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January Beauty Favorites : Nyx, Urban Decay, Benefit, etc

31 Januari 2014
Hello pretties...

Today I want to share January Favorites...
I tried to write in it exciting way *with picture* and also a small review about the product...

Basically this is all of the beauty item that I really loved for this month...

Pink Manicure : Chinese New Year Nail Art

30 Januari 2014
Hello Everyone....

Today I want to share another nail art special for Chinese New Year.... I am sorry that it's a bit late.. but you still can mange to tried this tonight or use any others color which is wearable for everyday use.

First of all, I paint my nail with base coat and the basic color. For base coat, I am using Help My Finger from Etude House which is for whitening.

B blog Launching Conference - Create Your Own Blog Now *my thought*

29 Januari 2014
Hay everyone.... 

Today I want to share my experience at B blog Launching Conference at FX mall on 27 Januray 2014. Did you guys know about B blog? basically B blog is an agency for blogger. B blog is child company of cyberbuzz from Japan. B blog help all bloggers to meet  the company who will sponsor the blogger. Their vision is to promote the blogger to be more popular with events, sampling (send sample product for review), and web release.

Just like you know, I am new in blog world and this event open the opportunity for me to meet other bloggers. It's such a nice day that I can learn from other bloggers.

Pink Manicure : The Magic of Red Queen

28 Januari 2014

Hay ladies... 
Did you ever hear Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Dazzling nail polish?  I have their Magic Pop Nail Vivid collection. Couple days ago I tried their Magic Pop Nail Dazzling nail polish and it have such an amazing micro glitters. 

Tutorial : Soft Burgundy Eye Look

24 Januari 2014

Hai pretties... 
Today post will be my first make up tutorial... I am not an expert, I am not a make up artist.. I only like to play with make up and put them on my face ^-^

Product Review and Swatch : Naked Basic from Urban Decay

23 Januari 2014
Hello pretties....

Did everyone know naked line from Urban Decay? What do you know about naked line product ? *leave me comments bellow*

I only tried their eyeshadow.  From what I know they have fondation, press powder even lip gloss *new*. I never tried any other products from naked line except for their eyeshadow palette.

Today I want to review this small palette - Naked Basic

Last time I go for travel.. This is the only palette I take with me... it's very handy and so freaking easy... The size is even smaller than my phone and it's comes with big size mirror . I loved the packaging which is kindly like soft and matte texture. I don't know how to explain it... but one words.. It's matte packaging...

Pink Manicure : Vintage Flowers Nail Art with VIDEO TUTORIAL

21 Januari 2014
Hallo Everyone....

This week Nail Art Theme is Vintage Flowers...
This is the first time I am able to post a video tutorial... I am so sorry if the video quality is not really good but I hope you get the main idea.

This nail art tutorial is just same tutorial I learn from Jenelle (youTube). I always love her tutorial and I hope one day I can make my own nail art which is from my own idea. This is my interpretation for this nail art.

Review : Tea Tree Oil for Acne and Dark Spot

17 Januari 2014
Hai everyone....

Today I want to review this little guy name Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop. Usually every time I bought a product, I prefer to read the information on the packaging. But this one, they didn't put any information on the packaging.

I usually using this when I got acne directly on the acne. It's help my acne but it takes more time compare to others acne spot treatment.

Review and Looks : Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

15 Januari 2014

Hai pretty...

Today I want to do review on Naked 3 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. I almost sure every beauty lover know about naked palette line. Naked 3 are all brand new eyeshadow from Urban Decay with golden rose as the theme.

Review and Look featuring 4 Step Smoky Eyes Palette 2 from Body Shop

14 Januari 2014
WARNING : This Post will be full with tons of narcissistic selfie... ^-^

Hello Everyone...
Today I want to share my favorite eyeshadow palette for nowadays which is 4 step smoky eyes palette from Body Shop. Mine is number 2 which is smoky plum *purple color* eyeshadow palette. Number 1 is brown color.

Pink Manicure featuring Essie Summer Collection

13 Januari 2014
Hai everyone...
how things going for you in this rainy day? I hate rainy days... I plan to keep post for you but I can't take any good picture since it's cloudy and the picture turns too dark every time I take it.

So today I tried to update my weekly manicure.. I am so sorry that the picture didn't do their justice.

Recent BEAUTY Haul : The Balm and Ruby Wing Nail Polish AND Trusted Online Shop Information

09 Januari 2014
Hai everyone...

Today I want to share my recent haul I got this package from one of the trusted online shop from instagram ID : joancorner. joancorner sells a lot of beauty haul you can't find at Indonesia like Ruby Wing nail polish, OPI, Urban Decay, Sleek, Sigma, Real Technique and etc. They also sells The Balm, we have The Balm at Indonesia. You can find The Balm Indonesia at SEIBU, Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall but I found out it's too expensive at counter compare to online while trusted online shop also sells original The Balm.

Rich Hand with Vitamin E as Cuticle and Nail Balm from The FACE Shop

08 Januari 2014

Hai Everyone... 
Can't believe it's almost Christmas again...
Maybe some of you is confused of this first picture.. no I won't talk about little Snow Angel..
I want to talk about My favorite Cuticle balm from The Face Shop.

Cuticle is my biggest enemy. I don't know why but I have a lot of Cuticle and usually I have problem with them. They make the area around my nail very dry.

Pink Manicure : Revlon Colorstay in Bonsai

07 Januari 2014
Hai ladies...

Can't believe its only 3 days away from Christmas. Since Christmas is just around the corner,  I want to polish my nail with Christmas color which is green. Actually I want to make a nail art with Christmas theme, but since my lil sis is here. I don't have enough time.

So I decided to make it simple with revlon color stay in Bonsai. It's such an amazing color. Maybe the picture can't showing it well, but revlon colorstay nail polish in bonsai have light green color with gold shimmery. 

I never tried Revlon nail polish. I usually use pastel color for my nail like blue, pink, or purple. But I want to tried something more lady like with darker color not only barbie color. So this is one of my first revlon nail polish.


Jean Milka

Pink Manicure : Nyx in Chick Lit

06 Januari 2014
Hallo everyone...

So basically.... I know... I know... It's already 2 weeks *I think* I didn't post nail art update...
I use my last pink manicure which is Christmas nail art for 2 weeks, since I don't have time to do it while I was at Bali for new year holiday.

I just have a chance to do it again last Saturday and I am too lazy to do nail art so I just pick one color for my entire nail.

Bali Beauty Haul : I loved Etude House

Hello everyone...

First of all I would like to say... Happy New Year everyone...
I am sorry that it's a bit too late to said that...
But I was at Bali, Indonesia for New Years since 29 dec 2013 till 3 Jan 2014 and today is the first time at 2014 I have a chance to share something for you...

Since I go to Bali... I bought some beauty things.... most of them is Etude House products with only one Garnier BB Cream.
Bali have stand alone Etude House Store... it's such a cute store with pink and white paint which is Etude signature color. I thought it is a dupe of Etude House original store at Korea.

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