skin. Facial moisturizer mostly contains some ingredients that might be too harsh for eye's skin, but if you find a facial moisturizer that didn't cause irritation for you eyes, then it's possible to using same moisturizer for your eye's skin.

Scentio Double Milk Triple White Body Lotion - Current Favorite Body Lotion

15 Desember 2014
Hello my readers...

How often are you using a body lotion? for me, it's quite rare. Not only because I am lazy, but more because of I hate the sticky feeling on my skin. My skin is quite dry, especially on my legs. I even can see some area that wrinkled because of dry skin. I was not really care about that since no one will have interest to take a closer look of your legs. I tried to love putting lotion to my skin, but every time I did, I just can't stand the feeling of sticky cream on my skin.

It's changed after Copia Indonesia introducing me to Scentio Double Milk Triple White Body Lotion by Beauty Buffet. This is not the first product from Scentio that I have ever tried. You can also check my review about Scentio Milk Plus Body Scrub here. Just like the last Scentio product that I reviewed, this body lotion is also a whitening body product. It is written on the packing, "Triple White", I suggest this product range have more whitening power than the Milk Plus range that also from Scentio.

Maybelline Girls 2014 with Velove Vexia

14 Desember 2014
Hello my readers..

Pada 7 Desember 2014 aku berkesempatan untuk menghadiri Maybelline Signature Year Event-End Event yang di adakan di Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan. Maybelline Signature Year-End Event yang bertema Street Fashion Party kali ini, merupakan acara tahunan Maybelline yang pertama. Sebagai salah satu brand terkemuka asal New York, Maybelline Indonesia menggelar pencarian wajah Maybelline yang dinamai "Maybelline Girls Search". Maybelline Girl Search direncanakan akan menjadi salah satu acara tahunan Maybelline yang mana Grand Final dari Maybelline Girls Search akan di lakukan pada Maybelline Signature Year-End Event. 

Maybelline Girls Search adalah ajang pencarian bakat yang bertujuan untuk mengapresiasi remaja putri Indonesia yang cantik dan berkarakter. Wajah Maybelline Girls bukan hanya cantik dan menarik tapi juga sosok yang percaya diri, outgoing, smart, energetic, fashionable, dan trendy.

Nail Art Tutorial Glam Wine and Etude House Play Nails Review

09 Desember 2014
Hello Everyone..

It has been quite a long time since my latest manicure. This time I want to give you a little inspiration of a simple, easy-to-do, glamour nail art idea that is appropriate for this holiday seasons. Christmas is just around the corner. This time is my favorite time of year. Christmas reminds me of my childhood memory and Christmas song always draw a smile on my face somehow ^^

Back to the nail art.. It's just a simple red wine polish with silver sparkle on top. I got a Etude House Play Nail in red wine nail polish on Etude House Any Cushion launching event back on October. I was immediately thinking to create a holiday nail art for you. 

Bioderma Sensibio and Sebium Review

08 Desember 2014
Hello my readers..

Do you know how important it is to fully remove your make up at night? There is a myth that your skin will looks older than your age, if you are wearing make up too much when you are young, at least that is the myth my mom always tell me. I thought it was true, but after I explored more about make up, I realize that it's all about how you treat your skin. One of the most important thing if you wear makeup is to fully remove your makeup. 

Bioderma Sebium and Sensibio H2O

I know that removing makeup is might such a boring routine for most of us, and there are some of you who fall asleep with you make up on *raise you hand up by comment down bellow if you ever sleep with your makeup on... I challenge you !!! ^-^*. I used to sleep without removing my makeup, but after I fall in love with beauty and makeup world, I take care my skin even more because I like to do it. You can read more about my night skin care routine here.

My Favorite Online Shop, Tips, and Trick for Online Shopping - You Should Read This If You Like Online Shopping !!!

06 Desember 2014
Hello my readers..

Hari ini aku mau sharing sedikit tips, trick dalam berbelanja online dan online shop kesukaan ku. Beberapa waktu ini, aku sering mendapatkan pertanyaan tentang online shop, seperti online shop apa yang bisa di percaya, atau dimanakah biasanya aku berbelanja. Seperti yang mungkin kita semua ketahui, saat ini online shopping merupakan hal yang semakin lumrah di Indonesia. Bebeda dengan masyarakat di negara-negara maju yang cenderung melakukan online shopping via trusted website shop, masyarakat Indonesia cendung berbelanja ke online shop tidak terdaftar yang berjualan melalui social media. Mulai dari masa Facebook, BBM, sampai saat ini Instagram yang menjadi platform untuk berjualan.

