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New Store : Victoria's Secret at Mall Taman Anggrek

07 Desember 2013
Hello everyone....

Did you know Victoria's Secret ? for you who don't know or still think that Victoria's Secret is only underwear store, you are definitely left behind. Victoria's Secret now is also a beauty store. They have more beauty product compare to underwear, I think perfume is the most.

Victoria's Secret Taman Anggrek locate at upper ground,
you can see their new store just after you enter the main lobby. It just open yesterday but i visit it at 9 pm so they almost closet.

But overall is not big like others Victoria's Secret store in another mall especially compare to Victoria's Secret Plaza Indonesia, but they still able to show all of their collection.

This is what i got for myself, a make up pouch. I already see it at Plaza Senayan and yesterday i decide to bought that. It is really handy, not too big not to small. I usually have make up pouch inside my beg cause i don't like if all of my things are disorganize inside my beg.

Victoria's Secret has many make up collection, so many color and so many models. If you need one I suggest you to visit them. I also like their pouch cause of most of their collection have something like plastic cover the pouch so it won't be dirty so easy, you just need to wipe it. it's also not really expensive, I bought mine for Rp. 199.000, its big enough for my daily make up pouch and of course its in pink... ^-^ I loved pink...

Readers : Let me know your favorite make up pouch? and do you have others Victoria's Secret product especially their perfume? can you suggest one for me? 


Jean Milka

2 komentar on "New Store : Victoria's Secret at Mall Taman Anggrek"
  1. hiii mau tanya , harga perfume VS di store mall TA berapa? makasih

    1. Wah kalau harga aku g hafal. Tapi harga product di semua VS Indonesia sama kok


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