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Polish Your Body With "Vanilla Bliss Body Polish" from The Body Shop

20 Mei 2014
Hai Blog readers..

You know that I live in such a humid city.. *talk as Indonesian people*... and everyday after works, shower time is just a precious moment to relax for a while. I am not typical girl who will take forever for shower, But this couple weeks I really enjoying to exfoliate my body.

I don't like body scrub that will leave moist more to sticky feeling to my skin, but I have very dry skin so a proper amount of moist will be my favorite.
My favorite shower product right now is The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Polish. I got this as present from one of my friends. This is the first body polish I have ever tried. 

Product Details

Brand : The Body Shop
Product Name : Vanila Bliss Body Polish
Size : 200 ml
Price : 158.000 IDR

Packaging and Smell

Vanilla Bliss Body Polish comes in a squeeze tube and smells like Vanilla cream. On tube it smells very sweet, kinda like vanilla milk. *having problem in expressing fragrance*. I don't like the smell on the tube which is too sweet, but when you applying it on your skin, It doesn't smell very sweet.  At the end it just smells like you have touch of vanilla fragrance all over your body.


It's not a salt scrub texture, it's more creamy compare to milk and glides on your skin like water. And it contains a little bit of salt scrub in different size. I don't think It's really exfoliate my skin, but it's good enough for daily use. Remember that exfoliating your skin everyday is not good.

The Result

1. I won't recommended this product to them who want to moisturize their skin. For me it's moist enough, but it won't last more than 3 hours.

2. It doesn't feel sticky on your skin after you rinse it

3. It's good for daily use

4. It won't remove your death skins

Overall Review

Pros :
1. I love the non-sticky feeling
2. I Love the smell, especially once you poured it out of the tube - the scent become more subtle.
3. It's good for daily use when you want to exfoliate your skin without the need to take 30 minutes shower routine
4. The price is quite affordable

Cons :
1. The smell only last around 3 hours
2. For them who have dry skin, It won't moisturize your skin

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Jean Milka

6 komentar on "Polish Your Body With "Vanilla Bliss Body Polish" from The Body Shop"
  1. ak juga suka wangi si body polish vanila bliss ini, enak >,<
    nice review ^^ salam kenal yaa~

    1. Iya enak wanginya... sekarang aku malah jadi beli yang ginger. Lagi promo loch sekarang. Baru aja tadi beli 30% off... Jadi suka sama body shop body polish... Salam kenal juga yah

  2. saya kebetulan suka banget aroma vanilla, yang ini kayaknya musti di coba ;)

    1. Recommended wanginya.. Tapi memang tidak tahan lama sich...

  3. aku juga suka wanginya, sayang ga tahan lama huhuhuu

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