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The Body Shop Green Sanctuary - The Body Shop Beauty Trip (Part II)

31 Maret 2015
Hello my lovelies...

Have you read my last blog post about my first day in Singapore with The Body Shop? If you haven't, then I encourage you to check it out here. In today's post, I am going to share with you the second day of my beauty trip with The Body Shop which mostly revolves around visiting The Body Shop’s Green Sanctuary.

the body shop, green sanctuary, singapore, jeanmilka, beauty trip

Truth be told, I never knew The Body Shop had their own exotic spa house. They have not established one here in Indonesia, but apparently there’s one in Singapore. There, Body Shop’s Spa House is conveniently situated within the proximity of the city’s most bustling venues, Orchard Road. Should you be interested in visiting Body Shop’s Spa House in Singapore, all you need to do is swing by Paragon Mall, Orchard Road and make your way to B1. Due to its location, Green Sanctuary is a perfect place for weary executives, millenial moms waiting for their kids to leave school, or outrageous shoppaholics who are within the vicinity of said establishment and are in desperate need of a massage, to take the edge off miles of walking.

Beauty Trip with The Body Shop to Singapore - First Day (Part I)

26 Maret 2015
Hello my readers..

First of all let me warn you that today post will contains a lot of interesting picture. If you are a big fan of The Body Shop... than make sure to scroll your screen till the end of this post... believe me, you're gonna love it ^^

If you follow me on my Social Media *please follow me if you haven't ^-^*, you might already know that couple weeks ago I went to Singapore for a beauty trip with Body Shop. This is not the first beauty trip I have ever experienced but this is the most excited one, since The Body Shop is my all time favorite brand.

The Body Shop is the first skin care product that I used, the first brand my mom introduced to me during my puberty. I have been a loyal customers of The Body Shop since that time, either for their body product or skin care product. If you searching the keyword "jean milka the body shop review" on Google, you will find out that I reviewed quite some products from them.

Get You Shine Back With SP Luxeoil Hair Treatment

22 Maret 2015
Hello my lovely readers..

You might already know from my social media that I was invited to the launching event of Wella Professional new product which is System Professional Luxeoil. Not only attended the launching night, they also gave me the opportunity to experience The new SP Luxeoil Hair Treatment at one of home salon at Bandung.

hair, treatment, wella, sp, luxeoil, beauty, salon

First of all let me try to explain to you about SP Luxeoil. SP Luxeoil is new premium hair treatment that focusing on keratin treatment. Do you know keratin? Keratin is a natural protein which is a major component in human hair. When your hair encounter hair drier or chemical process that usually occur during hair dye, smoothing etc, it damage hair keratin. That is why heat styling and hair dying could damage your hair and cause hair problems. My hair suffered from a lot of chemical process and I often heat styling my hair. That is why I really concern about my dried and branched hair.

Shu Uermura Face Architect Smooth Fit Review and Swatch

18 Maret 2015

I might mentioned before that I am a sucker for foundation. I am willing to spend more money for the foundation department compare to any other makeup categories. Good foundation is the key part to archive flawless makeup. No one wants their foundation to be cakey. I personally like to trying a lot of different foundation, mostly the one with matte finish or oil control. *You won't believe how many foundation I have so far ^^*

shu uemura, foundation, liquid, face architect, review, beauty, blog

Due to the fact that I have a lot of different foundation, I tent to use different foundation every other day... hehehe... and I always forget to take a before after picture for review purpose. That is the main reason why I rarely blog about foundation. Okay enough with the excuses, now lets jump into the review.

Shu Uemura New Collection Spring 2015 Metallic Bouquet Review and Swatch

11 Maret 2015
Hello Everyone..

About last week, I was invited to the Grand Opening of Shu Uemura Boutique at Emporium Pluit Mall. We know that it has been years since the first time Shu Uemura entered  Indonesian market. Shu Uemura also one of my favorite makeup brand. Their foundation which is Shu Uemura Light Bulb and Face Architect is just amazing *comment down bellow, if you want me to review their foundation*. I also like their lipstick. If you know Tint of Gelato which is a matte lip and check tint, I just got the red one. Love it ^^

shu uemura, beauty event, new store, event report

Today event is quite unique compare to any other beauty event I attended before. You can see there are 3 cute cosplay girls and also a DJ girl that dress in Japanese Gyaru style. From what I heard, Shu Uemura is going to change their product image based on young, active, energetic Japaneses girls lifestyle. That's why from now on you will see more colorful, brave color on their makeup collection.

