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Beauty is You | Jean Milka OOTD

29 Juli 2015
Hello lovelies..

You might have already guessed that today's post is an outfit-related post. Well it is an outfit-kind-of-OOTD post. However, aside from sharing my choice of attire, I want to share a little bit more about myself; my thoughts and my personality ^^

Have you ever read a magazine or scrolled through an Instagram profile that have always spoiled you with a collection of amazing, creative, well-planned, carefully styled photos? Such photos tend to persuade you to give more thought on your day to day outfit. I used to have that exact same feeling too. I saw those fashion bloggers' photos and felt compelled to copy their style because I too wanted to look as amazing as them.

In the end, I never did because of two reasons. Firstly, I don't have time to think about the outfit. Every time I go out, I just grab whatever I feel like wearing and most of the time I end up rocking a one piece dress or a top over a flare skirt #Basic. Secondly, I don't like to wear something that I don't feel comfortable in. You'll RARELY see me wearing jeans or trousers, or tight dresses, or 13-inches-of hellish-heels, whenever I stroll around a shopping mall. If it's not comfortable, and I know that I'd have wear that outfit all day, than would rather not wear it.

Beauty is pain? Nope. Beauty is you. Once again ... BEAUTY IS YOU. That's the reason why started this blog in the first place. I used to wear no makeup, had very little care for skin care products. Even throughout college. I didn't care much about my appearances. Why did I change? Because I just felt like changing. Because beauty and fashion is just a new hobby for me and I to be prompt with you, I'm loving it. I even sometimes decide to go out just because I want to paint my face using my makeup collection. Once I got my glam on, it just feels like a total waste if I didn't go stroll round someplace ^^.

All that makeup, those dresses, shirts, skirts, heels, etc are items I want to wear. Doesn't mean I should tho. I won't lie and tell you that the makeup and cute outfit didn't help boost my confidence, but needless to say, I also don't feel embarrass to stroll round without them. I am much much bigger than the things I wear. I hope you'll be able to find your confidence with or without those things.

Top is Bershka Collection | Leather Skirt is H&M | Shoes is H&M | Bag is Zara Collection

That is all for Today Post

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