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Review : WetnWild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner

11 Desember 2013
Hello Everyone...

Today I want to share you my first creme eyeliner from Wet n Wild. I hear this brand from a beauty guru from youTube but I don't remember *I think from Jen, frmheadtotoe*. First time i think it's not really expensive, but at the end regret it.

Wetnwild isn't well known in Indonesia. You can find it at drugstore like Guardian or Watson but it not available at every Guardian or Watson and they only have some products from wnw collection. So i bought it online from an instagram account. I don't browse how much is it so i bought it for Rp. 150.000 *actually it only around Rp. 90.000* while at the end i found out that others high brand creme eyeliner is also not really expensive, NYX creme eyeliner only Rp. 130.000 and MAC around Rp. 200.000. You better spend a bit more instead of bought cheap product and end regret it.

The packaging is looks like this... It is come with small angle eyeliner brush. And I admit the brush is quite good. Its not to soft so its easier to apply creme eyeliner using that brush. Its also an angle brush so you can shape your eyeliner using it.

The reason why i regret buying it most because of the packaging. It is quite big compare to others creme eyeliner while the actual product is not that much. And it come with a very bad quality plastic packaging, it's not air proof so the eyeliner dry so easy. I bought mine 2 weeks ago... and now its already dry. Not completely dry, I still can use it. But I don't know how long it will be okay to use.

Good things about this products is the color. Mine is black color in number 886 (black/noir) and its really pigmented. Like you can see from picture above, I only swatch it in one sweep and it's really black. I tried it and it's stand for the whole day and don't make any stain on my underline. It's also not leave any stain after i clean it with make up remover.

This is my review... overall all i like it but i hope it won't dry so i can still use it.

Readers : let me know your favorite creme eyeliner. I need your recommendation since i never use creme eyeliner before. Please leave your recommendation in comment box bellow.


Jean Milka
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