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Make Up Forever Artist Shadow Review and Swatch

14 Mei 2015
Hello beauty lovers..

So for today, let's talk about my favorite makeup product. What is it? EYESHADOW #Yeiihh.... among all makeup category, eyeshadow is the first makeup category I used. I have small, typical asian eyes, so I like to play with eyeshadow to make my eyes look bigger. If you have small eyes like me, you can read the basic makeup tutorial I always do here.

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Every time I go to Sephora or beauty store, eyeshadow palette always caught my attention. When I knew that Makeup Forever improve their shadow collection and launched the new Artist Shadow that come with 210 colors, I am so excited to try them. It took them quite some time to enter Indonesian market, but I was literally screaming "OMG.. Finally it's here" when I received the launching invitation.

Makeup Forever, artist shadow, review, swatch, collection, beauty

makeup forever, artist shadow, review, swatch, collection

Makeup Forever Indonesia carrying 175 color of this new Artist Shadow among 210 existing color. The shadow have 5 different finish which are matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic and diamond. It only comes with a disposable plastic container, so you have to purchase the palette that they made especially for this particular shadow or any other magnetic palette.

The palettes comes in 3 different options; single, duo, or trio. They're all being sold at the same price which is 70.000 IDR, whereby you can get the Artist Shadow for 220.000 IDR each. The price of the Artist Shadow is originally 22 USD whereby the other palettes (single, duo and trio) are sold at USD 1. And if you buy 3 shadows along with the trio palettes, you only pay for 2 shadow (44 USD). Regretfully we don't have this privilege in Indonesia, but I am quite happy with the fact that the price of a single shadow in Indonesia is even cheaper than that of the original one.

makeup forever, artist shadow, full review, swatch

If you consider the palette price, it is quite expensive for only 3 shadow whereby you can get up to 12 shadows palette for less than double the price. But when we are taking about the quality than I think it is worth the price. The Makeup Forever Artist Shadow contain 88% color pigment that make it really pigmented and up to 50% mother-of-pearl depends on the finish. This shadow was made with a gel powder, long wearing formula which makes them a dream to work with. You will only need to lightly tap the shadow with the brushes and you will get enough product to blend with. This shadow could be apply for blush, eyebrow, eyeliner, sculpting, highlight, lips, and even hair chalk.

I have the privileged to join the launched event at Makeup Forever Plaza Indonesia and I am so happy that they let us choose a trio palette to take home. I choose the natural, wearable colors at the end cause I know those colors is the one I will use the most.

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As you can see from the picture bellow, the palette is a magnetic palette. It has a needle size hole at the back so you can easily push the shadow up and change it to other colors if you want to. One shadow comes with a thin pan of 2g product. The size is double the size of Mac eyeshadow. I prefer smaller size with cheaper price actually. Since I know that I will never hit the pan eventually. But if you are a makeup artist, this product is a good investment.

makeup Forever, artist shadow, me 728, d 826, me 930, review, swatch

makeup Forever, artist shadow, me 728, d 826, me 930, review, swatch, packaging

The color I chose was Fig (D 826) which is a red-purple with sparkling diamond finish, Cooper Red (ME 728) *I am sorry that I missed type it on the picture as Cooper Black* which is a true copper-gold shadow with metallic finish, and Black Purple (ME 930) which is a dark purple-black shadow with metallic finish.

makeup Forever, artist shadow, me 728, d 826, me 930, review, swatch

All I can say that I love the color I chose and also almost all the colors of this Artist Shadow. I swatch almost all the color during the launching event I all of them is very pigmented, glides like a butter and it's also blend very easy. It's so difficult for me to narrow down the colors I wanted, to only 3 shadow. This palette is still missing the matte or transition color and I can't coordinate them into one eye makeup look. So I might go back to Makeup Forever in the near future to pick more colors... ^^.
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The picture above is just one of the eye look I create using Fig on the lid and Purple Black on outer crease and lower lash line.

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That is all for Today Post

Readers : Have you tried the New Makeup Forever Artist shadow? if you did, comment down bellow, tell me which one is your favorite color. 

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Jean Milka

Disclimer : This product was sent to me for further assessment and review. This Article is but a reflection of my personal thoughts and experience.

4 komentar on "Make Up Forever Artist Shadow Review and Swatch"
  1. I need to try makeup forever eyeshadows they look beautiful. And your pictures are incredible


    1. You should. So far, This is the best quality shadow I tried so far.

  2. duh cantik banget warna eyeshadowsnya ya ;)

    1. Iya, cantik-cantik banget. Kalau ke storenya jadi pengen semuanya ^^


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