Berbelanja di online shop berbasis social media, tentu berbeda dengan online shop berbasis website yang biasanya sudah terdaftar dan dapat dipercaya. Banyak kasus dimana online shop melakukan penipuan, entah tidak mengirimkan barang setelah di bayar, atau menjual barang palsu. Terkadang harga online shop juga sangat bervariatif, jadi kamu perlu pintar-pintar dalam memilih online shop

My Night Time Routine, Skin Care and The Products

04 Desember 2014
Hello Everyone..

This is the most requested post from all of you... my night time routine ^^ *yeiihh..*. Well I tried a lot of products so my skin care routine changed most of the times. At this moment, this is my stable night time routine and stable products for my night skin care routine.

Me and my brother stay with my aunt and her family. My mom, dad and my little sister live at different city from me, so I practically live by my own. I spend most of my days with blogging, watching, eating, reading, etc in my bedroom. I sometimes out for hangout, date, or event and if I do, I usually back home quite late.

3CE Lip Lacquer Review and Swatch, Pink Boom and XX Orange

27 November 2014
Hello Everyone..

I am finally have time to post another review after such a hectic and sick week.. *praise the Lord* ^^
This time I will reviewing 3 Concept Eyes a.k.a 3CE Lip Lacquer. For you who doesn't know, 3CE is a make up line from Stylenanda which is a fashion website based online shop from Korea. I never bought anything from Stylenanda before, but if you live at Korea or any other country near Korea I am so jealous with you cause their fashion line looks so tempting for me.

3ce lip lacquer

This two lip product is my very fist 3CE product. I saw fellow Indonesian Bloggers reviewed this product and since I prefer matte finish lip product, I can't resist to try them. I pick 2 neon shades which is Pink Boom and XX Orange.

Wow Brow with Benefit Cosmetics and Jared Bailey

19 November 2014
Hello my Readers...

If you’re already following me on Instagram, then first things first: thank you very much for doing so. That’s mighty kind of you. This may seem quite trivial but for what it’s worth, I’d like to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude ^^. Arigatou Gozaimashita mina-san.

Now where was I? So if you’ve been keeping tabs on my Instagram account and have had the time to check-out the photos I posted on there these past few weeks, then you might have taken notice that earlier this month, I was invited to Benefit Brow’s Bar Event.

In retrospect, I consider this particular event to be quite the game changer. Mostly due to the fact that unlike the majority of Benefit Indonesia’s past events, most of which I’ve had the privilege of attendingthis was no product launch event.

Meet Your Softlens Needs with Lensza

11 November 2014
Hello Everyone..

I finally made another post *yeeiihh...*. I currently traveling back to my hometown where Internet is a luxury thing to find here. The signal is so lame that make me frustrated every time I tried to upload pictures. I hope I can post as many as I can this month, let me know if  there is any product you want me to review first, by comment down bellow.. ^-^

Well.. enough for the prologue, now I want to share to you one of the online shopping service which I am addicting to right now. My life is so busy now days, I am doing some freelancer stuff here and there, and I also trying to mange my blog. Due to my busy days which I spend most of the times in front of my lovely pink notebook , I sometimes like to do online shopping from home for fun. I share on my Instagram that Shopping is a stress relieve for me *also for most of the girls... of course* ^-^.

Scentio Milk Plus Skin Refining & Whitening Scrub by Beauty Buffet

06 November 2014
Hello Everyone..

Today I’m back with another product review. Regardless of the brand, I’m pretty sure most of you are quite familiar with whitening scrubs. I rarely purchase whitening products, mainly due to the fact that more-often-than-not, said products have very little effect on me. Tone-wise, my skin is noticeably light and I rarely experience dull skin problems. Therefore, both my skin and I don’t find whitening agents that appealing. I am however, able to make good use of said whitening product’s equally unique scrub features. Yes, you guessed correctlt. I usually employ whitening scrubs to help me remove the rough, flaky outer layers of my skin. Under normal circumstances, this particular process of skin exfoliation should normally be carried out at least once a week.

