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Review and Looks : Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

15 Januari 2014

Hai pretty...

Today I want to do review on Naked 3 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. I almost sure every beauty lover know about naked palette line. Naked 3 are all brand new eyeshadow from Urban Decay with golden rose as the theme.
The packaging is very similar to Naked 2 which is very sturdy with snap shot. Its comes with double end shadow brush and full size mirror.

It's also comes with the samples of 4 Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion which are Original, Eden (nude matte), Sin (Shimmering formula), and Anti-Aging.

Here are the 12 eyeshadows with 3 Matte and 9 shimmery, I swatch for you...

1. Strange : matte beige
2. Dust : peachy pink with a lot of glitters
3. Burnout : satin peachy pink with micro glitters
4. Limit : matte tan pink

5. Buzz : Satin pink with micro glitters
6. Trick : Chopper with pink undertone and micro glitters
7. Nooner : matte tauple
8. Liar : satin mauve but still have pink undertone

9. Factory : warm brown
10. Mugshot : satin taupe
11. Darkside : Satin tauple with mauve undertone
12. Blackheart : matte black with chopper glitters

Overall I loved this one more than naked or naked 2. I know it's not usual for most of asian girl but for me I prefer pink or purple undertone shadow colors compare to brown undertone. But if you usually use natural brown for your every day make up, I suggest you to have original naked palette first. For me orginal naked and naked 2 quite similar even if orginal naked is natural brown while naked 2 more like taupe color, but overall it's natural dark shadow theme compare to naked 3 which is useful for romantic looks.

So if you already have orignal naked or naked 2 you can still playing with naked 3. Since there isn't many palette with golden pink as main theme. Just like I said... if you want to play... cause I am not sure it's looks good for every skin color.

This is a looks I create from this palette Sorry if the picture is too bright because I never found a right spot to take a picture in my room now, but I will move ASAP.

I get my hand on this palette from beautyhaulindo. You can visit their website at they sell original beauty haul *sleek, sigma, beauty blender, etc* and the owner is also so nice.

Readers : Do you have any naked palette ? tell me what you think about naked palette (naked basic, orginal naked palette, naked 2, and naked 3)

Hope you enjoy this review


Jean Milka
9 komentar on "Review and Looks : Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette"
  1. LOVELY PIC! aku suka bangeeeet cara kamu ambil gambar produknya. boleh tau pake kamera apa? :3 thanks!

  2. cantiknya,, warnanya wearable sekali ya,, maniis gitu :O
    kamunya juga cantik. Taking picture nya juga bagus sekali.. Sukaa <3


    1. Iya aku setuju sama kamu.. warnanya wearable.. apa lagi buat yang masih muda dibanding menggunakan warna coklat sebagai make up sehari-hari...

      Trimakasih yah...

  3. nice review. :D

  4. omg..naked 3.. *envy* XD

    1. haha... It's so worth it loch... kadang kan kita beli single eyeshadow tuch... nich uda isi 12 dan bisa berkreasi... so better save and bought this one ^-^.. and it's so pigmented and last long... typically urban decay eyeshadows..

  5. dari dulu pengen naked series tapi belum ada yg sreg sama warna2nya, sekarang jadi ngiler lagi liat yg ini, warnanya lebih cakep *.* rosey gitu
    makasih reviewnya ^^ you're so pretty <3


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