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Product Review and Swatch : Naked Basic from Urban Decay

23 Januari 2014
Hello pretties....

Did everyone know naked line from Urban Decay? What do you know about naked line product ? *leave me comments bellow*

I only tried their eyeshadow.  From what I know they have fondation, press powder even lip gloss *new*. I never tried any other products from naked line except for their eyeshadow palette.

Today I want to review this small palette - Naked Basic

Last time I go for travel.. This is the only palette I take with me... it's very handy and so freaking easy... The size is even smaller than my phone and it's comes with big size mirror . I loved the packaging which is kindly like soft and matte texture. I don't know how to explain it... but one words.. It's matte packaging...

Just like the packaging... *maybe only me who think this way* most of the color is also matte color. It's comes with 5 matte shadows and 1 shimmery shadow. All color is basic and natural color. Maybe if you are very pale like me, some of the shadow won't be seen on your skin color. But actually you still can build different eye look with this palette.

This is the swatches for Naked Basic palette
1. Venus : Campaign color with glitters
2. Foxy : Matte milk vanilla color (sorry that it can't be seen on my skin)
3. W.O.S : Matte very light pink color
4. Naked 2 : milk chocolate with taupe undertone
5. Faint : Medium brown with hint of warmth
6. Crave : black with brown undertone and matte finish

The color is very pigmented and buttery which is typically Urban Decay eyeshadow. The color Venus is really good for highlight my brow bone. You might think it's too shimmery for brow bone... But it's not, since you can blend it and the it's just a micro glitters. Foxy and W.O.S can use for inner lid with Naked 2 or Faint for the crease and it will give definition for your eyes.

You can create natural every day look or even night smoky eyes with this palette. This is my perfect palette for travel. You can keep it in your bag for emergency use as well.
That is all for my review... hope you enjoy it.. and don't forget to share your Naked Line Product with comment bellow...


Jean Milka
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