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Bandung Beauty Haul : Skin79, The Face Shop, Elianto, Maybelline,

29 Desember 2013
Hai beauty lovers....
Today I will go to Bali for new years holiday...
Couple days ago I go to Bandung... and I picked some beauty stuff...
Before I go to Bali I want to share what I picked at Bandung... cause I am sure there will be another post for Bali Beauty haul... ^_^

This are beauty items I picked from Bandung.

Pink Manicure : Christmas on My Nail

25 Desember 2013
Merry Christmas everyone....
Hope this Christmas bring joy for all of you...
I am so sorry that I post this late, cause I just back from holiday with my family.
So I decide to post it on Christmas day as Christmas wish for all of you..

I create this looks based on Janelle channel at youtube name elleandish//Janelle.

The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013 according to TC Candler

Today I want to share you something I just found...

I usually read a website name soompi. It is a website share about updated Korean artist news using English for the language. They have a facebook page name and they share about hot news on their page, so usually if I open my facebook and found an interesting news, I will open the link to the website.

And today I found this one....

Eye Make Up Remover Panda's Dream by Tony Moly

17 Desember 2013
Hai everyone...

Today I want to share you one of my favorite Eye Make-up Remover from Tony Moly name Panda's Dream. I use make up quite often recently, maybe everytime I go out. I found out that if i using high end waterproof mascara or eyeliner, when i clean my make up it will leave somekind of stain.

Even if I clean my eye makeup couple times, it's still leave gray stain around my eyes. At first I don't really notice that but after I use makeup more often especially after I use it for whole day, I feel I got more eye circle around my eye. I think it's because of my sleeping routine, but at the end i found out that it's because of the residue from my mascara and eyeliner.

I found this eye make up remover at Tony Moly Taman Anggrek. At first I get attracted because of the packaging. This is how it's looks like....

It's called Panda's Dream imply that the product will remove all panda eye around your eyes.

Pink Manicure : Snowflakes in Ombre Color...

16 Desember 2013
Hai Everyone...

Today I want to share you my weekly nail art... 
This week nail art theme is snowflakes in ombre color. Cause of now is December and want some Christmas in my nail.

This all color I use 

From left to right : Holika Holika nail polish in white, Bikini So Teeny from Essie, Mind Candy Apple from Essie, and Go Ginza from Essie spring collection 2013.

Review : WetnWild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner

11 Desember 2013
Hello Everyone...

Today I want to share you my first creme eyeliner from Wet n Wild. I hear this brand from a beauty guru from youTube but I don't remember *I think from Jen, frmheadtotoe*. First time i think it's not really expensive, but at the end regret it.

Wetnwild isn't well known in Indonesia. You can find it at drugstore like Guardian or Watson but it not available at every Guardian or Watson and they only have some products from wnw collection. So i bought it online from an instagram account. I don't browse how much is it so i bought it for Rp. 150.000 *actually it only around Rp. 90.000* while at the end i found out that others high brand creme eyeliner is also not really expensive, NYX creme eyeliner only Rp. 130.000 and MAC around Rp. 200.000. You better spend a bit more instead of bought cheap product and end regret it.

New Store : Victoria's Secret at Mall Taman Anggrek

07 Desember 2013
Hello everyone....

Did you know Victoria's Secret ? for you who don't know or still think that Victoria's Secret is only underwear store, you are definitely left behind. Victoria's Secret now is also a beauty store. They have more beauty product compare to underwear, I think perfume is the most.

Victoria's Secret Taman Anggrek locate at upper ground,

Now Open : Benefit Plaza Senayan Indonesia

05 Desember 2013
Hai benebabes .... *people who have heart for Benefit Cosmetics*

Yesterday I visit Benefit new store at Plaza Senayan Indonesia. Actually I already go to Benefit Plaza Indonesia the day before yesterday, but because of yesterday is the first day of Benefit Plaza Senayan, as a truly benebabes i can't stand to visit them again.

Here some picture i take while i was there...

This is how its looks like... it is at Plaza Senayan 2nd floor. If you come from main lobby, you only need to take one escalator to 2nd floor, turn right and you will find best make up store in town... Benefit ^-^

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