Skin Refining & Whitening Scrub Milk Plus is probably the only face and body whitening scrub I know. Milk Plus is a whitening skin care line from Scentio. The conception of Scentio’s product lines are deeply influenced by the belief that nature signifies purity; hence the active natural ingredients. Scentio is, in turn, one of Beauty Buffet’s most prominent and notable brand to date.

Clozette as Fashion and Beauty Community with Me as Ambassador

29 Oktober 2014
Hello Everyone..

Some of you probably already know that couple months ago I become one of Clozette Ambassador. I was so happy when a staff from Clozette Indonesia contacting me and offer me to become on of their Ambassador.

Clozette Indonesia basically is a social media platform for fashion and beauty where user can share their virtual closet in photo form. In my opinion this apps is almost like Pinterest, you can see photos that posted by others user, like or comment the photo, and add their photo to your own closet. All of that features is not only for photo but also video.

[Review] Perfect Summer Blush Benefit Majorette Blush

25 Oktober 2014
Hello beauty lovers..

I have news for you who is looking for new peach or coral blush. Beside foundation and eye shadows, blush is the product I always tend to buy. You might want read my post especially about peach or coral blush, since I tried a lot of peach and coral blush. I don't like pink blush especially the dolly pink blush, most of my blushes have peach tone on it and only few of them have pink tone.

I was invited by Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia to the launching event of Majorette blush. When I saw the invitation, I was curious what is Majorette blush. I have 4 of Benefit Box O' Powder blush, and I never heard anything about Majorette before, not from any beauty guru that I follow. 

Felicela Brush by Ayou Beauty

24 Oktober 2014
Hello everyone..

Today I want to review the softest makeup brush I’ve ever come across; Felicela Brush. Despite its distinctive features, Felicela is regretfully not that popular amongst most make-up addicts. Frankly speaking, up until a couple of weeks ago, I was totally unaware of this particular brand’s existence. I did however, took notice of these beautiful white bristle brushes that were being displayed on Ayou Beauty’s counter at Seibu, Grand Indonesia, when I was out strolling around that particular mall a little while back. Then again, I had no reason to add more makeup brushes onto my personal collection  at that time, so I decided to pass on it. As fate would have it though,  not long after my last visit, Ayou Beauty  reached out to me and offered me two of their signature  makeup brushes for free *here they are*. What can I say? Im so happy to have received two Felicela brushes, especially the cheek brush.

The PR Officer of Ayou Beauty told me that Felicela brush manufactured by the same company who manufactures Channel brush *if my memory serves me right*. So basically, in hindsight, Felicela brush is a luxurious imitation of Channel's soft bristle brush. Colorwise, The brush itself is painted in white and gold with its signature white bristle dangling at the top.

Best Hair Treatment In Town, Texture Experience by Makarizo

22 Oktober 2014
Hallo semuanya...

Siapa di antara kalian yang senang banget ke Salon? entah untuk hair treatment atau pun untuk hair styling? ayo nyaku ... ^-^ Aku pribadi tidak suka menghabiskan waktu di salon, kecuali untuk hair cutting. Menurutku, menghabiskan waktu di salon itu membuang-buang waktu dan membosankan. Mungkin salah satunya bukti, aku tidak menyukai salon adalah fakta bahwa warna rambutku sudah memerlukan retouch kembali dan belum ku sempatkan ke salon sampai saat ini ^^

Di awal bulan Oktober 2014, bersama dengan Makarizo Indonesia, aku di undang untuk mengikuti rangkaian Hair Trend Show 2014/2015 di Surabaya. Hari pertama di Surabaya, para blogger Surabaya dan perwakilan blogger Jakarta *aku dan Tia*, di manjakan dengan perawatan rambut dari Makarizo Texture Experience. Nah sepertinya.. perawatan Texture Experience akan jadi alasan aku sering-sering ke salon... *kecanduan*

Moonlight | Jean Milka OOTD

17 Oktober 2014
Hello my readers...

Today I am back again with another ootd post. Still same with my latest ootd post which is "My Vintage Looks", this time I coordinated floral dress with denim dark blue outer. First of all please excuse the lighting because I took this picture on the night. 

