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White Candy Ribbon Nail Art with O.P.I Alpine Snow

21 Agustus 2014
Hello my readers,

I am back with another nail art tutorial. I am sorry that I haven't post any nail art tutorial for quite sometime. I never skip my weekly manicure actually, I am just not in the mood for blogging this past weeks. Sorry for that, will try to post more next month.

First of all, let's talk about white nail polish. I never thought to wear only white nail polish until I follow Alina Punuccia on Instagram.
Most of her pictures are white and soft pink tone and most of her manicure is white, pink, gold, nude or another shade of soft pink polish. I really love how is the result, somehow the manicure makes her skin looks brighter. I pick O.P.I Alpine Snow to be my very first high end white nail polish. I have white nail polish for nail art from Holika Holika, but the brush is too big and the formula is too thick so the result is too bad for all over nails. 

Aline Snow is one of the all times favorite shade from O.P.I. The color is pure white as white as snow color. I like the results on my nails. And also, O.P.I never disappoint me with the formula and application. O.P.I nail polish is mostly easy to apply, opaque in first or second coat, and dry quite fast. I am using two coat of Alpine Snow in this manicure.

Even tho I love the result of white polish on my nails, I also present a simple and easy tutorial for you. This is step by step how to create Candy Ribbon Nail Art :

1. Paint your nail with white nail polish
2. To Create ribbon, start by draw a small triangle and fill it
3. Draw another v shape where is the tip is connecting to each other, between the filled triangle and the v shape
4. After that, connect the v shape to be another triangle, so this 2 triangle will looks like a ribbon. It it important to do the triangle and v step to make the ribbon looks more natural. Some people may do it with x shape and fill it, but the result will looks more stiff.
5. You can choose any color and create more ribbon, You also can change the base color. I also like to use black and white, pink and gold, pink and silver, or green and red (for Christmas theme). 

The Result

That is all for my post, I am sorry for my lack of post this month. I will try to post more before the end of this month. This month I got a lot of critics about my English. Yeah I admit that, my English is bad but I don't think I will change my post to Bahasa. When it comes to Bahasa Indonesia, it make me confused what should I wrote, which language I should use, formal, non formal, editorial, friendly or else. I feel it is easier for me to explain something in English especially for beauty topic. And also, I start blogging because I want to practice my English, there will be no point if I give up. 

So for all of my readers, if you find out that my English is wrong, please correct me by comment down bellow. Don't hesitate to do that, I will really appriciate you ^-^.

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Jean Milka

4 komentar on "White Candy Ribbon Nail Art with O.P.I Alpine Snow"
  1. Nice :) cute banget nail artnya heheee, bakal lebih bagus kalau bagian tengah pitanya dikasih rhinestone ^_~

    1. iya.... Tahu nggak ci gimana sich caranya nepelin Rhinestone? aku belum explore sich..


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