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[Sponsored] My Everyday Hair Routine with Ellips Hair Treatment

17 Januari 2015
Hello Everyone..

Kali ini aku mau sharing tentang bagaimana cara aku merawat rambutku sehari-harinya. Pada dasarnya rambut ku adalah jenis rambut yang sangat sulit untuk di atur. Mamaku sering bercerita bahwa ketika aku kecil, mama sering memberikan perawatan rambut alami untuk rambutku, karena pada dasarnya rambut ku bertekstur kasar.

hair care routine
3 Langkah Perawatan Rambut dengan Ellips

Karena rambutku bergelombang dan sulit di atur, saat sekolah menengah atas (SMP), aku selalu mengikat rambut ku *pony tail is my best friend* ^^ tanpa peduli apakah rambut ku dalam kondisi kering atau basah. Aku tidak menyukai rambut yang bergelombang dan mengembang karena membuat ku merasa berantakan. Saat memasuki tahun ketiga di SMP, rambutku sudah mulai terkena bahan-bahan kimia dari proses smoothing.

3 Simple Style to do With a Dress and Orange Lips Makeup

15 Januari 2015
Hello my readers...

Since its a new year, I thought about bring a new concept for my blog. One of them is to provide you with more "Outfit Idea" post. I don't have the luxury of my own photo studio with white background, photo lighting and high technology camera at home. But I hope the result of this photos are able to satisfy you eyes ^^

how to style a dress

So.. what is you favorite, essential outfit? for me it's a skirt or dress. I rarely wear pants, short is still okay for me, but pants make me feel uncomfortable. No matter where or when, if I can choose other than pants than I sure will, even if it's cold *hehehe... ^^*.

It's SKIN Power 10 Formula WR Effector and Facial Toner Review

12 Januari 2015
Hello everyone...

First of all I would like to say... HAPPY NEW YEAR .... !!! Thank you so much for all of my readers and followers, you don't know how much you make my life  this year^Y^. I start blogging about last year on November and my blog keep growing by the time. Knowing that there are people out there who is reading my article give me a reason to keep blogging. I hope you all the best for 2015 ^^

its skin power 10 formula

My first post for this year is another skin care product review which is from Korean brand, It's SKIN. I heard one of my favorite beauty blogger talking about this brand before, but I haven't try any product from It's SKIN. Lucky the owner of   Nu Beauty Store, offered me to try some products from It's SKIN. It's SKIN is well known for their Power 10 Formula skin care product.  Today I will reviewing two products of their Power 10 Formula.

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