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Review : The Face Shop New Product Calming Seed Skin Resting Cream

29 April 2014
Hello blog readers..

Around 3 weeks ago, The Face Shop sent me one of their new product from Calming Seed skin care line. Calming Seed is new skin care line from The Face Shop which is specifically intended for sensitive skin. 

Actually, I am not sure if my skin is sensitive or not. When I check my skin to beauty counter, some of them said that my skin is sensitive, but I am not really feel like I have signs of sensitive skin. First off all let's talk about sensitive skin. 

Hello Sasyachi Make Up Contest, The Beam Pony Inspired Look

27 April 2014
Okay everyone...

let's take a breath and say hello to Sasya and her amazing blog HelloSasyachi. First time I know about Sasya blog is from her 1st anniversary giveaway. I following and enjoying her blog since than. I am really interest with her blog since her blog is all about Korea and SNSD.

She held a make up challenge with theme Ulzzang Pony Inspired. Pony is one of popular Korean Make up artist. Today make up was inspired by The Beam Pony make up.

Lancome Press Release Event : Absolue L'Extrait and Teint Visionnaire

26 April 2014
Let me tell you.. This post won't give you any information.. it's more like I only talk about some Item I got from Lancome press realease.

3 weeks ago *late post hihihi* one of Indonesian Beauty Blogger I know, Utotia *visit her blog, and let her know that I sent you* invite me to come to Lancome Press Release at one of popular hotel near my office.

Pink Manicure : Simple V Shape Pastel Nail Art ft Essie Summer Collection and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

23 April 2014
Hello Everyone...

I am back with another simple nail art tutorial.. I really want you guys try to do menicure and padicure or re-create my nail art tutorial. That's why... Let's keep it simple for now.

This nail art is very... very.. very... very simple... Basically I just create V shape kinda like triangle shape on tip of my nails. It's very basic and I bet you have ever see this kind of nail art before.

Shu Uemura Launch New Product Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation and Calligraph : Ink

20 April 2014
Hello Everyone..

Yesterday I got such a nice experience with Shu Uemura Lotte Shopping Avenue and fellow blogger from Indonesia. In context to launch their new product which is Shu Uemura Lightbulb UV Compact Foundation and Calligraph : ink, they invite beauty blogger including me.

One of my favorite product from this brand is Shu Uemura Face Architect Foundation. I just got it last month, I mention about it in my latest beauty haul.

Beauty Blogger Gathering with Caring and Biokos

17 April 2014
Hey Everyone....

Untuk post kali ini aku akan menggunakan Bahasa Indonesia *yang buruk dan mungkin tidak benar* Kenapa? soalnya mau nge-share pengalaman aku datang ke salah satu event dari produk kecantikan anak bangsa.

Kalau yang tinggal di Indonesia pasti tahu donk yang namanya Caring Colours dan Biokos? Caring Colours terkenal dengan produk make up -nya, sementara Biokos lebih dikenal sebagai produk skin care.

Polishwonderland MUC : Warm Orange with Red Lips Make Up Tutorial

13 April 2014
Hello Beauty Lovers...

Finally I have time to create another make up tutorial. It's quite hard for me to take a make up tutorial picture, since my photography and Photoshop skill is just too lame. Most of my picture are just my real picture without touch up of Photoshop.

But the problem is, Picture never did they're justice when I am the one who take it. It's doesn't show the real color of my eye make up. Actually I make this tutorial

Pink Manicure : Glamorous Cherry Red ft Sally Hansen & NYX Nail Polish

10 April 2014
Hai everyone....

Want to give you an update about my Pink Manicure. It's quite simple and not usual for me. I usually always wear pastel color on my nail. I think this is the first time I wear Red as a based color.

It's quite simple and easy. On my last manicure, there is so many people comment that they don't have any skill in nail art. So for this week I decided to create something simple but still fashionable and chic.

Beauty Haul : Shu Uemura, NYX, Wet n Wild and Ageha Softlens

08 April 2014
Hay Beauty Lover...

Somehow want to share some beauty haul for this post. It's quite a long time ago since my last post about beauty haul. Eventually I skip a lot of haul. I got big haul last time I go to Singapore on February. But I haven't post about that.

That Singapore beauty haul is just to big to post about. Too lazy to do that.. ^ 0 ^.. But I sell some of the haul on my blog sale....

March Beauty Favorite Mostly Drugstore : Maybelline, Etude House, Wet n Wild, The Face Shop

05 April 2014
Hay ladies...

I want to share my March Favorite which is actually most of this products are in my make up pouch for my daily make up. This month I change my make up routine which is from "doing make up at home" to "doing make up at office". I usually arrived at office 1 hour earlier so I decide to save more time to sleep and do make up at office *or not doing make up at all ^-^*

Really happy to tell you that most of this product are drugstore. Since I travel with them regulary, I choose drugstore product instead of high end product, since I was worry that I might broke it. But still.. .This all products are good quality of drugstore product.

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