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Pink Manicure : Christmas on My Nail

25 Desember 2013
Merry Christmas everyone....
Hope this Christmas bring joy for all of you...
I am so sorry that I post this late, cause I just back from holiday with my family.
So I decide to post it on Christmas day as Christmas wish for all of you..

I create this looks based on Janelle channel at youtube name elleandish//Janelle.
You can visit her channel, she has a lot of nail art idea. Mine is nothing compare to her. 

What I am using for this look ?
1. My favorite based coat from Holika Holika and top coat from Etude House
2. Elianto nail polish in Indiana red as red base
3. and Elianto Revlon colorstay nail polish in Bonsai as green based (230)

 For the nail art I am using
1. Holika Holika nail polish number 6820 which is light green, for Christmas tree (thumb) and the ornaments of the festive garland (ring finger)
2. Holika Holika nail polish number 6895 wich is light yellow for Christmas tree ornaments, and the ornaments of the festive garland
3. Elianto Nail Polish in Vanila Silk which very light pink almost nude color for Santa face
4. Holika Holika nail polish in white for the snow and snowflakes
5. Holika Holika Nail polish number 6825 which is red for Santa hat
6. I am using The Face Shop nail pen in silver for the festive garland
7. and The Face Shop nail pen in black for Santa eyes and nose

Hope you like it... You can visit elleandish//Janelle on youTube for more detail tutorial. Mine is far away from perfect. But I like some Christmas in my nails.... thx to Janelle for the Idea...

Hope you enjoy this tutorial


Jean Milka

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  1. suka yang iniiiii (^^) unyu unyu...


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