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Hello Sasyachi Make Up Contest, The Beam Pony Inspired Look

27 April 2014
Okay everyone...

let's take a breath and say hello to Sasya and her amazing blog HelloSasyachi. First time I know about Sasya blog is from her 1st anniversary giveaway. I following and enjoying her blog since than. I am really interest with her blog since her blog is all about Korea and SNSD.

She held a make up challenge with theme Ulzzang Pony Inspired. Pony is one of popular Korean Make up artist. Today make up was inspired by The Beam Pony make up.

First of all I would like to say, it's took 5 hours in total for me to re-create this make up looks and take pictures. This is the longest make up tutorial I have ever done so far.

Is it hard to do? No it's not at all... It's just me being very excited to win this MUC, not because of the prize but because I adore Sasyachi ^-^ so I try my best to looks very similar to the role model. I pay attention to almost every detail likes eye make up, eye shadow color, lips color, blush color, and the hardest one is, find out how to imitate the pose.

OMG... I don't understand where I should point my head and chin. It's takes 2,5 hours till I can pose as similar as possible like the models. I even try to create braids in similar width.

Looks like I give you too much information for this post... Let's just jump to the tutorial.

Eye Make Up

First thing I notice about this eye make up is brown shadow on the lower lash line that give puffy looks. Most shadow use in this tutorial is brown tone shadow.

1. Apply soft brown stick shadow and golden brown shadow all over the lid

2. Apply champagne shadow on the middle to create dimension. And blend it with soft orange shadow.

3. using same 1st shadow, apply it on lower lash line (apply it a bit wider to create puffy eyes effect)

4. Apply nude liner on lower lash line, and using matte brown shadow apply it as close as possible to upper and lower lash line.

5. Last : Apply thin layer of brown eyeliner, I am using gel liner for this tutorial.

6. Fill your brow (I am sorry I don't have similar color for brow product)

7. Apply 2 coat of mascara to the lower and upper lash line

Face Make up

For the face make up, I am using the lightest foundation I have. And Since the model have such a beautiful oval face shape which I don't have, I try to contour my face to be more oval and hardly define my jaw line. I also try to contour my nose. I also apply peach blush and a little bit of highlighter.

Here is the result.. I really like the result actually. The make up is wearable for everyday use. But I am not really like the picture result. It looks more similar to the model in person

Important Trick for Tutorial

1. Use foundation that is 1 shade or 2 shade lighter than your skin tone

2. Don't forget to apply bronzer even if your face is already oval since you use lighter foundation

3. Highlighter or glowy finished foundation is main point for Korean Make up

4. Don't use black eyeliner, Brown eyeliner will make it more natural. Karean make up is all about natural

5. Apply 2 coat of mascara to upper and don't forget your lower lashes. You can also use fake lashes but keep it natural.

6. For lips, make sure that you have gloss effect in the middle of your lips to make it looks sexy ^-^

Readers : what do you think? is it looks similar? could you please wish me luck ^-^

Of course took a lot of selfie is a must 
*Keep scroll to find out what product I use for this tutorial*

Product I use

Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel
Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation in shade Fair
Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Fair
Maybelline Istand Age Rewind under eye concealer
NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Bronze
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Sparkling Nude
Benefit Stay don't Stray eyeshadow primer
Stila in The Light palette
Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow in Gilt-Y Pleasure
Etude House look at my eyes PK 002
The Face Shop Style My Eyebrow in shade 02
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Dark Chocolate Ink
Benefit Speed Brow
Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara
Revlon Photo Ready Kajal Eyeliner
Benefit Harvana
The Balm Frat Boy
Benefit Hoola
The Balm Marry Lou Manizer
EOS Lip Balm
Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Color in Tuttie-Cutie
NYX Butter Gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie
Ben Nye Nautral Set Powder

That is all for this post... I hope you enjoy the tutorial.. And with me luck for this MUC. Don't Forget to follow me on my social media to keep update

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Jean Milka
14 komentar on "Hello Sasyachi Make Up Contest, The Beam Pony Inspired Look"
  1. cantik banget, make up nya mirip, bajunya juga..
    semoga kedepannya tutorialnya dibikin lebih detil ya
    dan semoga menang, good luck ! :)

    1. Makasih... Iya di buat semirip mungkin nich.. Hehehe...
      ooo yah tutorialnya kurang detail sich yah... Sulit banget menghasilkan make up yang bisa ketangkap kamera dengan baik. Tapi setuju banget sama kamu. Semoga ke depan tutorial ku bisa lebih baik...

      Amin.. wish me luck... ^-^

  2. Balasan
    1. Makasihhh... ^-^ Amin... makasih uda mampir ke blog ku...

  3. wajahmu flawless banget say, good luck ya ;)

    1. Wah itu bukan wajahku yang flawless.. Tapi makasih buat penemu Foundation dan concealer... hehehe... makasih yah...

  4. miripp ^^ good luck yaa!
    btw km pake softlens apa? *Q* bagus motifnya
    *salah fokus*

    1. Itu EOS Crystal Grey dari ig :@geosoftlens klo g salah... Cek IG ku di @jeanmilka dech.. salah satu OL shop yang ku follow gt... iya bagus softlensnya.. matanya kayak kaca... hahaha

  5. Hi, Jean.. You're so pretty!
    Hasilnya mirip banget sama Ponny :)
    Good luck ya!
    I'm following your blog
    Keep in touch! :)

    1. hai Michaella... Makasih banget yah... Senang banget di bilang mirip... And Thanks for visit my blog as well...

      Nice to know you...

  6. so pretty! warna rambut nya bagus :)
    good luck for the contest, btw!


    1. Itu wig say... makanya bling bling banget.. hahaha... kamu visit IG : @princess_butik dech.... wig nya bagus2 dan harganya tuch bersahabat banget...

      Thanks for wish me luck... And also for visit my blog

  7. Maap tapi aku harus ngomong jujur...
    Kamu jauh lebih cantik dan enak dilihat dibandingin modelnya (aku ga tau itu artiskah atau just the model)

    Main-main ke blog ku yah. Baru posting tentang tutorial dan cerita makeup ala Grunge Princess gitu. hihihihi... ditunggu...


    1. Hahaha... Makasih banget yah... Tapi modelnya manis banget kok, bentuk wajahnya bagus, kalau aku lebih karena make up.

      Makasih uda main2 ke blog ku...


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