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Product Review : Tsukika One Touch Lip Stick

13 Juni 2014
Hello My Readers..

Today I want to review Tsukika one touch lip stick by Menard. I got mine in shade 23 F. I am not sure how many shades it have *around 8 shades I think*, but this is the only pink / red shade that is available.

Most of the shades are nude or natural color which is I don't Like. 23 F is bright pink more to sheer red shade from Tsukika one touch lip stick collection.


Just like almost all of Tsukika Product line, this lip stick comes in white shimmery packaging, more like pearl color. The packaging is sleek, simple but elegant.

The lipstick was safely store inside a slider packaging. The packaging is very unique. You can slide it down and the caps will pushed up and you can see the actual product. Slide it up again to push down the product.

As you can see from the picture above, when you slide the packaging up, the caps won't closed automatically. It's more like flip top caps. The packaging is very slim and small, It has been one of the product inside my make up bag right now.

Color and Lasting Power

My lips is naturally pinkish without anything. When I apply Tsukika one touch lip stick in 23 F, it will give me sheer red lips with a little bit of micro glitters. I really like the color, it's a very good red lip stick that apply very easy to your lips. I like how it feels on my lips, it's not matte but also won't give you sticky feeling. Even tho I am not the big fan of the micro glitters part.

Tsukika one touch lip stick cost around  360.000 IDR wich is very pricey in my opinion. Lip products always be my least priority for my beauty collection, but if you are a lip products junkies and like to have sheer red lipstick which is for daily use and easy to wear that you might don't want to pass this one. 

Natural Make up with Tsukika One Touch Lip Stick in 23 F

Overall Review

Pros :
Love the color
Easy to apply

Cons :
Don't like the micro glitters effect

That is all for my review. Hope it will be useful for you.

Readers : Tell me what is your favorite red lip product? I am into red lips trend right now

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See you on my next post


Jean Milka

6 komentar on "Product Review : Tsukika One Touch Lip Stick"
  1. love the packaging
    looks unique yet simple

  2. Aaa itu sheer yes?? jadi pengeennn!!
    Sama gue juga lagi suka lipstrck merah nih! Tuh yg kemaren gua pake cobain deh, Revlon Lip Butter Candy Apple, warnanya seger bangetttt

    1. Iya Sheer tapi masih red.. Easy to apply jadinya... Gw g pernah tuch cobain Revlon.. Lip Stick lowest priority sich.. hahaha

  3. setau aku lipstick menard yg warna nya orange gt kl d bibir jd pink kemerahan gt deh ci hehe tp kl yg tsukika nga tau deh ci hehe

    1. Mungkin bukan Tsukika kali yah? gw jg g gt tahu sich.. Btw.. Happy Birth Day Girls... ^-^

    2. mgkn sih ci hehe punya mami soalnya, tp packaging nya sih sama hehe thankyou ciii thankyou juga kado nya :D


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