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Review : Top 5 Canmake Products

13 Juli 2015
Hello my lovely readers..

Like I promise you, I want to have more thematic article on my blog #LifeGoals ^^. The first conceptual article for this month is my most favorite product from Canmake that I've tried so far. Have you ever try Canmake? Canmake is a Japanese makeup brand targeted for young girls who love sweet and cute style. Most of the products are meant to give you that "girl next door" look. Natural and fresh look fitting for everyday makeup and in various occasion. One thing about Canmake, it's classified as drugstore makeup. The price range is affordable enough, especially for both college and high school girls. 

Canmake just enter Indonesian market at the end of last year. I first time found Canmake at Watson Plaza Indonesia. I saw a white shelf (typical Watson shelf) labeled "Canmake" from a far, just a couple of seconds before Watson closed, and I literally running to it. I was so overwhelming to found a small section of pink, cute, adorable makeup "candies". I even Tweet about it ^^. Even though Canmake originated from Japan, the selling price here in Indonesia is not that different. I bought most of my Canmake makeup at Hongkong and Singapore, and if my memory serves me right, some of the products are even cheaper here in Indonesia. The price range is start from 88.000 - 268.000 IDR.

Let's now jump to my top 5 Canmake makeup product ...

Canmake Eyeshadow Base

Eye makeup is just always my favorite one to play with. Every time I come across a new makeup brand, I either pick eyeshadow or blush on. My makeup style is always about statement eye makeup. I like them to be bold and of course stay all day. Especially during the days when I spend more than 8 hours outside. That's the reason I always using an eyeshadow base.

Canmake Eyeshadow Base is my current drugstore favorite. The color have slightly pink tone on it that helps to brighten up your eyelids and make your eyeshadows pop. The texture is very creamy and easy to apply.Talking about the staying power, it works just fine. I don't have oily eyelids but I can see a line on my crease after using it for about 4 hours. It's not really noticeable when I open my eyes, but you will notice it when I blinked. It might not the best option for you with oily eyelids. But with only 108.000 IDR, I can't complain at all.

Canmake Perfect Stylish Eyes

After eyeshadow base, of course we need the eyeshadow. This product is the first product that make me falling in love with Canmake. Most of Japanese makeup products are lack in eyeshadow department. Japanese makeup style is mostly about blushing cheek, natural eyes with natural fake lashes, and glossy lips. Most of their eyeshadow is not pigmented enough to be my style.

I was very skeptical about Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes. At the end I am using it almost everyday last month. Except for those days when I have special occasions. The color combination is so perfect for everyday makeup look. The pigmentation is good, especially those dark shades (shade C and D). This mini palette comes in 5 shadows and all of them have same satin finish. Except for the middle shade ( shade E) is slightly more glittery compare to the other 4 shades.

I think Canmake have more than 6 choice of colors for this palette. I check on Canmake Indonesia, they currently only carry 2 colors selection Mine is shade number 04 Lady Beige, the another shade that is available at Canmake Indonesia is number 02 Baby Beige which is slightly more brownish. If you are a beginner at eye makeup department, this is the first palette you should get your hands on. On the packaging, it have complete instruction how to use it. Very well described and you can follow the instruction easily.

On the front side of the packaging, you will find five separate colors encased in glass, with labels that specifically point out where to apply each color. On the back, you will find a more detailed explanation on where and how to apply the colors. Shade A is for the base, shade B is for natural style eye looks, shade C is for bright style eye looks, shade D is for the liner, and shade E is to give your eyes more dimension (topping jewel). You can get this palette for 178.000 IDR.

Canmake Cream Cheek

You know that I have oily skin and prefer matte finish complexion. Of course cream blush is not my favorite product to use. That's why when I am talking about cream blush, it must be really good ^^. 

Canmake Cream Cheek have so many color selection that you can choose from. Most of the color is sheer color that give subtle glow to your cheek. Canmake Cream Cheek have some shade that looks intimidating likes bright orange, fuchsia also red. But when you swatch it, the color is very sheer and natural.

I currently have 2 of the color selection. The shade Sweet Apricot (number 05) is a peach blush on with slightly pink tone on it, "Apricot" is the right word to describe this shade. Another one I have is a true Barbie pink shade named Marshmallow Pink (number 08). You can get this blush for 128.000 IDR at Canmake Indonesia.

Canmake Cheek Brush

To apply Canmake Cream Cheek, I use Canmake Cheek Brush. This brush have soft, dense, synthetic bristles. This kind of brush specially made to use along with cream product. The dense bristle make it easy to blend and build cream product. I used to apply cream blush with my fingers. I don't like to apply makeup using fingers, I always using brush or sponge if it's possible. Feel glad to find this brush, because I don't have any cheek brush that can be use in conjunction with cream blush. I also really like the design. The handle is just as big as palm size, pretty small for makeup pouch. 

