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The Body Shop Shiso 2in1 Brightening Eye Cream

20 Desember 2014

Hello beauty lovers...

Do you know that skin around your eyes is the most delicate and vulnerable area? The skin around your eye is thinner and shows signs of aging more quickly than other areas of your face do. Unlike skin on the rest of your face, the eye area does not contain oil glands that can help keep this skin moist. That's why most beauty company recommended a separated eye cream.

Eye cream is actually have same ingredients like facial moisturizer but it's usually more moisturizing than facial moisturizer. It is a myth if people said that you will always need separated eye moisturizer, or if you need a product called as an "Eye Cream" for the skin around your eyes area. Basically, skin care is about finding the perfect ingredients for you skin. Facial moisturizer mostly contains some ingredients that might be too harsh for eye's skin, but if you find a facial moisturizer that didn't cause irritation for you eyes, then it's possible to using same moisturizer for your eye's skin.

For me, my under eye area tends to be drier than others area, especially due to the fact that my skin type is oily. I am using facial moisturizer for oily skin type and use separated eye moisturizer for my eyes area. It's really hard for me to find the right eye cream. I don't have problem with eye bag or dark circles. It sometimes appears when I didn't get enough sleep, but it still tolerable. I will only need a touch of concealer to hide it.

The only problem is I kinda have like little bubbles of fat around the inner corner.I have no idea what they are. I've consulted this particular problem with several beauty consultants. They told me that this problem is probably due to the fact that I tend to drink lost of water before I go to sleep. I later discovered that if I apply an eye cream with watery or oily texture, the little bubbles would multiply exponentially.

I have been using The Body Shop Shiso 2in1 Brightening Eye Cream for about a month now. First thing I notice about this eye cream is the applicator, which is the Premium Micro-Circulating Applicator. This applicator made from metal that can give cooling effect and reduces puffiness. I love to leave this eye cream In the fridge, so later on when I'm using it, I get to enjoy the added cool and refreshing sensation it gives. I do notice that it helps my puffy eyes especially during the days when I only sleep for couple hours. Frequently using this eye cream make my eyes appear more awake especially during the sick days.

The Body Shop Shiso 2in1 Brightening Eye Cream comes in 15ml of white, lightweight, and silky cream. It's not too oily or watery and it reduces the fat bubbles around the inner corner of my eyes. This eye cream contains Shiso, Vitamin C, Liquorice, and Aloe Vera. The Body Shop claims that all this ingredients together help to reduce the appearance of dark pigmentation, deliver intensive hydration, and enhance the overall skin tone of your skin. I can't agree more with it. I notice that after 4 weeks of using Shiso 2in1 Brigtening Eye Cream I can feel that my under eyes feels smoother and it does slightly brighten up my under eyes.

I am using this eye cream day and night, apply the cream using the Micro-Circulating Applicator. Not only the cooling sensations, I also love the relaxing feeling when I massage my eye area using the Micro-Circulating Applicator. It is instantly gives relief to tired and fatigued eyes. No more sick days with fatigued eyes ^^. 

The retail price of The Body Shop Moisture White™ Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream is 399.000 IDR, available in all The Body Shop stores across the island or you can purchase it online at


I love it because of :
The Premium Micro-Circulating Applicator that gives relax and cooling sensations
Make my eye's skin feels smooth
Reduce the puffiness and dark circle

My complain is .... 

Will I repurchase ? Yes, of course !!

Readers : What is you favorite body lotion?

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