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Citra Wakame and Citra Pink Orchid Event Launching with Donita as Brand Ambassador

31 Juli 2014
Hey Everyone...

This is a late post of Citra Japanese Wakame and Pink Orchid launching event. I was invited to the launching event last month, and I am really sorry that I just have time to post about it. But late is always better than never right? ^-^

Donita as Citra Brand ambassador with Influential people behind Citra Brand

So Citra launching their new products which is Japanese Wakame body serum and gel lotion, also Citra Pink Orchid skin care line (facial foam and moisturizer). I know Citra Brand as one of popular body lotion brand, especially in Indonesia. They finally launch not only body product but also new skin care product on 24 June 2014, at Hotel Morrissey.

Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer Review - A dryer that doesn't dry your hair

27 Juli 2014
Hello Everyone..

I am back with another review. 2 Weeks ago I won a Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer from Kawaii Beauty Japan. I am so happy to know that I won one of their present campaign. I am not really a typical Hair Dryer person. I usually let my hair air dry.

Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer

My hair is really damage and dry. I have problem with branch hair because I straighten my hair since I was at middle school and I had done that couple times. Naturally my hair type is dry, even tho I maintain to not straighten or dye my hair too often I still have dry and branch hair problem.

Kawaii Beauty Japan x HIS Present to you FREE Beauty Tour To Japan

22 Juli 2014
Hello my Readers...

Siapa yang ingin ke Jepang ? secara gratis? aku yakin banyak banget wanita-wanita yang melotot melihat banner di bawah ini. "Experience Japan Beauty Tour FOR FREE !". Saat ini, Kawaii Beauty Japan bekerja sama dengan salah satu Tour Agency yang tekenal dengan paket Tour Jepang -nya, HIS memberikan kesempatan untuk kamu, para blogger, menikmati perjalanan Beauty Tour ke Jepang.

-- Untuk Detailnya klik Banner di bawah ini --

Click the Banner for More Info

Pertama-tama, siapa yang sudah mengenal Kawaii Beauty Japan ? Kawaii Beauty Japan adalah online media atau mudahnya sebut aja majalah online, yang memuat artikel-artikel seputar kecantikan mulai dari skin care, make up, rambut, diet, makanan bahkan life style. Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) berkonsep, kecantikan dapat diperoleh dengan memperhatikan perawatan Kulit, Tubuh, dan  juga Hati. 

Natural Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial Featuring Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

21 Juli 2014
So Everyone...

I get your message that you want more makeup tutorial. Actually I also want to present more makeup tutorial. Not only for you, but also to improve my makeup skills. Today makeup tutorial will consist of black cat eyeliner featuring new eyeliner from Benefit Cosmetics.

Couple weeks ago, I was invited to the launching event of new eyeliner innovation from Benefit Cosmetic which is Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner *you can check the review here*. They're Real Liner is my top favorite liner right now. It's black, matte, stay long, and easy to apply. I will review the liner near soon, sorry for the late review.

Sephora is Open Now at Jakarta, What brand they have?

Hello everyone...

Finally Sephora make their entrance to Indonesia. It have been long time ago since we see the banner at couple of malls at Jakarta. I first time see Sephora "coming soon" banner on one of unopened store at Plaza Indonesia Jakarta. Sephora Indonesia first store opened 12 July 2014 at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. I am so sad that I can't join the hype since I was at Bali during that time.

Sephora Kota Kasablanka

I visit Sephora first day I am back to Jakarta and it's kinda disappointing. Most of the brand at Sephora is brand that has existed at Indonesia before like Benefit, Anna Sui, Glam Glow, Guerlain, etc. I have guessed it actually, even Sephora Singapore and Malaysia haven't complected yet, I can't find Anastasia Beverly Hills or Lorac there.

The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Cream Review & Tips for Oily Skin

15 Juli 2014
Hello Everyone..

I am back with another skin care review. Skin care is my priority in spending my money. There won't be a flawless make up with out good and well maintain skin. Everyone need to take care their skin. First thing you need is to understand your skin. My skin is oily skin and pores is my biggest concern. That is why you might find that most of my skin care review is pore minimizer or sebum control product.

Today I would like to review The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Cream. Last time I reviewed the serum which is Pore Minimizer Controlling Essence. You can check the review here. Now let's jump to the review...

Giveaway Time : My Very First Giveaway [REVISI] - Make Up For You, Etude House, The Face Shop, Caring Cosmetics, Sasatinnie etc

14 Juli 2014

Here it is..

Buat kalian yang likes Facebook Jean Milka Blog mungkin sudah pada tahu kalau sejak sebulan lalu, gw menanyakan pendapat kalian, gimana kalau gw adain giveaway yang berhadiah Make Up For You 24 brush set. Awalnya gw rada khawatir bahwa hadiah yang gue kumpulkan masih kurang menarik untuk mengadakan giveaway.

Akhirnya setelah sebulan mengumpulkan beberapa product beauty lainnya. Gw memutuskan untuk membagi sedikit dari yang gw punya. Basically sich ini adalah produk-produk dari brand kesukaan gw terutama Etude House dan The Face Shop. Dan untuk hadiah utamanya adalah..... BRAND NEW Make Up for You 24 brush set. Di awal gw belajar make up, inilah brush set yang gw gunakan. 

Never Ending Addiction to Blue Blazer | Jean Milka OOTD

10 Juli 2014
Hello Everyone...

I am back with another outfit of the they post. My last ootd is also about Blue blazer with black boots *check it here*. I just noticed, most of my outfit is blue... shirt, skirt, blazer, dress, etc. So I am in hunting for another color. Anyone have recommendation ?

Last week I end up bought this blue blazer at H & M Grand Indonesia *blue again ^-^*. First time I saw it, it just get my attention and yelling to me to try it on.

Rosewood and Musk Handmade Soap by The Soap Corner, Moporie

07 Juli 2014
Hello Everyone...

Today I want to give you my opinion about The Soap Corner which is a hand made soap from Moporie. This is my first time try a handmade soap. The Soap Corner is the first handmade soap I have ever heard and tried.

For me, shower time is one of the best time that we need to enjoyed. I like to pampered myself at the end of the day with taking a shower. Last body product I reviewed is The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Body Polish check out my review here. I have used it up, and so happy to received this handmade soap from Moporie.

New Product Launching, Garnier Sakura White

04 Juli 2014
Hay Everyone...

Today I would like to share new product from Garnier which is Garnier Sakura White. This is new product from Garnier. I was invited to the launching event at FX last month ^-^ Thanks to Garnier Indonesia. From all of Garnier product, Garnier Sakura White is the one I most excited about. 

Why? because the packaging is pink and I love pink ^-^. Actually I know about Garnier Sakura White from Xiaxue who is a beauty blogger from Singapore. You can check her post here.

Gem Fruit and Lotus Sparkling Mask by Bangkok Face Thailand

03 Juli 2014
Hello Blog Readers...

Today I would like to review one of Thailand skin care product that is very popular right now among Indonesian Market. Right now, Thailand skin care become more popular in Indonesia. Actually I am quite skeptic about Thailand skin care product. But after trying this two product around my jaw line for one week, I decided to apply it all over my face.

Around last month, Kiss Indonesia sending me this products. If you follow me on Instagram, I mention that I was quite satisfied with the result. On this post, I will review about Gem Fruit Pudding cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask from Bangkok Face Thailand. Let's now jump to the Gem Fruit Pudding Cream review first.

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