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Now Open : Benefit Plaza Senayan Indonesia

05 Desember 2013
Hai benebabes .... *people who have heart for Benefit Cosmetics*

Yesterday I visit Benefit new store at Plaza Senayan Indonesia. Actually I already go to Benefit Plaza Indonesia the day before yesterday, but because of yesterday is the first day of Benefit Plaza Senayan, as a truly benebabes i can't stand to visit them again.

Here some picture i take while i was there...

This is how its looks like... it is at Plaza Senayan 2nd floor. If you come from main lobby, you only need to take one escalator to 2nd floor, turn right and you will find best make up store in town... Benefit ^-^

Benefit Plaza Senayan is still a bit messy... yeah forgive them guys.. its still a new store... and everyone become confused where you are at the new place...

What is the best part about new make up store? yeah ... every tester product is new so it's really nice to tried all of them and choose the best one for you.

Like always, Benefit beauty artist is so kind and friendly. You can ask them anything you want. They will explain to you in detail even show you how the product goes on your face. Two thumbs up for the service...

Who doesn't know about Benefit Brow Bar? why you need salon while you can get brow wax at make up store? Benefit is well known for their Brow Bar and Brow product...

This is some information about their service :
Brow wax             Rp. 120.000
Brow & lip wax     Rp. 160.000
Lip wax                 Rp. 80.000
Chin wax               Rp. 100.000
Lip & chin wax      Rp. 140.000

I tell you girls this is worth it...

I personally tried their brow wax. I never done any kind of wax before, this is my first wax can you believe that? hahaha.... but yeah this is the first time I do wax and its brow wax. Benefit brow wax is really worth it, it is not expensive and they got professional make up artist *I think* from Singapore. I forget her name but i think she come from Benefit Singapore special for Benefit new store at Plaza Senayan.

She is really kind. She will ask you what kind of eyebrow you want, and she do the wax very gently, its not hurt at all. She also explain to you how to make up your brow like how to shape your brow, what color suit the best for your brow and how to highlight your brow to make it more 3D. So grab your beg and go there now girls... cause this i don't think she will be there forever.

She choose some brow product from Benefit for me, but cause i already buy a lot of benefit product this week. I decide to take brow product maybe next week. I feel sorry for her cause she is really kind... I promise i will buy it later mam...

I never do make up for my eyebrow before except for simple eyebrow pencil, but this is what she done for me.

 This is how my eyebrow looks the day before yesterday.. I don't have clear picture but i take this picture at 3 dec...

And this is how i looks like after experience benefit brow bar.. can you see the different? I loved it... i never imagine before that good brow make up will effect my whole make up. I will definitely buy brows a-go-go from benefit

Readers : Let me know what is your favorite make up product for your brow? and have you try benefit brow bar?


Jean Milka
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