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Pink Manicure : Vintage Flowers Nail Art with VIDEO TUTORIAL

21 Januari 2014
Hallo Everyone....

This week Nail Art Theme is Vintage Flowers...
This is the first time I am able to post a video tutorial... I am so sorry if the video quality is not really good but I hope you get the main idea.

This nail art tutorial is just same tutorial I learn from Jenelle (youTube). I always love her tutorial and I hope one day I can make my own nail art which is from my own idea. This is my interpretation for this nail art.

What I used?
Base Coat : Holika Holika base coat
Top Coat : Dries Instantly top coat from Sally Hansen

Pink nail polish : Elianto nail polish in pink (06)
Purple nail polish : Elianto nail polish in S09
Green nail polish for the leaf : Essie nail polish in The more the merrier
White nail polish : Holika Holika nail polish in white

To create the flowers I use dotting tools with small point at the end (like the picture bellow). If you don't have any dotting tools, you can just use tooth pick.

How I make it ?
I Polish my pinkie and forefinger with pink nail polish. Rest of my fingers i paint it with white nail polish. I create 4 flowers, 2 pink and 2 purple on the nail with nail polish. For the flowers tutorial you can see this video...

That is all for my tutorial.. it just simple tutorial... I am not an expert and I want you to know that

you also can do it, even if it's not perfect. Just do it and enjoy it ^-^



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  1. wow...keren bangettttt... suka sama flower vintage!
    <3 <3

    kindly visit:


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