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[Product Review] Maintain Production of Melanin with Menard Fairlucent

29 April 2015
Hello beauty lovers..

I am finally reviewing another skin care product. If you know me, you know that I rarely blogged about skin care products. Not because I prefer makeup more than skin care *cause I rather spend more money for skin care than makeup, to be truth*, but because I took longer time to make any decisions about a skin care product, either I like it or not. Also because skin care products need more time to show any result.

About 2 months ago, I went to Japan Beauty Week at Fx Mall and had my skin checked by Menard Indonesia. Menard actually have a skin check technology on their regular counter scattered, but on Japan Beauty Week, Menard Indonesia introduce another skin check method that is much more detail and reliable. What they did was take your skin sample by press a microscope slide *thin glass that usually use on biology class to observe small object under microscope* to your *bare* skin around your cheek, and sent it to Japan for further assessment. It takes about 1 month until I received the result.

Beauty Blogger Gathering with So Fragrances and Parfums Love

27 April 2015
Hello my lovely readers..

Have you read my blog post about the basic knowledge that you should know regarding fragrances and also my review about So Fragrances and Pafums Love? if you haven't than take a look of that article here. I shared about some facts you might want to know before you choose your favorites fragrances.

On that article, I was also talking about the new comers in my body scented products collection which are So...? Fragrances and Parfums Love. I am so happy to have the opportunity to working with them to arrange a beauty blogger gathering last weekend. This is something new for me and I am so glad to have chance working with the world I loved which are beauty and blogger.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Review and Swatch

23 April 2015
Hello lovelies...

Today I want to reviewed the newest lip tint collection from Revlon. Couple weeks ago Revlon Indonesia was so kind to sending me their new product I was so happy and excited when I saw this babies. Why? look at them, they're all bright colors that is really me. I prefer bright, bold lip instead of nude since nude make my lips look smaller and pale.

revlon, colorstay, moisture stain, product review, blog, beauty

First off all I think it's necessary to put some disclaimer regarding this article. Revlon Indonesia sent me this product but they didn't ask me to said anything that is not based on my own opinion. I might get some sponsored product but all reviewed is based on my honest opinion after experienced the products myself. Now let's jump and talk about Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain.

Basic Knowledge about Fragrances and Newcomer among My Perfumes Collection

14 April 2015
Hello people...

If you know me, you will know that I am a sucker for any scented products. Perfumes, body lotion, scented candle, even skin care or makeup product, I like everything with "good" scents on it. 

Do you realize that when you choose a perfume, body mist, body lotion, or any scented product it is usually based on your mood on that moment. Or sometimes, we choose fragrance based on the event that we are going to attend. But basically there are study about how people tend choose their favorite fragrance based on their personality. Let say if you are a teenager you tend to like light fruity or floral scents, if you are going to date you prefer floral or sweet feminine scents, if you are an adult women you might prefer a deeper and heavier scents.

There are thousands of different perfumes and fragrances on the market today and the list is growing rapidly. A perfume obtained from a combination of several scents. But actually there is only some basic scents like floral, wood, citrus (fruity), and oriental (spicy). Once you've figured out your favorited scents between those basic scents, you can start exploring fragrance in your category.

Review and Swatch Clio Kill Black Waterproof Eyeliner

13 April 2015
Hello beauty lovers..

Today I want to review one of my favorite brush tip eyeliner which is Clio Kill Black. I got mine from Sasa *a drugstore that sells mostly asian beauty product* at Plaza Singapore. I can't remember exactly how much it was, but it's about 12 SGD (about 120.000 IDR).

Clio, kill black, liquid, eyeliner, jeanmilka, product review

I am not sure if they sell it separately, but mine comes with the free O'Tank Mascara in a box. This is the first Clio product that I have ever tried. If you don't know, Clio is a brand from Korea with a huge makeup collection to choose. I never heard skincare product from this particular brand before.

Beauty Blogger Gathering with Kawaii Beauty Japan

10 April 2015
Hello ladies...

Apakah kamu pernah mendengar tentang Kawaii Beauty Japan? Kawaii Beauty Japan adalah salah satu media online yang membahas tentang tips-tips kecantikan wanita Jepang. Bukan hanya tentang makeup dan skincare, Kawaii Beauty Japan juga banyak membahas tentang health dan lifestyle.

Pada minggu lalu, Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) mengadakan beauty blogger gathering di Momi & Toy's yang terletak di lantai dasar Lotte Shopping Avenue. 

Natural Body Oil from Body & Me

02 April 2015
Hello my readers...

Apakah kamu pernah mendengar istilah "Body Oil"? sama seperti body lotion dan body butter, body oil berfungsi untuk melembabkan kulit. Jika kamu memiliki kulit yang sangat kering, sebaiknya kamu mencoba body oil. Karena berbahan dasar oil, body oil tidak mudah menguap dan dapat memberikan kelembaban yang dibutuhkan oleh kulit sepanjang hari.

Selama ini aku belum pernah mencoba body oil jenis apapun. Aku sangat tidak menyukai rasa lengket yang ditinggalkan body butter atau body lotion, karenanya aku sangat pemilih untuk kategori produk yang satu ini. Biasanya aku akan mencari jenis body lotion yang tidak meninggalkan rasa lengket yang berlebihan. 

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