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Experience Eyelash Extension with Tokyo Belle

20 Mei 2015
Hello beauty enthusiastic ...

Last week I had the chance to get an eyelash extension from Tokyo Belle. This is the first time I've ever had an eyelash extension. I'm Chinese, which means I'm severely lacking in the eyelashes department. I have these short, straight, and definitely not a full looking lashes.

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Eyelash extension sounds promising for me. The problem is I can't bear the feeling of foreign objects being attached to my eyes. Whenever I'm required to wear contact lenses or fake lashes, I tend to get a headache if I wear them for more than 8 hours. Also another bad habit of mine is I tend to spontaneously rub my eyes. I read so many articles about eyelash extensions, especially the one written by my fellow beauty bloggers who have experienced the same service I'm going to have at Tokyo Belle.

tokyo Belle, salon, eyelash extension, pacific place

After I gave it some thought, that along with hours of researching, I made my way to Tokyo Belle Pacific Place (located at B1 near Dapur Sunda). Tokyo Belle is actually owned by a Japanese business person so they adopted the same technology and techniques that most Japanese Salons have. Eyelash extensions are pretty common in Japan. This particular fact kind of convinced me to undergo the process.

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Tokyo Belle Pacific Place is the smallest one out of the other two salons they have. The biggest of them all, their flag store that is located at Panglima Polim, and the second largest is at Lippo Mall Kemang. Dominated with white and grey tone, you can feel the luxurious once you enter the salon.

What if I have Sensitive Eyes ?

You will be asked to answer some questions related to your eye's condition. If you have sensitive eyes, you are recommended not to get an eyelash extension. Sensitive eyes tend to get irritated easily. The following symptoms rarely occurs, but if you're feeling extremely itchy, watery, and uncomfortable, remove the extensions at once.  

tokyo belle, eyelash extension, salon, jakarta, consultation

Which extension type should I go with?

Before you undergo the eyelash extension process, the beauticians will ask you which type of eyelash would you like to have. Tokyo Belle has 5 different types of eye lashes and each lashes has a different effect on the eyes.

Tokyo Belle categorizes the price of their eyelash extension services based on the the following types: Natural, Natural DX, Cute, and Sexy fall in Type A category, while Gorgeous is included in the Type B category. Type A category will cost you 1.000.000 IDR and type B is 1.200.000 IDR.

Tokyo Belle, Eyelash Extension, Extension Type

You will have the liberty to choose the curl type and the length of the extension. I chose C Curl, which according to the beauticians is the most popular choice. Afterwards I asked my handler to give me an extension that is slightly longer than my own lashes ( 9 - 10mm).

Tokyo Belle, Eyelash Extension, type, review, curl type

Eyelash extensions are supposed to mimic your God-given lashes, but in better condition. They will make your lashes look more curly, fuller, and added more dimension. You will wake up with your extension, with or without makeup. I believe you don't want to look like you've attached fake lashes all the time. I highly suggest you choose an eyelash type that is slightly longer and curlier than your own to better blend both lashes (the fake and natural ones). Just make sure you don't go overboard key ^^

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How is The Process ?

The entire process is actually painless. You have to close your eyes during the process and the beautician will tape your lower lashes. They will stick the artificial eyelashes to your eyelid, one extension at a time. At first the beautician will apply 1 or 2 extensions and check with you to see if you like the length and curl.

Bellow, there is a video for you showing the extension process I underwent at Tokyo Belle.

eyelash extension, process, salon, tokyo belle, experience

Tokyo Belle, eyelash extension, salon, jakarta

I felt annoyed at first. Cause I had to lay there while someone else was touching my lashes. But halfway through the process I finally got used to it. I even dozed off for a bit. After it was all done, the first time I opened my eyes, I felt uncomfortable and even shed a tear. This might be because of the adhesive they used, but that tingling feeling only lasted for couple of minutes.

Tokyo Belle, Eyelash Extension, jean milka

How It Feels after the Extension ?

At first, It didn't feel comfortable at all and I am really had a difficult time adapting during the first 24 hours. Especially whenever I try to remove my makeup and clean my face. I also find the fact that I can't freely rub my eyes to be quite bothersome *these extensions actually helps me counter this bad habit of mine*. I finally got used to having eyelash extensions after 3 days. Honestly speaking though, I still prefer my own lashes.

How Long It Will Last?