Dress and outer/blazer is my essential wardrobe items. Most of my outfit is blue. You might mistaken that my favorite color is blue. My favorite color is pink actually, but for outfit, I tend to choose denim or blue since it is easier to coordinate that color with any outfit.

[Makeup Challenge] My Signature Korean Makeup Looks with Sarange

15 Oktober 2014
Hello everyone..

I am back with another make up tutorial. This time I will using mostly Sarange Product. Sarange is one of Korean makeup brand that formulated especially to enhance the beauty of your natural skin. Sarange comes from "saranghae" which means "I Love You" in Korean. 

First time I heard the name, I was thinking, is it possible for a boy to confess his feelings using "Sarange"? ^-^ well, since I love make up, if someone coming to my house with a cute parcel full of Sarange products.. he will totally get my attention ^^ *who doesn't want a boy who really understand what you like ? hahaha... cheesy side of me*. Okay stop with my silly thought, back to Sarange.

First thing I was flattered with the packaging. Distinct with mostly Korean makeup brand with cute or girly packaging, Sarange comes in simple, predominately with silver, and elegant packaging. I really like the packing, I will talk more about it in the product review post *comment down bellow which Sarange product you want me to review first?*. 

[Product Review] Off with Those Heads with B.Liv by Cellnique

14 Oktober 2014
Hello everyone..

Finally I am back with another product review. This time is b.liv by Cellnique. b.Liv is a new product in Indonesian market. They just entered Indonesian market and introduce one of their best seller product which is Off with Those Heads sebum gel. b.liv discovered by Cellnique which is a leading paramedical brand in professional skin care industry for over fifteen years. Cellnique has intensively focused on providing the best available skincare solutions through professional consultation with skin care center. 

In order to extend its solutions to the younger generation, in 2006, Cellnique introduced the world's first beauty-salon formulated blackhead and whitehead remover gel, Off with Those Heads, under the new skin care line, b.liv to the mass market.

Rock The Black Leather Skirt | Jean Milka OOTD

11 Oktober 2014
Hello my readers...

I am back with another OOTD post, this time I tried to contrive touch of "Vintage Style" into my outfit. I am not a big fans of Vintage Style outfit. I believe "Vintage Style" is all about floral pattern, long skirt, black, and red lips. 

My outfit is always about something simple, comfortable, and skirt. I really love skirt, especially "Flare Mini Skirt"...

First Time : Dying My Hair by Myself with Beatylabo Whip Hair Dye

29 September 2014
Hello Everyone..

Today I will not only be reviewing Hoyu’shair coloring product:“Beautylabo”, but I will also be sharing my experience of using it for the first time. For the record, I dyed my hair 3 months ago *sorry for the late post ^-^*. I ended up changing my hair color since I got bored with my own natural hair color which is a bland mixture of brown and black. Just in case you were wondering, my hair color is naturally brown. However, the brownish strands, regardless of its apparently dominant facade desists halfway to the top. From thereon, said brownish strands gradually shifts from the autumn like, earthly colors to a darker pallete. 

I need to point out that my hair isn’t exactly mybest body feature. I really love straight hair but unfortunately mine is rather curly. For this reason I’ve permed my  hair a couple of times in the past. To give it a more accentuated look. And because I’ve undergone such a process regularly since I was in highschool,as a result, I’ve inadvertantly damaged my own hair (apparently there’s a downside to regularly soaking your hair in chemical compounds duhhh). My hair strands are kind of dry and barren now.

Personalized Treatment for Your Skin with IOMA

28 September 2014
Hello Everyone..

Have you ever heard anything about IOMA? Last Saturday, I attended the grand opening of IOMA at SOGO, Mall Kelapa Gading. This is the third IOMA Counter in Indonesia. I know IOMA when I was visiting Seibu Grand Indonesia and tried their skin check facility. IOMA is one of high end skin care line from Paris. They are well known for their personalize skin care treatment.

IOMA is the first and only brand of skincare to prove the effectiveness of each of its products. With unique skin measuring devices, IOMA provide you with exact information about you skin condition, before and after experience IOMA.

Rainy Rainbow Nail Art with Sally Hansen Triple Shine

19 September 2014
Hello Everyone...

I am back with another manicure routine, this time featuring Sally Hansen Triple Shine. Sally Hansen Indonesia finally launched their Triple Shine collection couple months ago. I adore Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear collection, like you probably already know.

