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[Makeup Challenge] My Signature Korean Makeup Looks with Sarange

15 Oktober 2014
Hello everyone..

I am back with another make up tutorial. This time I will using mostly Sarange Product. Sarange is one of Korean makeup brand that formulated especially to enhance the beauty of your natural skin. Sarange comes from "saranghae" which means "I Love You" in Korean. 

First time I heard the name, I was thinking, is it possible for a boy to confess his feelings using "Sarange"? ^-^ well, since I love make up, if someone coming to my house with a cute parcel full of Sarange products.. he will totally get my attention ^^ *who doesn't want a boy who really understand what you like ? hahaha... cheesy side of me*. Okay stop with my silly thought, back to Sarange.

First thing I was flattered with the packaging. Distinct with mostly Korean makeup brand with cute or girly packaging, Sarange comes in simple, predominately with silver, and elegant packaging. I really like the packing, I will talk more about it in the product review post *comment down bellow which Sarange product you want me to review first?*. 

Overall I would say Sarange have some great products. One of their best seller product which is Sarange Triple Crown BB Cream is really good to even out your skin tone, even thought it's not enough to cover my acne scars, but I like it for daily no-makeup makeup looks.

Right now, IBB x Sarange held a Makeup Challenge for you girls... *yeiihhh....*. All you need to to do is create your signature Korean makeup looks.. *check out the makeup challenge details here*.

You will have chance to win Sarange products worth 1.000.000 IDR *there will be 2 winners* 

including :

 the most popular Sarange BB Cream, 
Sarange Pearl Powder and Creamy Concelar which is my favorite, 
Sarange Eyeliner, 
Sarange Automatic Eyebrow pencil
also Sarange lipstick and lipgloss. 

Just to give you some idea, here it is my signature Korean Makeup looks...^-^

This is my go to looks for lazy day, of course minus the contact lens and fake lashes. I really like this looks because it makes me looks like I put less effort but still enhanced my natural beauty.

That is all for my signature korean makeup looks tutorial featuring Sarange. Don't forget to join the make up competition. You will regret it if you are not, because the prize is so worth it ^-^ *I Love most of the product*.You can check out the details here. Also don't forget to keep in touch and get the update about Sarange by follow their social media.

That is all for my post

Readers : Have you ever tried any product from Sarange? what is your favorite?

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Jean Milka
9 komentar on "[Makeup Challenge] My Signature Korean Makeup Looks with Sarange"
  1. Balasan
    1. Makasih.. hehehe.. tapi gw g ikutan Make up challenge nya kok, hanya buat looks aja.. hehehe

  2. good luck ya.. wajahmu juga udah cute kpop itu :)

    1. Oh iya kah wajahnya Kpop? Thanks banget... aku g ikutan lombanya sich.. hanya ikutan buat looks aja... hehehe

  3. You have glossy hair and clear complexion! Beautiful.
    Great post.
    Lets stay in contact through GFC G+ Twitter and Bloglovin. Follow me will love to add you back <3

    1. Actually.. The hair was a wig ^^.. but thank you so much for praising my complexion ^-^

  4. Aku juga suka banget produk Sarange, apalagi BB Creamny. Nge-cover bgt noda2 di wajah :D

  5. i wanna join, but my request on facebook IBB havent confirm by admin till now.. :( how i can see the detail of this make up challange,please confirm all join group there.. Thank you if u mind to approve :)

    1. I am very sorry, this competition has been closed long time ago :(


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