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Nail Art Tutorial Glam Wine and Etude House Play Nails Review

09 Desember 2014
Hello Everyone..

It has been quite a long time since my latest manicure. This time I want to give you a little inspiration of a simple, easy-to-do, glamour nail art idea that is appropriate for this holiday seasons. Christmas is just around the corner. This time is my favorite time of year. Christmas reminds me of my childhood memory and Christmas song always draw a smile on my face somehow ^^

Back to the nail art.. It's just a simple red wine polish with silver sparkle on top. I got a Etude House Play Nail in red wine nail polish on Etude House Any Cushion launching event back on October. I was immediately thinking to create a holiday nail art for you. 

The polish I used are Etude House Play Nail in number 21 #PK020 which is a red wine polish and number 104 #WH905 which is a silver sparkle polish.

For the base coat I am using OPI Nail Envy and the top coat is the popular Sache Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. This two product is my favorite base and top coat.

About Etude House Play Nail

A Brief Review about Etude House Play Nails... I was skeptical about Etude House Nail Polish, they are quite cheap but the formula can be too thick sometimes. Someone told me that the Play Nail is quite good so I decided pick some of them on my birthday last month. I always bought Etude House on my birthday month because they give you 50% discount on your birthday if you have Etude House member card. 

This 2 nail polish I am using for this tutorial is the first Etude House Play Nail that I have ever tried. My first impression is I like the formula. It's quite opaque and easy to apply. I am not sure if this only because of the color is dark red wine color that make it opaque in one coat. I will update you for the light and pastel color on my future manicure post. One down side about this nail polish is it chips easily. It's only last for three days and start to chipping.

Etude House Play Nail retail for 78.000 IDR  and the glitters or sparkle polish is a bit more expensive than the solid one which is 118.000 IDR. It's quite expensive without the 50% off, but with the discounts it's worth the price I think. 

How To do This Tutorial

Just like what I said at the beginning that it es easy to do. You only need to paint the red wine polish all over your nail and apply the sparkle polish on tip of your nail. To get proper amount of the sparkle, do it with tap motion. It might become thick because while you are trying to apply proper amount of sparkle on you nail tip, the transparent polish will transfer to you nails as well, but you can finish it with top coat to make it even. Remember that I always say that nail art is all about practice ^^.

Overall Review about Etude House Play Nail

I Like it Because :
Quite Cheap
Easy to Apply
Dry Fast
Cute Packing, typical Etude House packaging

I hate the fact that :
Chips Easily

I already have about 10 colors now, and yeah I will buy more colors... while on sale of course

Where To Buy ?
Etude House Indonesia
Facebook : Etude House Indonesia

That is all for my post

Readers :I will spend this holiday at Hongkong and Macau, do you have any recommendation products that I should pick while I was there? Prepare yourself for another huge haul post ^^

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Jean Milka
4 komentar on "Nail Art Tutorial Glam Wine and Etude House Play Nails Review"
  1. Merahnya nailpolish etude cakep juga ya,
    Warnanya cakep

    1. Iya warannya bagus kok.. aku suka karena 2 kali sapuan saja sudah solid warnanya.. ^^

  2. wah warnanya cakep ya :3 kukumu bagus jd nail art sederhana jg cakep :3


    1. Iya aku juga suka warnanya... ah kamu juga pasti bisa kok... ^^


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