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No Filter Selfie with Insta Blur from The Body Shop

24 Desember 2014
We will start everything with the word "Pores"..

If you follow me on this blog.. read the blog post I write, where I act like I know what I was writing about.. *hahaha..*, I believe you found the word "Pores" which is my biggest enemy in this entire world...^^ I have a lot of pores and they are somehow decided to claim their existence on my skin with become as large as they can.  I have a lot of big pores around my nose, cheek also smaller pores on my forehead and chin. It's also the reason why my skin gets oily during the day and when I wear make up, I never skip my pore minimizer primer.

the body shop insta blur

About 3 months ago The Body Shop Indonesia launch their new make up primer to instantly blur your pores and make your make up look flawless which is The Body Shop Insta Blur All In One 5 Action Perfector. Insta Blur is basically a silicon based make up primer that claims to temporary minimize the appearance of your pores and give you flawless make up looks just like the filter featured on Instagram.

The Body Shop Shiso 2in1 Brightening Eye Cream

20 Desember 2014

Hello beauty lovers...

Do you know that skin around your eyes is the most delicate and vulnerable area? The skin around your eye is thinner and shows signs of aging more quickly than other areas of your face do. Unlike skin on the rest of your face, the eye area does not contain oil glands that can help keep this skin moist. That's why most beauty company recommended a separated eye cream.

Eye cream is actually have same ingredients like facial moisturizer but it's usually more moisturizing than facial moisturizer. It is a myth if people said that you will always need separated eye moisturizer, or if you need a product called as an "Eye Cream" for the skin around your eyes area. Basically, skin care is about finding the perfect ingredients for you skin. Facial moisturizer mostly contains some ingredients that might be too harsh for eye's skin, but if you find a facial moisturizer that didn't cause irritation for you eyes, then it's possible to using same moisturizer for your eye's skin.

Scentio Double Milk Triple White Body Lotion - Current Favorite Body Lotion

15 Desember 2014
Hello my readers...

How often are you using a body lotion? for me, it's quite rare. Not only because I am lazy, but more because of I hate the sticky feeling on my skin. My skin is quite dry, especially on my legs. I even can see some area that wrinkled because of dry skin. I was not really care about that since no one will have interest to take a closer look of your legs. I tried to love putting lotion to my skin, but every time I did, I just can't stand the feeling of sticky cream on my skin.

It's changed after Copia Indonesia introducing me to Scentio Double Milk Triple White Body Lotion by Beauty Buffet. This is not the first product from Scentio that I have ever tried. You can also check my review about Scentio Milk Plus Body Scrub here. Just like the last Scentio product that I reviewed, this body lotion is also a whitening body product. It is written on the packing, "Triple White", I suggest this product range have more whitening power than the Milk Plus range that also from Scentio.

Maybelline Girls 2014 with Velove Vexia

14 Desember 2014
Hello my readers..

Pada 7 Desember 2014 aku berkesempatan untuk menghadiri Maybelline Signature Year Event-End Event yang di adakan di Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mega Kuningan. Maybelline Signature Year-End Event yang bertema Street Fashion Party kali ini, merupakan acara tahunan Maybelline yang pertama. Sebagai salah satu brand terkemuka asal New York, Maybelline Indonesia menggelar pencarian wajah Maybelline yang dinamai "Maybelline Girls Search". Maybelline Girl Search direncanakan akan menjadi salah satu acara tahunan Maybelline yang mana Grand Final dari Maybelline Girls Search akan di lakukan pada Maybelline Signature Year-End Event. 

Maybelline Girls Search adalah ajang pencarian bakat yang bertujuan untuk mengapresiasi remaja putri Indonesia yang cantik dan berkarakter. Wajah Maybelline Girls bukan hanya cantik dan menarik tapi juga sosok yang percaya diri, outgoing, smart, energetic, fashionable, dan trendy.

Nail Art Tutorial Glam Wine and Etude House Play Nails Review

09 Desember 2014
Hello Everyone..

It has been quite a long time since my latest manicure. This time I want to give you a little inspiration of a simple, easy-to-do, glamour nail art idea that is appropriate for this holiday seasons. Christmas is just around the corner. This time is my favorite time of year. Christmas reminds me of my childhood memory and Christmas song always draw a smile on my face somehow ^^

Back to the nail art.. It's just a simple red wine polish with silver sparkle on top. I got a Etude House Play Nail in red wine nail polish on Etude House Any Cushion launching event back on October. I was immediately thinking to create a holiday nail art for you. 

Bioderma Sensibio and Sebium Review

08 Desember 2014
Hello my readers..

Do you know how important it is to fully remove your make up at night? There is a myth that your skin will looks older than your age, if you are wearing make up too much when you are young, at least that is the myth my mom always tell me. I thought it was true, but after I explored more about make up, I realize that it's all about how you treat your skin. One of the most important thing if you wear makeup is to fully remove your makeup. 

Bioderma Sebium and Sensibio H2O

I know that removing makeup is might such a boring routine for most of us, and there are some of you who fall asleep with you make up on *raise you hand up by comment down bellow if you ever sleep with your makeup on... I challenge you !!! ^-^*. I used to sleep without removing my makeup, but after I fall in love with beauty and makeup world, I take care my skin even more because I like to do it. You can read more about my night skin care routine here.

My Favorite Online Shop, Tips, and Trick for Online Shopping - You Should Read This If You Like Online Shopping !!!

06 Desember 2014
Hello my readers..

Hari ini aku mau sharing sedikit tips, trick dalam berbelanja online dan online shop kesukaan ku. Beberapa waktu ini, aku sering mendapatkan pertanyaan tentang online shop, seperti online shop apa yang bisa di percaya, atau dimanakah biasanya aku berbelanja. Seperti yang mungkin kita semua ketahui, saat ini online shopping merupakan hal yang semakin lumrah di Indonesia. Bebeda dengan masyarakat di negara-negara maju yang cenderung melakukan online shopping via trusted website shop, masyarakat Indonesia cendung berbelanja ke online shop tidak terdaftar yang berjualan melalui social media. Mulai dari masa Facebook, BBM, sampai saat ini Instagram yang menjadi platform untuk berjualan.

Berbelanja di online shop berbasis social media, tentu berbeda dengan online shop berbasis website yang biasanya sudah terdaftar dan dapat dipercaya. Banyak kasus dimana online shop melakukan penipuan, entah tidak mengirimkan barang setelah di bayar, atau menjual barang palsu. Terkadang harga online shop juga sangat bervariatif, jadi kamu perlu pintar-pintar dalam memilih online shop

My Night Time Routine, Skin Care and The Products

04 Desember 2014
Hello Everyone..

This is the most requested post from all of you... my night time routine ^^ *yeiihh..*. Well I tried a lot of products so my skin care routine changed most of the times. At this moment, this is my stable night time routine and stable products for my night skin care routine.

Me and my brother stay with my aunt and her family. My mom, dad and my little sister live at different city from me, so I practically live by my own. I spend most of my days with blogging, watching, eating, reading, etc in my bedroom. I sometimes out for hangout, date, or event and if I do, I usually back home quite late.

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