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Beauty Talk with Too Cool For School

31 Juli 2015
Hello my lovely readers..

Pertama-tama aku ingin berterimakasih kepada semua pembaca setia di blog ku. Tentunya karena kalian semua, beberapa minggu yang lalu aku berkesempatan untuk menjadi salah satu narasumber dalam beauty talkshow bersama Too Cool For School Indonesia dan Cleo Magazine.

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Too Cool For School aslinya berasal dari Korea dan termasuk brand baru di Indonesia (dulu pernah ada, tapi karena satu dan lain hal sempat hilang dari pasaran). Sebelumnya aku mengetahui brand ini ketika sedang berkunjung ke Mall Taman Anggrek. Kalau tidak salah, untuk saat ini Too Cool For School baru memiliki satu store saja yang terletak di lantai dasar Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta.

Beauty is You | Jean Milka OOTD

29 Juli 2015
Hello lovelies..

You might have already guessed that today's post is an outfit-related post. Well it is an outfit-kind-of-OOTD post. However, aside from sharing my choice of attire, I want to share a little bit more about myself; my thoughts and my personality ^^

Glamorous Bath Time With Soap & Glory

23 Juli 2015
Hello beauties..

I believe most of you have still got their lazy-breezy holiday mood swing tuned in. In Indonesia, the country I live in, Ramadhan is one of the most celebrated of all the Indonesian holiday seasons. As they do each and every year, two weeks prior to Ied Mubarak (or Idul Fitri) a majority of the Indonesian population will travel back to their hometowns and spend their "quick-break" with their families. As for myself, I just got back from my holiday trip in Europe. So for obvious reasons, my family and I decided to spend our time together here in Jakarta. You can check out the first part of my #TravelWithJeanMilka series, Euro Trip edition here.

Even though I spend most of my time working at home. Holiday season gives me more reasons to indulge myself in my very own #HomePamperingDay. It's nice to be able to spend hours, treating myself to a nice, warm, pleasurable shower routine, over the top hair treatments, and adorning my nails with intricately mashed up nail art. The reason why I keep on rambling about the holidays and all these pampering routine is because I have found the perfect friend to accompany me during a glamorous bathing session. Thanks to Sephora Indonesia, I now have a huge crush on SOAP & GLORY.

#TravelWithJeanMilka : The Magnificent Roma and Vatican

15 Juli 2015

Last time I promised you that I was going to blog about my trip to Europe. That was the first time I ever visited Europe. My family and I decided to use tour service for this trip. Much like we always do. Well, my family isn't exactly fluent in English and aren't used to making detailed international travel plans. Not to mention that we made a sudden decision to go on this trip, like a month before. Thus we had little time to prepare.

I want to point out to you all that in the first photo, although I look agitated, in truth I wasn't PMS-ing or angry at someone. I can assure you that. I was going to jump and have my picture taken, as I was mid-air that is; and this was snapped just seconds before I made the jump. At the end the jumping picture wasn't good enough I thought I'd just go with this one. Also, I kinda like it ^^

Review : Top 5 Canmake Products

13 Juli 2015
Hello my lovely readers..

Like I promise you, I want to have more thematic article on my blog #LifeGoals ^^. The first conceptual article for this month is my most favorite product from Canmake that I've tried so far. Have you ever try Canmake? Canmake is a Japanese makeup brand targeted for young girls who love sweet and cute style. Most of the products are meant to give you that "girl next door" look. Natural and fresh look fitting for everyday makeup and in various occasion. One thing about Canmake, it's classified as drugstore makeup. The price range is affordable enough, especially for both college and high school girls. 

Canmake just enter Indonesian market at the end of last year. I first time found Canmake at Watson Plaza Indonesia. I saw a white shelf (typical Watson shelf) labeled "Canmake" from a far, just a couple of seconds before Watson closed, and I literally running to it. I was so overwhelming to found a small section of pink, cute, adorable makeup "candies". I even Tweet about it ^^. Even though Canmake originated from Japan, the selling price here in Indonesia is not that different. I bought most of my Canmake makeup at Hongkong and Singapore, and if my memory serves me right, some of the products are even cheaper here in Indonesia. The price range is start from 88.000 - 268.000 IDR.

Facial : Do You Really Need Them

08 Juli 2015
I am back ^^...

Setelah vakum selama kurang lebih 2 minggu dari dunia blogging, akhirya aku aktif kembali #Hopefully. Kamu mungkin sudah tahu, aku baru saja kembali dari liburan yang cukup panjang dan jauh #Europe. Karena perjalanan yang cukup melelahkan, aku masih merasa lelah sampai saat ini dan waktu tidurku belum stabil. I sleep at 5 a.m and wake up at about lunch time ^^. Ada banyak artikel yang sedang aku siapkan, terutama tentang perjalanan aku kemarin. So stay tune, and hopefully I'll manage to publish it soon ^^

Hari ini aku mau sharing pengalaman aku facial di Natura Derma. Natura Derma yang aku kunjungi berlokasi di Galeries Lafayette, Pacific Place. Lokasinya agak tersembunyi di belakang deretan pakaian dalam wanita. Kliniknya cukup luas dengan dekorasi bertema natural yang didominasi dengan warna kayu dan pencahayaan yang hangat.

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