Sally Hansen Indonesia is so generous to send me some of their new Triple Shine Collection. Sally Hansen Triple Shine comes in 29 shades and all of the shades are protected with the Ultimate Shield Complex, exclusive to Sally Hansen, designed to help polish withstand the wear and tear of everyday living for non-stop shine. Basically the color is so shine.

Grand Opening of New Kiehl's Boutique at Emporium Pluit

16 September 2014
Hello everyone...

I am sorry for my less post this couple weeks. I will try my best to present more post this month (compare to last month). So this time is late event report about the grand opening of new Kiehls's Indonesia boutique at Emporium Pluit mall.

I have tried Kiehls's Creamy Eye Cream Treatment with Avocado also some sample from them. Overall Kiehl's have some amazing product in their skin care line, I also heard a lot of good review about their shampoo.


Limited Edition Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Bronzering Wardrobe Review

04 September 2014
Hello everyone..

Today I am back with another product review. This time is Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Bronzing Wardrobe which is a limited edition Too Faced bronzer palette. I am so happy when I knew that Too Faced combine two of my most wanted bronzer, which are Chocolate Soleil and Sun Bunny, in one palette. I wanted to get my hand on Too Faced Chocolate Soleil for so long.

It is much cheaper to bought this palette compare to the individual bronzer. One Chocolate Solei bronzer cost for 30 USD or around 450.000 IDR *at Sephora Indonesia*, while Too Faced Bonjour Soleil retail for 44 USD or around 650.000 ID *I got mine for around this price from drawmyfaceid*.

Wajah Baru Martha Tilaar Shop Grand Indonesia

03 September 2014
Hai Semuanya...

Hari ini mau share tentang Grand Opening dari Martha Tilaar Shop Grand Indonesia. Semuanya sudah pasti tahu donk tentang Martha Tilaar? Sebenarnya Martha Tilaar Shop telah ada di Grand Indonesia sejak 23 November 2009, tetapi baru-baru ini Marta Tilaar Group mengubah konsep dari Marta Tilaar Shop dan membawa wajah baru yang lebih dinamis dan mengikuti zaman saat ini tetapi masih serat dengan budaya Indonesia.

Martha Tilaar Shop Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

Marta Tilaar Shop merupakan bagian yang tidak terpisahkan dari sejarah perjalanan Martha Tilaar Group. Martha Tilaar Group telah ada sejak tahun 1990-an dan masih mempertahankan eksistensinya sampai saat ini. Baru sadar kalau Martha Tilaar telah ada bahkan sebelum gw lahir.

Dry Shampoo in Powder Texture from Powder Parlour

27 Agustus 2014
Hello Everyone...

I am back with another product review. Today I will review about dry shampoo from Powder Parlour. I am not typical person who like to use dry shampoo in daily basis, but I do use it on second day hair, sometimes. I wash my hair every two days, but if I took public transport, my hair especially my bangs easily become oily and limp. So I use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and give more volume to my hair.

Around last month, Powder Parlour sent me two of their signature dry shampoo. Power Parlour is a hand made dry shampoo brand from Jakarta, Indonesia. First time they contact me, I was fascinated by the concept of this dry shampoo. It is not like aerosol dry shampoo which is very common, Powder Parlour, just like the name, is a powder-form dry shampoo.

White Candy Ribbon Nail Art with O.P.I Alpine Snow

21 Agustus 2014
Hello my readers,

I am back with another nail art tutorial. I am sorry that I haven't post any nail art tutorial for quite sometime. I never skip my weekly manicure actually, I am just not in the mood for blogging this past weeks. Sorry for that, will try to post more next month.

First of all, let's talk about white nail polish. I never thought to wear only white nail polish until I follow Alina Punuccia on Instagram.

Haul : Huge Sephora, Etude House, YSL, Khiels, Laneige, etc Haul

15 Agustus 2014
Hello Everyone

Today I want to share my recent haul.  This is my very first post about my recent purchase. I usually skip favorites or recent purchase post, but I think I should do it more since I also like to read or watch that kind post. This past 2 months I bought a lot of make up and skin care products. 

There is some promotion going on last month regarding Eid Celebrations. Most of my haul is skin care product. I prefer to bought and stock up skin care products while promotion. I never skip my skin care routine and I always depleted skin care product faster like no one business. So I always have reason to buy skin care products during promotion even tho I still have mine .. ehemm... *addiction* ^-^.. let's jump to the haul...