You can get this brush for about 168.000 IDR. Canmake also have 2 other brushes in same design. Face Brush that can be use for liquid foundation and Highlight Brush that can be use for powder blush or highlighter. I am definitely going to buy more of this brush family.

Canmake Candy Wrap Lip

If you know me, you know that I rarely wear creamy lipstick. Especially those lip gloss with shine finish and sticky texture. You might have seen me wearing bright fuchsia, orange or red matte lipstick more often than nude lip shades. However, these past 2 weeks, I've fallen harder for Barbie pink lip shade, more so than I had ever before.

Unexpectedly enough, I like Canmake Candy Wrap Lip in shade Pinkholic Syrup (number 05). Pinkholic Syrup is a clear trendy pink color . This is the brightest pink shade that Canmake Indonesia have, I think. This color looks much more sheer after you've applied it on your lips than when it's being displayed in the tube. Even though it's very glossy, it doesn't feel too sticky. It's also very moisturizing. You need more than one coat to apply it evenly though. And yeah it does transfer.

There are still a lot of Canmake products I love to try. My top list is the Cover & Stretch Concealer UV, more color of the Cream Cheek blush, Smooth Liquid Foundation and also more collection of the eyeshadow palette. Canmake Indonesia is still new, they haven't officially launch yet. I hope they will bring more Canmake Makeup collection in the near future.

You can find Canmake Indonesia at Guardian, Beauty Couture Mall Taman Anggrek and Mall Kepala Gading 3, also Central Department Store in Grand Indonesia. I heard they will also be opening their stores in AEON Mall and Jayanata Beauty Plaza Surabaya *not sure if they've already done it or not*.You can also get Canmake online through Sociolla.  More info about Canmake Indonesia can also be found on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

That is all for Today Post

Readers : What is your favorite Canmake product? Help me choose which one I should try next ^^

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Jean Milka

Disclimer : Some of this product was sent to me for further assessment and review. This Article is but a reflection of my personal thoughts and experience.
20 komentar on "Review : Top 5 Canmake Products"
  1. First off the packing on this product is too cute. It is very girly and chic. The actual product seems to be very natural looking as well. Very Lovely post!

    1. Yeah I also really love the cute packaging. Thanks for visiting my Blog ^^

  2. Aku juga pakau eyeshadow base nya canmake tapi yg model tuve ci^^

    1. Model tube? wah aku belum pernah lihat yang itu. Aku tahunya ada concealer modelnya tube dengan stick gitu. katanya sich bagus juga. Dengar dari beberapa teman yang suka pakai Canmake

    2. iya ci, tube warna putih bisa buat base eyebrow.
      wah iya aku baca juga concealernya bagus, tapi shadenya masih terlalu terang sepertinya di aku ^^
      your lips only gloss di cosme ranknya jg bagus ci, hasil warnanya tergantung bibir kita.

    3. Aku kemarin baru aja beli concealernya. Iya katanya sich okay. Banyak teman2 yan makeup artis gaya imut2 gitu yang ngasi rekomendasi. Wah Cosme yah? ntar hunting dech. Makasih banget yah rekomendasinya ^^

  3. Wuu canmake <3
    Belum pernah coba produk jepang nih.

    Next time.Wishlist~

    1. Produk jepang sbenarnya bagus-bagus banget loch. Sayang nya produk jepang itu susah di temuin di sini. Muda-mudahan setelah Canmake makin banyak lagi yang masuk ke Indo ^^

  4. Thanks for sharing <3 Do try their Glow Fleur Cheeks! It's my favourite <3

    Blog url:

    1. I think I have one of the Glow Fleur Cheeks shades. It was Canmake blush with flowers print on it right? will make sure to try them on.

      Thank You for your recommendation ^^

  5. I have not tried that eye shadow palette, i think I should. The colours look great

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

    1. Give it a try. I am really a sucker for an eyeshadow palette, both high and low end. Canmake eyeshadow, especially the Perfect Stylish Eyes collection is one of the best drugstore palette I have tried so far.

  6. Such cute packaging.. Love the lipglosses and the blushes the most of them all :)

    1. The blushes is one of their best selling product. Yeah, I also really love the packaging. Thanks for visiting my blog ^^

  7. I also love Canmake very very much!!!! I've tried some of their products and I think they're too good for drugstore products!

    1. Yeah, can't agree more. I just tried their product, and I already bought so many from them. hahaha...

      Thank for visiting my blog ^^

  8. Nice Review

  9. I am Indonesian and currently living in Japan, canmake is my favorite brand ever, it's chep but has high quality. Thank you for reviewing canmake products, I found that the prices are higher in Indonesia :(

    1. I went to Japan last month. The price is soo cheappp. Yeah they're definitely got the quality.


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