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3CE Lip Lacquer Review and Swatch, Pink Boom and XX Orange

27 November 2014
Hello Everyone..

I am finally have time to post another review after such a hectic and sick week.. *praise the Lord* ^^
This time I will reviewing 3 Concept Eyes a.k.a 3CE Lip Lacquer. For you who doesn't know, 3CE is a make up line from Stylenanda which is a fashion website based online shop from Korea. I never bought anything from Stylenanda before, but if you live at Korea or any other country near Korea I am so jealous with you cause their fashion line looks so tempting for me.

3ce lip lacquer

This two lip product is my very fist 3CE product. I saw fellow Indonesian Bloggers reviewed this product and since I prefer matte finish lip product, I can't resist to try them. I pick 2 neon shades which is Pink Boom and XX Orange.

Wow Brow with Benefit Cosmetics and Jared Bailey

19 November 2014
Hello my Readers...

If you’re already following me on Instagram, then first things first: thank you very much for doing so. That’s mighty kind of you. This may seem quite trivial but for what it’s worth, I’d like to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude ^^. Arigatou Gozaimashita mina-san.

Now where was I? So if you’ve been keeping tabs on my Instagram account and have had the time to check-out the photos I posted on there these past few weeks, then you might have taken notice that earlier this month, I was invited to Benefit Brow’s Bar Event.

In retrospect, I consider this particular event to be quite the game changer. Mostly due to the fact that unlike the majority of Benefit Indonesia’s past events, most of which I’ve had the privilege of attendingthis was no product launch event.

Meet Your Softlens Needs with Lensza

11 November 2014
Hello Everyone..

I finally made another post *yeeiihh...*. I currently traveling back to my hometown where Internet is a luxury thing to find here. The signal is so lame that make me frustrated every time I tried to upload pictures. I hope I can post as many as I can this month, let me know if  there is any product you want me to review first, by comment down bellow.. ^-^

Well.. enough for the prologue, now I want to share to you one of the online shopping service which I am addicting to right now. My life is so busy now days, I am doing some freelancer stuff here and there, and I also trying to mange my blog. Due to my busy days which I spend most of the times in front of my lovely pink notebook , I sometimes like to do online shopping from home for fun. I share on my Instagram that Shopping is a stress relieve for me *also for most of the girls... of course* ^-^.

Scentio Milk Plus Skin Refining & Whitening Scrub by Beauty Buffet

06 November 2014
Hello Everyone..

Today I’m back with another product review. Regardless of the brand, I’m pretty sure most of you are quite familiar with whitening scrubs. I rarely purchase whitening products, mainly due to the fact that more-often-than-not, said products have very little effect on me. Tone-wise, my skin is noticeably light and I rarely experience dull skin problems. Therefore, both my skin and I don’t find whitening agents that appealing. I am however, able to make good use of said whitening product’s equally unique scrub features. Yes, you guessed correctlt. I usually employ whitening scrubs to help me remove the rough, flaky outer layers of my skin. Under normal circumstances, this particular process of skin exfoliation should normally be carried out at least once a week.

Skin Refining & Whitening Scrub Milk Plus is probably the only face and body whitening scrub I know. Milk Plus is a whitening skin care line from Scentio. The conception of Scentio’s product lines are deeply influenced by the belief that nature signifies purity; hence the active natural ingredients. Scentio is, in turn, one of Beauty Buffet’s most prominent and notable brand to date.

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