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Full Review - Best Liner Ever

14 Agustus 2014
Hello Beauty lovers..

Finally it's here.. exclusive review for my current favorite eye liner which is Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner from Benefit Cosmetics. I was skeptical at first about this liner, especially since the tip is not common, so I suggest it might be hard to get thin stroke using this liner.

After trying it for more than 3 times, I know that it will be part of my holy grail products.  I found that it's really easy to apply after couple times I am trying. I posted couple pictures on my instagram *don't forget to follow* mention about how much I like it.

My Etude House Look at My Eyes Collection and Swatches

08 Agustus 2014
Hello My readers...

First of all.. about my giveaway, please give me more time to review all of your comments. It has been a very hectic weeks for me. I will try to review all of the comments as soon as possible and announce the winner through my Social Media (Facebook and Twitter). So today I am back with another post about my Etude House eyeshadow collection.

Etude House is one of my favorite brand. First time I bought make up, it was Etude House. I adore their packaging. For every girl who likes pink, and anything cute... I bet you will love Etude House packaging. Most of their packaging consist of pink and white color with cute and princess like design. I owned around 8 of their single shadows and some of their palette.

Lancome and Beuphoria Flawless Beauty Class with Harumi Sudrajat

04 Agustus 2014
Hello readers...

Today I want to share best make up class that I have ever join. Around 1 month ago, I was invited by Lancome and Beauphoria to attend a make up and hair class present by Lancome, Bauphoria, and Harumi Sudrajat. Harumi is a popular Indonesian beauty blogger *you can check her blog here*. I am so excited for this class since Harumi is well known because of her make up skill, even tho she is not a make up artist.

Heaven of Lancome

This is an open make up class for Lancome and Beauphoria customer actually. You need to register and paid for the class fee. But I am so lucky to be invited by Lancome and Beauphoria. I only have 3 Lancome product so far, and all of them was given to me.

Citra Wakame and Citra Pink Orchid Event Launching with Donita as Brand Ambassador

31 Juli 2014
Hey Everyone...

This is a late post of Citra Japanese Wakame and Pink Orchid launching event. I was invited to the launching event last month, and I am really sorry that I just have time to post about it. But late is always better than never right? ^-^

Donita as Citra Brand ambassador with Influential people behind Citra Brand

So Citra launching their new products which is Japanese Wakame body serum and gel lotion, also Citra Pink Orchid skin care line (facial foam and moisturizer). I know Citra Brand as one of popular body lotion brand, especially in Indonesia. They finally launch not only body product but also new skin care product on 24 June 2014, at Hotel Morrissey.

Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer Review - A dryer that doesn't dry your hair

27 Juli 2014
Hello Everyone..

I am back with another review. 2 Weeks ago I won a Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer from Kawaii Beauty Japan. I am so happy to know that I won one of their present campaign. I am not really a typical Hair Dryer person. I usually let my hair air dry.

Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer

My hair is really damage and dry. I have problem with branch hair because I straighten my hair since I was at middle school and I had done that couple times. Naturally my hair type is dry, even tho I maintain to not straighten or dye my hair too often I still have dry and branch hair problem.

Kawaii Beauty Japan x HIS Present to you FREE Beauty Tour To Japan

22 Juli 2014
Hello my Readers...

Siapa yang ingin ke Jepang ? secara gratis? aku yakin banyak banget wanita-wanita yang melotot melihat banner di bawah ini. "Experience Japan Beauty Tour FOR FREE !". Saat ini, Kawaii Beauty Japan bekerja sama dengan salah satu Tour Agency yang tekenal dengan paket Tour Jepang -nya, HIS memberikan kesempatan untuk kamu, para blogger, menikmati perjalanan Beauty Tour ke Jepang.

-- Untuk Detailnya klik Banner di bawah ini --

Click the Banner for More Info

Pertama-tama, siapa yang sudah mengenal Kawaii Beauty Japan ? Kawaii Beauty Japan adalah online media atau mudahnya sebut aja majalah online, yang memuat artikel-artikel seputar kecantikan mulai dari skin care, make up, rambut, diet, makanan bahkan life style. Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) berkonsep, kecantikan dapat diperoleh dengan memperhatikan perawatan Kulit, Tubuh, dan  juga Hati. 

