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Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer Review - A dryer that doesn't dry your hair

27 Juli 2014
Hello Everyone..

I am back with another review. 2 Weeks ago I won a Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer from Kawaii Beauty Japan. I am so happy to know that I won one of their present campaign. I am not really a typical Hair Dryer person. I usually let my hair air dry.

Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer

My hair is really damage and dry. I have problem with branch hair because I straighten my hair since I was at middle school and I had done that couple times. Naturally my hair type is dry, even tho I maintain to not straighten or dye my hair too often I still have dry and branch hair problem.
That's why I prefer to let my hair air dry instead of using hair dryer that might damage my hair even more. Sharp Plasmacluster hair dryer, supposed to dry your hair without make your hair dry. What is it means?

The Box

Product Detail

Brand : Sharp
Model Type : IF- PB1Y-P
Color : Pink, also available in gold and white
Dimension : 22,2 (H) X 21,8 (W) X 8,9 (D) cm
Weight : around 680g
Price : 970.000 IDR Check it here

This is the latest design of plasmacluster hair dryer from Sharp I think, bundle with the setting nozzle and cleaning brush. The size of the hair dryer is quite big. It's not travel friendly even tho you can flip the handle. The cable is 1,6 m with typical Indonesia plug in.

What is "Plasmacluster" Technology ?

Positive and negative ions same as those of natural world are created and discharged by plasma discharge. Plasmacluster is Sharp's original technology that carries out "static electricity control" by positive and negative ions and "moisture retention" by water molecules surrounding plasmacluster ions. Basically they are same type of ions as ions existing in natural. Plasmacluster technogy will maintain water-molecure coating and keep your hair moist. This is important since regular hair dryer might damage your hair.

About Plasmacluster Technology

This hair dryer comes with 3 temperature setting which are normal, set, and hot. It's not like you choose one of this 3 temperature but each temperature have their own function. Hot air is to dry you hair right after you wash it, set is medium hot air that is useful for styling, and normal is cold air is to fix and finished the styling. There is also turbo function that will give stronger wind depends on each setting.

Temperature Setting

I usually wash my hair at night and I use set function which medium hot air to dryer my hair for around 3-6 minutes and finish it with cold air for around 2 minutes. I still worry that dryer might damage my hair even more, so I will leave by hair a bit wet. But overall this dryer can drain your hair quite fast.

Technical Detail
I have said before that it comes with setting nozzle that you can attach to concentrate the wind. I always use the nozzle. What I like from this dryer is it doesn't make noisy voice. Normal and hot setting are kinda noisy but I really loved that the set setting only make small sounds. I really want to learn how to style my hair with hair dryer but I always hate the noisy voice of hair dryer.
Setting Nozzle

You can open the rear cover and clean everything. You need to clean the electrode periodically about once every 2 months using clean brush that comes with the dryer. You will find the detail about how to maintain your dryer on the instruction book. 

Rear cover

Clean Brush

 My Opinion

One thing I know that I love from this dryer just right after I get my hand on it, is the fact that it doesn't make noisy sounds. I really hate hair dryer that make noisy voice, this is the reason why I never try to style my hair using hair dryer, even tho I know that curly or straighten iron might damage my hair even more. I am not sure about the plasmacluster ion that keep you hair moist, but I notice that it doesn't give me burning smells that I usually get from hair dryer. One important thing is even with normal setting, it only take couple minutes for me to dry my hair using it. I also notice that it reduce my frizzy hair, make it easier to style your hair.

Instruction Book and Warranty Card

Overall Overview

Doesn't make noisy sounds
Only take couple minutes to drain my hair
Doesn't leave burn smells
Reduce frizzy hair

Not Travel Friedly

Repurchase ?
Of course I won't, why we need more than 1 dryer? ^-^ 
but overall I will recommended this for you who is in hunt for hair dryer. Even tho I am not sure about the plasmacluster technology that claims to keep your hair moist, but nothing to lose to take ion based technology dryer, since you can't really see is your dryer damage you hair or not only by couple months.

That is al for my review. Please noted that I only tested it for around 2 weeks and this is just my opinion based on my experience. So please don't judge by only this article.

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See you on my next post


Jean Milka
16 komentar on "Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Dryer Review - A dryer that doesn't dry your hair"
  1. Oh very cute dryer!

    1. Yeah.. I also really like the color.. btw.. Thanks for visiting my blog.. I also really love to read yours ^-^

  2. Lucu banget ada cleanernya :3

  3. woaaa, congrats ya udah menang produk berkualitas ^_~ warna pink nya menggoda XD

    The Journey

  4. There are so many types of dryers and curling irons to choose from. The best way to sort them out is by not relying on the attractive, elegant-looking model of hair equipment but by looking at their features.

    1. Yeah I agree with you. That is one reason why I like this dryer. With the Plasmacluster Technology, this dryer minimize the possibility of damage hair

  5. There are actually hence number of blow dryer sold in the market. Nevertheless most recently released model in plasmacluster your hair dryer as a result of sudden will be an exception which will minimise the prospect in problems your hair. It's a confident half in the dryer. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    1. Yah I also think my hair was less damage when using thins one. Thank you for reading my blog as well ^^

  6. I think this is the best hair dryer ever i have seen in my life. Thanks for sharing this nice and informative post.

    1. I am still using it and love it so much. Even my mom always steal it from me hehehe


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