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Clean Pack Facial with Menard Facial Salon, such a Relaxing Time

13 Mei 2014
Hai Everyone...

Some of you might already know that I am one of the finalist for Indonesian Beauty Blogger, March make up challenge x Menard Indonesia and cause of all of you (and my friends of course) I win this competition *yeaih yeih yeih... my very first achievement*. One of the prize is free facial by Menard Facial Salon.

So today let me share about my experience with Menard Facial Salon. Menard Facial Salon is very different compare to another facial salon. Most of facial salon will make you back home with swollen and red face ..
But Menard Facial Salon is totally different, It's more like you have relaxing massage and luxury mask.

The Service

As you can see from the picture above, Menard have 6 different facial type depends on you skin type and problem. The price is around 390.000 - 600.000 IDR depends on the facial pack type.

First of all they will analyze your skin type and problem with a fancy machine called Menard Total Beauty Advisor (MTBA). MTBA will compare your skin around the face with that one around your arms.

At the end my test result is :

1. Condition of moisture is really good. As you can see that the flowers is fully blossom which means that the moisture of my skin is above normal

2. Suppleness of my skin is also couples points above normal

3. The only problem is my skin texture since I have pores and blackheads

This fancy machine also measure our skin ages... sometimes even if your young but your skin can be older than our real ages which is not good at all. My result is 22 years which is same with my age.

I have chance to try the Clean Pack facial. It's actually same for me and Raden *another winner for this competition* and I am so happy cause this is suit my skin problem which is oily, pores, dull and rough.

Facial Step

1. Analyze your skin : It of course start with identify your skin problem and Menard beautician will recommended facial pack that suit you the best

2. Cleansing : with or without make up, the beautician will cleanse your skin to remove dirt from your face

3. Decollete Massage : The beautician will massage your shoulder, neck, and chest. This step is very relaxing

4. Facial Massage : not only your body, but of your the beautician will massage your face... another relax step.. believe me ^-^

5. Wipping Off : with warm tower, remove all of massage cream

6. Hebmask : Herbmask is useful to remove death skin also smooth and moisturize the skin. It's also help another product to absorb on your skin.

7. Pack Facial : This is the main step where the beautician will apply the recommended facial pack

8. Beauness and Cooling : One of popular toner from Menard is Beauness, in this step the beautician will spray the Beauness S and tap a cold towel on your skin to calm it and close the open pores since our skin was steam during the process.

9. Finishing Care : at the end, The beautician will tap lotion using cotton on your skin to brig back the moisture of your skin

About The Clean Pack Mask

Clean pack contains medical charcoal, sage water, and soapberry extract that useful to absorb oil from pores and reduce bacteria activity so the skin will clean and smooth. It's recommended for any skin type also good for oily skin type, and acne prone skin. It's also good for people with pores, blackheads, dull and rough skin.

One box of facial pact is one time use.. no wonder that the price is quite high. Menard facial pack is powder texture that mix with water and it will turn into gel texture.

This is my first time tried a mask with gel texture. As you can see from the picture above, It's quite thick and it's feel refreshing on my skin. It's very easy to peel of just like you take off a sticker from your face.

The Result

First of all I will said that this is the most relaxing facial I have ever tried. Usually I always feel the pressure when it comes to deep clean the blackheads since it's so d*** hurting #_#. While Menard facial salon didn't include that stage but include the massage part.

I also can see that my skin looks brighter just right after the facial. This picture might can't describe very well, but as you can see that some of my blemish is magically gone.

Overall Review

Pros :
Brighten up my skin
Feel fresh after the facial
It's not hurting

Cons :
Since I get used to regular facial, I feel like it didn't deep cleans my blackhead

Recommended for :
Oily to combination skin
uneven skin tone
dull, pores, and rough skin problem

Will I visit Menard Facial Salon again ? Might be yes, might be not.. The big problem here is the price

That is all for Menard Facial Salon Review. Kindly likes their fan page here
Readers : have you tried Menard Facial Salon? which pack you tried and what is your opinion?

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Jean Milka

4 komentar on "Clean Pack Facial with Menard Facial Salon, such a Relaxing Time"
  1. nice post jean !! jadi penasaran pengen coba
    anyway, lets follow each other <3

    tadi mau follow, tapi kata google nya lgi error :(

    1. Hai Kei... Of course.. Just Follow your Blog... look forward to meeting you in Person ^-^

  2. Hi Jean, Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog. :) Btw untuk yang 2 pack pilih warna mask sesuai kondisi kulit itu untuk 1 orang atau bisa ber-2?

    1. Karena ini postnya sudah cukup lama aku kurang th juga apa promonya masin ada atau nggak. Kamu bisa cek langsung ke Menard store gt. Yang aku tahu ada di Mall Central Park sama Grand Indonesia


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