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Dry Shampoo in Powder Texture from Powder Parlour

27 Agustus 2014
Hello Everyone...

I am back with another product review. Today I will review about dry shampoo from Powder Parlour. I am not typical person who like to use dry shampoo in daily basis, but I do use it on second day hair, sometimes. I wash my hair every two days, but if I took public transport, my hair especially my bangs easily become oily and limp. So I use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and give more volume to my hair.

Around last month, Powder Parlour sent me two of their signature dry shampoo. Power Parlour is a hand made dry shampoo brand from Jakarta, Indonesia. First time they contact me, I was fascinated by the concept of this dry shampoo. It is not like aerosol dry shampoo which is very common, Powder Parlour, just like the name, is a powder-form dry shampoo.

White Candy Ribbon Nail Art with O.P.I Alpine Snow

21 Agustus 2014
Hello my readers,

I am back with another nail art tutorial. I am sorry that I haven't post any nail art tutorial for quite sometime. I never skip my weekly manicure actually, I am just not in the mood for blogging this past weeks. Sorry for that, will try to post more next month.

First of all, let's talk about white nail polish. I never thought to wear only white nail polish until I follow Alina Punuccia on Instagram.

Haul : Huge Sephora, Etude House, YSL, Khiels, Laneige, etc Haul

15 Agustus 2014
Hello Everyone

Today I want to share my recent haul.  This is my very first post about my recent purchase. I usually skip favorites or recent purchase post, but I think I should do it more since I also like to read or watch that kind post. This past 2 months I bought a lot of make up and skin care products. 

There is some promotion going on last month regarding Eid Celebrations. Most of my haul is skin care product. I prefer to bought and stock up skin care products while promotion. I never skip my skin care routine and I always depleted skin care product faster like no one business. So I always have reason to buy skin care products during promotion even tho I still have mine .. ehemm... *addiction* ^-^.. let's jump to the haul...

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner Full Review - Best Liner Ever

14 Agustus 2014
Hello Beauty lovers..

Finally it's here.. exclusive review for my current favorite eye liner which is Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner from Benefit Cosmetics. I was skeptical at first about this liner, especially since the tip is not common, so I suggest it might be hard to get thin stroke using this liner.

After trying it for more than 3 times, I know that it will be part of my holy grail products.  I found that it's really easy to apply after couple times I am trying. I posted couple pictures on my instagram *don't forget to follow* mention about how much I like it.

My Etude House Look at My Eyes Collection and Swatches

08 Agustus 2014
Hello My readers...

First of all.. about my giveaway, please give me more time to review all of your comments. It has been a very hectic weeks for me. I will try to review all of the comments as soon as possible and announce the winner through my Social Media (Facebook and Twitter). So today I am back with another post about my Etude House eyeshadow collection.

Etude House is one of my favorite brand. First time I bought make up, it was Etude House. I adore their packaging. For every girl who likes pink, and anything cute... I bet you will love Etude House packaging. Most of their packaging consist of pink and white color with cute and princess like design. I owned around 8 of their single shadows and some of their palette.

Lancome and Beuphoria Flawless Beauty Class with Harumi Sudrajat

04 Agustus 2014
Hello readers...

Today I want to share best make up class that I have ever join. Around 1 month ago, I was invited by Lancome and Beauphoria to attend a make up and hair class present by Lancome, Bauphoria, and Harumi Sudrajat. Harumi is a popular Indonesian beauty blogger *you can check her blog here*. I am so excited for this class since Harumi is well known because of her make up skill, even tho she is not a make up artist.

Heaven of Lancome

This is an open make up class for Lancome and Beauphoria customer actually. You need to register and paid for the class fee. But I am so lucky to be invited by Lancome and Beauphoria. I only have 3 Lancome product so far, and all of them was given to me.

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