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Eye Make Up Remover Panda's Dream by Tony Moly

17 Desember 2013
Hai everyone...

Today I want to share you one of my favorite Eye Make-up Remover from Tony Moly name Panda's Dream. I use make up quite often recently, maybe everytime I go out. I found out that if i using high end waterproof mascara or eyeliner, when i clean my make up it will leave somekind of stain.

Even if I clean my eye makeup couple times, it's still leave gray stain around my eyes. At first I don't really notice that but after I use makeup more often especially after I use it for whole day, I feel I got more eye circle around my eye. I think it's because of my sleeping routine, but at the end i found out that it's because of the residue from my mascara and eyeliner.

I found this eye make up remover at Tony Moly Taman Anggrek. At first I get attracted because of the packaging. This is how it's looks like....

It's called Panda's Dream imply that the product will remove all panda eye around your eyes.
Its actually a white stick, doesn't have any sense, I can't explain the texture its not like a cream or gel on your skin, its more like eraser stick.

It's quite expensive for a eye make up remover, you can replace it with use your regular eye make up remover, put it on a Q-Tips and remove your waterproof eye make up using that Q-Tips.

Readers : I still tried to find a eye make up remover for my waterproof eye make up, Let me know your favorite with leave a comment down bellow.


Jean Milka
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