Clozette Beauty Class with Beauty Box Indonesia

09 Maret 2015
Hello my lovely readers..

Do you know Beauty Box? Beauty Box is a beauty store that sells wide range of beauty product from many brands. You might know beauty brand like Glam Glow, Oscar Blandi, and Boho. That are some of the brands that managed under Beauty Box Indonesia. 

Earlier last month, Clozette Indonesia collaborated with Beauty Box Indonesia held a special beauty class for Clozette Ambassador *very proud to be part of Clozette Ambassador* and active Clozette user. I just come back a day before this event from my mother home at Papua. I was very tired that time, since I spent my time at Papua worked on the new store that my parents have. 

Can I have "Mask Republic" For Breakfast ?

07 Maret 2015
Hello Everyone...

Seperti preview yang aku publish beberapa waktu lalu ke Instagram, kali ini aku ingin me-review tentang homemade mask dari Mask Republic. Siapa di antara kalian yang senang banget sama oatmeal? Oatmeal adalah salah satu sarapan favorite ku saat Sekolah Dasar. Oatmeal (oat) memiliki banyak kandugan yang bukan hanya baik untuk tubuh, tetapi juga untuk kulit. Oat dapat membantu melembabkan kulit, membersihkan pori-pori, dan mengatasi masalah kulit berjerawat. Oat sudah lama dikenal sebagai salah satu bahan yang digunakan untuk membuat masker alami. 

homemade mask, skin care, mask

Beberapa waktu lalu, Mask Republic berbaik hati mengirimkan aku beberapa jenis masker produksinya yang berbahan dasar oat. Masker yang di produksi oleh Mask Republic terbuat dari bahan-bahan alami yang aman untuk kulit. Menurutku Mask Republic adalah masker alami yang dapat diperoleh tanpa harus melewati ribetnya proses untuk membuat masker di rumah. Mask Republic memiliki 3 jenis masker yaitu Oat Rosemary, Oat Green Tea, dan Oat Cinnamon. Aku menerima 2 jenis diantara ketiga jenis masker tersebut, berikut ini ayok simak lebih lanjut review-ku.

Miss Indonesia 2015 Bersama Sariayu Martha Tilaar

05 Maret 2015
Hallo Para Pembaca....

Tahun ini, Aku berkesempatan untuk menghadiri langsung malam final pemilihan Miss Indonesia 2015. Ini pertama kalinya aku menghadiri acara sejenis secara langsung. Ketika menerima undangan dari Sariayu Martha Tilaar, Official Makeup & Hairdo bagi para finalis Miss Indonesia, aku merasa sangat tersanjung dan juga penasaran seperti apa jalannya acara yang akan ditampilkan secara langsung.

Kalian semua pasti tahu donk tentang Miss Indonesia? Miss Indonesia adalah salah satu kontes kecantikan tahunan yang dilaksanakan sejak tahun 2005. Miss Indonesia adalah ajang dimana perempuan Indonesia yang bukan hanya cantik, tetapi juga berbakat berkesempatan untuk mewakili dan memperkenalkan Indonesia kepada dunia. Perempuan Indonesia yang berhasil masuk ke dalam jajaran Finalis Miss Indonesia, adalah perempuan dengan wawasan yang luas, perilaku yang baik, serta kepedulian lingkungan dan sosial yang tinggi : "Beauty with Purpose".

Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer Review and Swatch

03 Maret 2015
Hello Everyone..

It has been quite a while since my last blog post about nail art. I am really sorry for that, I am just not in the mood for the nail art so, I only wear one color nail polish all over my nail at this moment or simple nail art like today post.

max factor, nail polish, gel nail polish

Some of you probably already know that last month, Beauty Blogger Meet Up held a beauty bazaar and talk show at Senayan City, and I am one of the organizer. It was such a busy week for me and also the other 4 girls (Carnellin, Istiarina, Meliani and Shinta) who organize everything behind Beauty Blogger Meetup. On that particular event, Max Factor partnership with us present a makeup class for the bloggers. Inside the goodies bag, I got this one particular product that caught my attention since the first time I see it. It was Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer nail polish.

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