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Sally Hansen OMGel Review and Swatch - Gel Manicure at Home

22 Mei 2015
Hello ladies...

I used to blog about my manicure routine once a week. You might wonder why I haven't blog about nails, mostly because I rarely doing nail art nowadays. I still wear nail polish most of the times, but mostly just a plain, one color shades. Nail art can be time consuming and last for only 5 -7 days. How irritating it is to spend hours just to paint something cute on your nails and then it's start chipping on the fourth day? 

You might know the fuss about gel nail polish. Different from regular nail polish, gel nail polish can last days without chipping or fading. It holds shine and looks just like a new applied nail polish even after 10 days. The cons are all forms of gel manicure require curing, or hardening under a UV or LED light, time consuming removal and expensive price tag.

To meet the needs of the market, Sally Hansen develop a new nail polish based on new technology name Miracle Gel "OMGel". Miracle Gel is a combination of easy to use and remove concept from the regular nail polish and the last power of the gel nail polish. Miracle Gel make it possible for you to have a nail polish that last for up to 14 days with only 2 easy step. Color coat plus top coat, and it's done.  When you are ready to change up your look, Miracle Gel comes off easily with both acetone-based and acetone-free nail polish remover. No soaking, wrapping, scraping, or filing necessary.

Miracle Gel comes in a cutting-edge, chubby, glass bottle. The application is wide, approximately 5mm.  Make it easy to apply. It can cover my whole nail just with 2 steady stroke. The formula is not too thick, but the color is opaque in 2 coat. It last me for about 9 - 10 days before chipping. It is shiny and looks like gel manicure on my nails. Compare to any other Sally Hansen nail polish I have ever tried so far, Miracle Gel take more time to dry and it can be messy sometimes.

The Color Collections

Available in 47 new and of-the-moment shades, Miracle Gel give you enough selection to choose. Sally Hansen divide the colors selection into 7 categories which are :  

Flawless Nude : Five clean and natural skin tone shade that elongate your nails for a more polished look. 

Love Pink : Seven tone of different pink, start from the pale pink, coral - peachy pink, also fuchsia and red tone pink.

Street Pastels : muted meets edgy with this sweet, feminine collection of sever perfectly washed out pastels.

Runway Shock : Seven punchy, outrageously playful brights turn up the glam for a pop of intense, bold color. This is the nail polish collection for diva ^^

Daily Delights : The ultimate spring shade. This is my favorite categories. Pastel pink, blue, yellow, bright orange, perfect shade of blue ? They have it all.

Mad Mod : Inspired by retro shades, this categories have the bold, dark, berry color that is perfect for fall or winter.

Fired Up Metallics : Metallic is not only about gold and silver anymore girls. Meet the collection of super saturated multi-colored hues that create an intensely reflective effect.

So far I have 5 color coat which are (from top left to bottom right) : All Chalked Up (230) from Street Pastels Collection, Pinky Rings (190) from Love Pink Collection, Sugar Fix (370) from Daily Delights Collection, Dig Fig (440) from Mad Mod Collection, and Game of Chromes (510) from Fired Up Metallics Collection.

This picture bellow is my favorites shades of all 5 colors, All Chalked Up. I took this picture after 7 days using it. It still looks good and shiny except for the part where my nail has grown.

Overall Review


Easy to apply
Last at least 8 days without the sign of chipping
It holds shine
Easy to remove

Take quite sometime to dries

Price : 115.000 IDR (for both color coat and top coat)

More color? of course, I want more shades for sure. Especially the one from Daily Delights Collection.

That is all for Today Post

Readers : Have you try OMGel? Which one is your favorite? Which one should I try next?

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Jean Milka

Disclimer : This product was sent to me for further assessment and review. This Article is but a reflection of my personal thoughts and experience.

2 komentar on "Sally Hansen OMGel Review and Swatch - Gel Manicure at Home"
  1. warna nya bagus bagus yaa. belum pernah coba merek ini sih. kayanya B Girl ama Malibi peach lucu deh.
    i just followed you ci, mind to follow each other? :D

    1. Sally Hansen bagus kok untuk nail polish. Recommended banget dech. Selain itu harganya juga masih bersahabat dengan kualitas setara O.P.I dan Essie Nail Polish.

      Wah iya, Malibu Peach kayaknya okay. Thank you for your recommendation ^^


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