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Beauty Haul : Shu Uemura, NYX, Wet n Wild and Ageha Softlens

08 April 2014
Hay Beauty Lover...

Somehow want to share some beauty haul for this post. It's quite a long time ago since my last post about beauty haul. Eventually I skip a lot of haul. I got big haul last time I go to Singapore on February. But I haven't post about that.

That Singapore beauty haul is just to big to post about. Too lazy to do that.. ^ 0 ^.. But I sell some of the haul on my blog sale....
All item are brand new item, I just pick more products since we don't have Sephora at Indonesia. All item is quite cheap, I only set the price based on the Singapore counter prize and adjust the price to IDR.

So Let's wrap my latest haul...

First of all I finally get my hands on Ageha Softlens. I think most of Indonesian Blogger already know this popular softlens from Japan Softlens. I will create another blog post dedicated for this product around next week.

I Finally decide to bought another high end foundation which is Shu Uemura Face Architect smooth fit fluid foundation. I know this product first time from beautifymeeh (youTube beauty gurus). I always like to have matte finish foundation since I have oily skin. I have tried this foundation couple times, the finish is good but the coverage is just too sheer.

I also bought Wet n Wild eyeshadow. I hear so many times that Wet n Wild got very good shadow quality with good bargains. First shadow I tried from this brand is their trio in shade Silent Treatment. It's become one of the product featuring on my March Favorite. You can check my march favorite here.

I also got one of their eyeshadow palette (8 shadows) in shade Petal Pusher. I only have tried this product once. But yeah, should admit that Wet n Wild eyeshadows is really pigmented. It's kinda powdery but the pigmentation is good and last all day.

I might never talk about NYX jumbo pencil, but I really like this product. It's easy to use, pigmented, stay all day, and drugstore price. I already have 2 shade before which is Milk and Strawberry Milk that I really loved so I decide to take more shade. First is Sparkling Nude which is brown nude color that might be useful for brown shadow base or daily quick make up. And the second one is Electric Blue since I plan to create more interesting looks with blue color.

Have you ever tried NYX Retractable eye liner? I have one in silver. It's quite cheap. I heard shade Aqua Green from one of the youTube beauty gurus and since I always like to play with blue color on my eyes of course I took this one. But actually I haven't done blue eye make up till now. ^-^

So that is all for my beauty haul. I won't do beauty haul every months, but I might do it occasionally.

and Readers... I am really impressed with the finish of Shu Uemura Face Architect fluid foundation. But the coverage is too share. Can you suggest me any matte fiish foundation that is medium to full coverage foundation? I thought about Shu Uemura Lightbulb foundation but it's not a matte finish. Matte finish high end foundation will be first priority for high end foundation for now.

So pleas let me know if you have any suggestion for another foudnation...

Hope you enjoy this post..


Jean Milka
8 komentar on "Beauty Haul : Shu Uemura, NYX, Wet n Wild and Ageha Softlens"
  1. estee lauder double wear foundation?


    1. oh yeah... I never tried Estee Lauder Product before... Will tried to find review about that...

  2. Chanel Perfection Lumiere is medium to full coverage with powdery finish. you should try it!

    1. Oh yeah that one... I have sample of that product... I will tried that one and see if I like it... Thank you so much for your recommendation

  3. Hi there...

    I have a really oily skin too. I love the Bobby Brown. I forgot the detail. It stays in my face like a moisturizer, Matte but still gives a really good glow...

    Just follow your blog... Lets be friends... :)


    1. oh yeah... Noted that.. Will tried to find more review about that

  4. Nice haul!! I also want to try out Wet 'n Wild eyeshadows!! They seem so good (:

    1. You should tried... It's really worth the hype....


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