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Pink Manicure : Snowflakes in Ombre Color...

16 Desember 2013
Hai Everyone...

Today I want to share you my weekly nail art... 
This week nail art theme is snowflakes in ombre color. Cause of now is December and want some Christmas in my nail.

This all color I use 

From left to right : Holika Holika nail polish in white, Bikini So Teeny from Essie, Mind Candy Apple from Essie, and Go Ginza from Essie spring collection 2013.

and this my base coat, top coat, cuticle cleaner and tools I use.

 From left to right : Nail vite pineapple cuticle cleaner from Skin Food, RapiDry top coat from O.P.I, and base coat from Holika Holika.

Tools I use are dotting nail tool from Etude House and a nail art brush like you can see from the picture.

First of all I paint my nail with basic color as you can see. I will only apply ombre nail effect for my middle finger and  forefinger and I use white as basic color for my omble nail.

This is how I do my ombre nail. I order the color like you can see from the picture above. I use make up sponge to apply my ombre nail art.

This is was the final looks. Like you can see I paint a snowflakes on my middle finger. I left my forefinger with basic ombre nail. And for the rest of my finger i paint an effect of falling snow with pile of snow in the bottom.

I hope you like it cause i like pastel color a lot. and let me know what you think about this nail art?


Jean Milka 
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