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Clozette as Fashion and Beauty Community with Me as Ambassador

29 Oktober 2014
Hello Everyone..

Some of you probably already know that couple months ago I become one of Clozette Ambassador. I was so happy when a staff from Clozette Indonesia contacting me and offer me to become on of their Ambassador.

Clozette Indonesia basically is a social media platform for fashion and beauty where user can share their virtual closet in photo form. In my opinion this apps is almost like Pinterest, you can see photos that posted by others user, like or comment the photo, and add their photo to your own closet. All of that features is not only for photo but also video.

[Review] Perfect Summer Blush Benefit Majorette Blush

25 Oktober 2014
Hello beauty lovers..

I have news for you who is looking for new peach or coral blush. Beside foundation and eye shadows, blush is the product I always tend to buy. You might want read my post especially about peach or coral blush, since I tried a lot of peach and coral blush. I don't like pink blush especially the dolly pink blush, most of my blushes have peach tone on it and only few of them have pink tone.

I was invited by Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia to the launching event of Majorette blush. When I saw the invitation, I was curious what is Majorette blush. I have 4 of Benefit Box O' Powder blush, and I never heard anything about Majorette before, not from any beauty guru that I follow. 

Felicela Brush by Ayou Beauty

24 Oktober 2014
Hello everyone..

Today I want to review the softest makeup brush I’ve ever come across; Felicela Brush. Despite its distinctive features, Felicela is regretfully not that popular amongst most make-up addicts. Frankly speaking, up until a couple of weeks ago, I was totally unaware of this particular brand’s existence. I did however, took notice of these beautiful white bristle brushes that were being displayed on Ayou Beauty’s counter at Seibu, Grand Indonesia, when I was out strolling around that particular mall a little while back. Then again, I had no reason to add more makeup brushes onto my personal collection  at that time, so I decided to pass on it. As fate would have it though,  not long after my last visit, Ayou Beauty  reached out to me and offered me two of their signature  makeup brushes for free *here they are*. What can I say? Im so happy to have received two Felicela brushes, especially the cheek brush.

The PR Officer of Ayou Beauty told me that Felicela brush manufactured by the same company who manufactures Channel brush *if my memory serves me right*. So basically, in hindsight, Felicela brush is a luxurious imitation of Channel's soft bristle brush. Colorwise, The brush itself is painted in white and gold with its signature white bristle dangling at the top.

Best Hair Treatment In Town, Texture Experience by Makarizo

22 Oktober 2014
Hallo semuanya...

Siapa di antara kalian yang senang banget ke Salon? entah untuk hair treatment atau pun untuk hair styling? ayo nyaku ... ^-^ Aku pribadi tidak suka menghabiskan waktu di salon, kecuali untuk hair cutting. Menurutku, menghabiskan waktu di salon itu membuang-buang waktu dan membosankan. Mungkin salah satunya bukti, aku tidak menyukai salon adalah fakta bahwa warna rambutku sudah memerlukan retouch kembali dan belum ku sempatkan ke salon sampai saat ini ^^

Di awal bulan Oktober 2014, bersama dengan Makarizo Indonesia, aku di undang untuk mengikuti rangkaian Hair Trend Show 2014/2015 di Surabaya. Hari pertama di Surabaya, para blogger Surabaya dan perwakilan blogger Jakarta *aku dan Tia*, di manjakan dengan perawatan rambut dari Makarizo Texture Experience. Nah sepertinya.. perawatan Texture Experience akan jadi alasan aku sering-sering ke salon... *kecanduan*

Moonlight | Jean Milka OOTD

17 Oktober 2014
Hello my readers...

Today I am back again with another ootd post. Still same with my latest ootd post which is "My Vintage Looks", this time I coordinated floral dress with denim dark blue outer. First of all please excuse the lighting because I took this picture on the night. 

Dress and outer/blazer is my essential wardrobe items. Most of my outfit is blue. You might mistaken that my favorite color is blue. My favorite color is pink actually, but for outfit, I tend to choose denim or blue since it is easier to coordinate that color with any outfit.

[Makeup Challenge] My Signature Korean Makeup Looks with Sarange

15 Oktober 2014
Hello everyone..

I am back with another make up tutorial. This time I will using mostly Sarange Product. Sarange is one of Korean makeup brand that formulated especially to enhance the beauty of your natural skin. Sarange comes from "saranghae" which means "I Love You" in Korean. 

First time I heard the name, I was thinking, is it possible for a boy to confess his feelings using "Sarange"? ^-^ well, since I love make up, if someone coming to my house with a cute parcel full of Sarange products.. he will totally get my attention ^^ *who doesn't want a boy who really understand what you like ? hahaha... cheesy side of me*. Okay stop with my silly thought, back to Sarange.

First thing I was flattered with the packaging. Distinct with mostly Korean makeup brand with cute or girly packaging, Sarange comes in simple, predominately with silver, and elegant packaging. I really like the packing, I will talk more about it in the product review post *comment down bellow which Sarange product you want me to review first?*. 

[Product Review] Off with Those Heads with B.Liv by Cellnique

14 Oktober 2014
Hello everyone..

Finally I am back with another product review. This time is b.liv by Cellnique. b.Liv is a new product in Indonesian market. They just entered Indonesian market and introduce one of their best seller product which is Off with Those Heads sebum gel. b.liv discovered by Cellnique which is a leading paramedical brand in professional skin care industry for over fifteen years. Cellnique has intensively focused on providing the best available skincare solutions through professional consultation with skin care center. 

In order to extend its solutions to the younger generation, in 2006, Cellnique introduced the world's first beauty-salon formulated blackhead and whitehead remover gel, Off with Those Heads, under the new skin care line, b.liv to the mass market.

Rock The Black Leather Skirt | Jean Milka OOTD

11 Oktober 2014
Hello my readers...

I am back with another OOTD post, this time I tried to contrive touch of "Vintage Style" into my outfit. I am not a big fans of Vintage Style outfit. I believe "Vintage Style" is all about floral pattern, long skirt, black, and red lips. 

My outfit is always about something simple, comfortable, and skirt. I really love skirt, especially "Flare Mini Skirt"...

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