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Pink Manicure : Summer Flowers Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners

29 Mei 2014
Hai everyone...

It has been long time since my last post about nail art. This one is actually last month nail art. Just now have time to post about it.

Since it's summer time... bright nail color looks like suit the season. This nail art is just basic flowers nail art *the only nail art I can do right now*.  I really love the Mint Candy Apple from Essie which is base color for this nail art.

Enlightening Your Skin Wtih Garnier Light Complete

22 Mei 2014
Hai Blog Reader..

Today I want to share to you one of the new innovation from Garnier Indonesia. You know that cause of Indonesian weather which is tropic, dull and oily skin are the biggest skin problem that usually occur to Indonesian girls. 
Based on Garnier data, 74% Indonesian woman have problem with dull skin and 44% have oily skin. To answer that problem, Garnier try to reformulate their Light Complete series. On last week, they finally lunch this new fomulation of Garnier Light Complete.

Polish Your Body With "Vanilla Bliss Body Polish" from The Body Shop

20 Mei 2014
Hai Blog readers..

You know that I live in such a humid city.. *talk as Indonesian people*... and everyday after works, shower time is just a precious moment to relax for a while. I am not typical girl who will take forever for shower, But this couple weeks I really enjoying to exfoliate my body.

I don't like body scrub that will leave moist more to sticky feeling to my skin, but I have very dry skin so a proper amount of moist will be my favorite.

How to Looks like a Doll - Japanese Gyaru Doll Make Up Tutorial, Tips and Trick

18 Mei 2014
Hai Beauty Lovers..

Since IBB have MUC with Japan theme this month, I want to share one of the most popular make up trends from Japan which is Gyaru. You can find out a lot of Gyaru style, but today I want to give you my tutorial to looks like a Japanese Gyaru Doll.

If you try to seach "Gyaru Doll Make up" on Google, you will found out that most of the models pose in innocent face and The eyes is always be the center and tells story. 

A Touch of Beauty with Vanitytrove Indonesia

16 Mei 2014
Hai Blog Readers...

Have you ever heard anything about VanityTrove? VanityTrove is one of popular e-commerce platform that also provide beauty box and already establish at Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Filipina and Hongkong etc. And it's finally expand to Indonesia. VanityTrove will provide most wanted and new beauty product for you to try also the review and e-store.

On 27 April 2014, Vanity Trove host an event name A Touch of Beauty at Plaza Senayan, Indonesia. This event was presented by Vanity Trove Indonesia and sponsored by Lancome and Beauphoria. Actually, I was invited to that event. But cause of some reason I can't attend the event.

Clean Pack Facial with Menard Facial Salon, such a Relaxing Time

13 Mei 2014
Hai Everyone...

Some of you might already know that I am one of the finalist for Indonesian Beauty Blogger, March make up challenge x Menard Indonesia and cause of all of you (and my friends of course) I win this competition *yeaih yeih yeih... my very first achievement*. One of the prize is free facial by Menard Facial Salon.

So today let me share about my experience with Menard Facial Salon. Menard Facial Salon is very different compare to another facial salon. Most of facial salon will make you back home with swollen and red face ..

Review and Swatch NYX Slide On Pencil, Dupe for UD 24/7 or Not

07 Mei 2014
Hay Ladies...

Here it is ... Another product review for the product that I get from Cosmekita. NYX Slide on pencil is one of new product that NYX lunch this year. I just know this product cause of Cosmekita. I have some of Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil.

And this product supposed to be a dupe for Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil. The packaging is just a basic packaging. I got mine in shade Gunmetal. The color was dark silver almost black with silver shimmery on it.

Product Review - Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm

06 Mei 2014
Hay Ladies..

Maybe some of you know that I rarely use BB Cream since I prefer matte finish foundation where by BB Cream is usually glowy finish. The only BB Cream that make it to my favorite BB Cream is Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream *check out my review here*

This is one of product that I got from Cosmekita. You can check Cosmekita Launching Event here. Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm was actually made for teenage girls. This is one of Skin 79 BB Cream that claim as oil free BB Cream.

Review : Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Baby Doll

05 Mei 2014
Hay Everyone...

I am back with another Lip product review. Actually I am not a lip product junkies, lip product will be one of my least priority in beauty product. I got this Sleek True Colour Lipstick from Cosmekita, you can read about Cosmekita Launching Event here.

First time I get this product, I am really excited since the colour is baby pink colour which is my favorite colour. I don't have any lip product in such a soft pink colour like this. Let's talk more about this product...

Event Report : Let's Create Beauty Together with Cosmekita

01 Mei 2014
Hay Beauty Blogger and Beauty Lover..

I am back with another event report. Last Sunday, I was attended first launch of Cosmekita at Akmani Hotel, Jakarta.  

Have you ever hear anything about Cosmekita? I believe most of Indonesian Beauty Blogger already know this name...

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