Eyelash extension usually lasts about 2 - 3 weeks, it depends on how fast your own lashes are growing. When your lashes start growing, the extensions will stretch alongside the real ones. Given enough time the extensions will eventually fall off. You can also go back to the salon to take them off if you want to. Never try to remove the extensions by yourself because you might damage your own eyelashes.

How to Take Care of It?

For the first 48 hours, the lashes shouldn't make any contact with water. You can only use a water base (I am using Bioderma cleansing water) makeup remover, and non waterproof mascara or eyeliner. I don't feel the need to use mascara at all. For eyeliner, I either refrain from using them or if necessary simply go with black eyeshadow. Keep your lashes away from water if you want the extensions to last longer. If by accident the extensions are exposed to water, just wipe it with cotton buds and gently brush it with a spolie (eyebrow brush) to help re acquire its original shape.

tokyo belle, eyelash extension, salon, jakarta

What I Think About The Result ?

Hemmm.. There are pros and cons of course. Let's break down the pros and cons in detail here.


It looks natural, adds extra dimension to your eyes. If you have slanted eyes like me, eyelash extensions will help you effortly achieve those big eyes look. I enjoy the fact that my makeup routine time got cut in half, allowing me to finish faster because I only need to apply 1 or 2 shadows and I am good to go. I don't need to apply any eyeliner or mascara. I don't need to add extra time in order to put fake eye lashes. These extensions even make my bare face look good! #GoodBye2HousMakeupRoutine ^^

tokyo belle, eyelash extension, salon, before after, jean milka
Look at how important lashes to change the way you look. Left one I am using full makeup with eyeliner without mascara, and right is me using only 2 eyeshadow.


Sometimes I forget that I have eyelash extension, and often times I feel very uncomfortable. Whenever I shower or wash my face, I can't wipe my eyes when water's running pass it. When my eyes itch, I can't rub it. I should be careful when I remove my makeup or wash my hair. After 2 weeks, the extension pretty much lost its shape. As you can see from the picture below, the extensions on the left eyes are still looking good, but the ones on the right almost looks like it git hit by hurricane Katrina hahahah ^^. I think it's because I felt uncomfortable the first time around , and my eyes kept moving. I must say, the second eye (left eye) the beautician worked on looks way better than the first one (right eye).

About the price, I'm quite aware that not everyone will able to afford such a luxurious treat. I suggest you to keep a watchful eye on Tokyo Belle's many promotions to get a good bargain. I am going to list the price down in the space below along with this month's promotions.

Tokyo Belle, Eyelash Extension, salon, jakarta, before after
How My Extension Looks Like After 2 Weeks

I can understand why everyone loves it, especially when you do the extension at Tokyo Belle. I have never experienced eyelash extension anywhere else, but I heard so many complained about eyelash extensions that ended up damaging the real ones. I noticed that so far, at least 3-5 lashes of mine have fallen alongside the extensions, but It's mostly because I can't refrain from rubbing my eyes. Other than that everything's fine.

If you can bear the feeling of foreign object on your lashes, let's say you get use to fake lashes, then I'll say go for it. If I had the extra cash, I would really love to do it again some other time, especially on months packed with special occasions. Especially the ones that require me to look good all the time.

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension Price List

Type A ( Natural, Natural DX, Sexy, Cute) : 1.000.000 IDR
Type B (Gorgeous) : 1.200.000 IDR

Re-touch Price

3 Days after application : Free re-touch
4 Days - 1 week after application : 75% off from normal price
2 - 3 Weeks after application : 50% off from normal price
1 Month after application : 100.000 IDR off from normal price

1x       20% off
3x       Rp1.800.000 (@600.000)
5x       Rp2.500.000 (@500.000)
*Kindly note that you can share the number of sessions with your friends
Find more info about Tokyo Belle at

That is all for Today Post

Readers : Have you ever try eyelash extension ? Share me your experience by comment down bellow ... ^^

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Jean Milka

Disclimer : This treatment was offer to me for further assessment and review. This Article is but a reflection of my personal thoughts and experience.

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  1. Oh my~~~ They look pretty~ I wish they would stay longer than 2-3 weeks though...

    1. Yeah, they area so pretty ^^. They might last about 1 month, but it depends on how fast your lashes growing, and how do you take care of them.

  2. Thick lashes adds stars to the beauty of your eyes. Those who have thin eye lashes can go for lash extensions process.

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