Natural Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial Featuring Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

21 Juli 2014
So Everyone...

I get your message that you want more makeup tutorial. Actually I also want to present more makeup tutorial. Not only for you, but also to improve my makeup skills. Today makeup tutorial will consist of black cat eyeliner featuring new eyeliner from Benefit Cosmetics.

Couple weeks ago, I was invited to the launching event of new eyeliner innovation from Benefit Cosmetic which is Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner *you can check the review here*. They're Real Liner is my top favorite liner right now. It's black, matte, stay long, and easy to apply. I will review the liner near soon, sorry for the late review.

Sephora is Open Now at Jakarta, What brand they have?

Hello everyone...

Finally Sephora make their entrance to Indonesia. It have been long time ago since we see the banner at couple of malls at Jakarta. I first time see Sephora "coming soon" banner on one of unopened store at Plaza Indonesia Jakarta. Sephora Indonesia first store opened 12 July 2014 at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. I am so sad that I can't join the hype since I was at Bali during that time.

Sephora Kota Kasablanka

I visit Sephora first day I am back to Jakarta and it's kinda disappointing. Most of the brand at Sephora is brand that has existed at Indonesia before like Benefit, Anna Sui, Glam Glow, Guerlain, etc. I have guessed it actually, even Sephora Singapore and Malaysia haven't complected yet, I can't find Anastasia Beverly Hills or Lorac there.

The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Cream Review & Tips for Oily Skin

15 Juli 2014
Hello Everyone..

I am back with another skin care review. Skin care is my priority in spending my money. There won't be a flawless make up with out good and well maintain skin. Everyone need to take care their skin. First thing you need is to understand your skin. My skin is oily skin and pores is my biggest concern. That is why you might find that most of my skin care review is pore minimizer or sebum control product.

Today I would like to review The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Cream. Last time I reviewed the serum which is Pore Minimizer Controlling Essence. You can check the review here. Now let's jump to the review...

Giveaway Time : My Very First Giveaway [REVISI] - Make Up For You, Etude House, The Face Shop, Caring Cosmetics, Sasatinnie etc

14 Juli 2014

Here it is..

Buat kalian yang likes Facebook Jean Milka Blog mungkin sudah pada tahu kalau sejak sebulan lalu, gw menanyakan pendapat kalian, gimana kalau gw adain giveaway yang berhadiah Make Up For You 24 brush set. Awalnya gw rada khawatir bahwa hadiah yang gue kumpulkan masih kurang menarik untuk mengadakan giveaway.

Akhirnya setelah sebulan mengumpulkan beberapa product beauty lainnya. Gw memutuskan untuk membagi sedikit dari yang gw punya. Basically sich ini adalah produk-produk dari brand kesukaan gw terutama Etude House dan The Face Shop. Dan untuk hadiah utamanya adalah..... BRAND NEW Make Up for You 24 brush set. Di awal gw belajar make up, inilah brush set yang gw gunakan. 

Never Ending Addiction to Blue Blazer | Jean Milka OOTD

10 Juli 2014
Hello Everyone...

I am back with another outfit of the they post. My last ootd is also about Blue blazer with black boots *check it here*. I just noticed, most of my outfit is blue... shirt, skirt, blazer, dress, etc. So I am in hunting for another color. Anyone have recommendation ?

Last week I end up bought this blue blazer at H & M Grand Indonesia *blue again ^-^*. First time I saw it, it just get my attention and yelling to me to try it on.

Rosewood and Musk Handmade Soap by The Soap Corner, Moporie

07 Juli 2014
Hello Everyone...

Today I want to give you my opinion about The Soap Corner which is a hand made soap from Moporie. This is my first time try a handmade soap. The Soap Corner is the first handmade soap I have ever heard and tried.

For me, shower time is one of the best time that we need to enjoyed. I like to pampered myself at the end of the day with taking a shower. Last body product I reviewed is The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Polish check out my review here. I have used it up, and so happy to received this handmade soap from Moporie.

New Product Launching, Garnier Sakura White

04 Juli 2014
Hay Everyone...

Today I would like to share new product from Garnier which is Garnier Sakura White. This is new product from Garnier. I was invited to the launching event at FX last month ^-^ Thanks to Garnier Indonesia. From all of Garnier product, Garnier Sakura White is the one I most excited about. 

Why? because the packaging is pink and I love pink ^-^. Actually I know about Garnier Sakura White from Xiaxue who is a beauty blogger from Singapore. You can check her post here.

Gem Fruit and Lotus Sparkling Mask by Bangkok Face Thailand

03 Juli 2014
Hello Blog Readers...

Today I would like to review one of Thailand skin care product that is very popular right now among Indonesian Market. Right now, Thailand skin care become more popular in Indonesia. Actually I am quite skeptic about Thailand skin care product. But after trying this two product around my jaw line for one week, I decided to apply it all over my face.

Around last month, Kiss Indonesia sending me this products. If you follow me on Instagram, I mention that I was quite satisfied with the result. On this post, I will review about Gem Fruit Pudding cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask from Bangkok Face Thailand. Let's now jump to the Gem Fruit Pudding Cream review first.

V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling Facial Mask Review and Result

30 Juni 2014
Hello Everyone..

Today I would like to review V 10 Plus Water Based Peeling that is quite popular right now. I see some of fellow bloggers review about this product. V 10 plus sending me this for review last month, but since I always want to give you proper review, it take times for me to try and see the result. 

V 10 Plus is new skin care product in Indonesian Market that originally from Japan. Recently, V 10 Plus introduce their Water Based Peeling to Indonesian market. You can check their fan page here. V 10 Plus products is popular at Singapore, especially since V 10 Plus is official skin care for Miss Singapore beauty pageant 2013 and Miss Scuba Singapore 2013. V 10 Plus also award.

Blue in Black Boots | Jean Milka OOTD

27 Juni 2014
Hello Everyone...

This is my very first post about Fashion... this actually my outfit a.k.a ootd on last Saturday. I have an event due to my job last weekend.  Since I attended the event as part of my job, I still need to wear something formal.

I got the boots you see from this outfit just one day before this event. I have been waiting for this Lola boots from June and Julia for around 3 weeks. June and Julia is one of online shop who sells hand made shoes. I have chance to visit their both at Infare event, Ex and I order this boots. It has been a while since I want it.

Review Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum

26 Juni 2014
Hello... my readers...

Today I would like to review one of the skin care product that I have used up after around 4 months which is Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum. I always try to find pore minimizer product since my biggest problem is pores. Before Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum, I used The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Essence *check out the review here*.

Skin Food Peach Sake Serum

I got mine from Audra Shop, and it was on stock that time and sells only for around 130.000 IDR where it cost more than 300.000 IDR at Skin Food counter. Korean beauty products is very expensive here, at Indonesia. One fact that I hate since I love Korean products. Let's just jump to the review..

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner, New Invention in Eyeliner History

23 Juni 2014
Hello everyone...

You should check out this post. Why? because I will talk about They're Real push-up Liner from Benefit which is new innovation in beauty world. I am a sucker for gel liner, and have a chance to tried new innovation from Benefit which is gel liner in pen form, who can resist that?

Lash - Hugging gel Liner Pen
Last Friday, I was invited to Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner launching event. The event was only attended by media and bloggers *I think*, and I am so lucky to be one of the blogger. Usually when new product is launch, Indonesia probably will be one of last country where we can find that new product. Especially for US based products.

Ageha Pop Grey Review - Best Soft Lens Ever

16 Juni 2014
Hello my readers...

I have tell you before that I never wear soft lens more than 3 hours. I can count it by one hand how many times I am going out with soft lens. It changes after I tried Ageha soft lens from Japan Soft Lens.

I got this particular Ageha Pop Grey from one of the event I was attended. This is not my first Ageha soft lens actually, I own Ageha D Sky that you probably had seen before on one of my tutorial *will reviewing it soon*. Since soft lens always end up itchy on my eyes, I never feel it is worth enough to wear it on daily basic.

Product Review : Tsukika One Touch Lip Stick

13 Juni 2014
Hello My Readers..

Today I want to review Tsukika one touch lip stick by Menard. I got mine in shade 23 F. I am not sure how many shades it have *around 8 shades I think*, but this is the only pink / red shade that is available.

Most of the shades are nude or natural color which is I don't Like. 23 F is bright pink more to sheer red shade from Tsukika one touch lip stick collection.

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