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The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013 according to TC Candler

25 Desember 2013

Today I want to share you something I just found...

I usually read a website name soompi. It is a website share about updated Korean artist news using English for the language. They have a facebook page name and they share about hot news on their page, so usually if I open my facebook and found an interesting news, I will open the link to the website.

And today I found this one....

Nana, Taeyeon, Suzy and 11 Others in “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013″ List

Do you ever heard about TC Candler before? I don't. But I think it is an organization that usually make a research. I am not sure what kind of research. But from the video I know that TC Candler make a research about 100 most beautiful faces every years since 1990.

This is the video about 100 most beautiful faces of 2013 and I only know some artist from that *I always struggle to remember any Caucasian artist*. I know most of Korean artist, there is Sooyoung, Jessica, Taeyeon, Yoona, Lizzy, IU, and Song Hye Kyo. You can see the list here.

I noticed one thing... not all of them is beautiful for me. In that video there is a good sentence

Imperfections is the key of Beauty 

Somehow it's sounds right. Most of girls is always complain about themselves, there is always an imperfection for every girls in this world. How many girls in this world feels they are not pretty? A lot I think. In past I also feel that way.

By the time I realize that just because you are born with a lot of imperfections doesn't mean you are not beautiful. You just need to be confidence about yourself and "make it works" for yourself. Make it works here means you learn about beauty and learn how to apply it for yourself, take care yourself. As long as you have your confidence and inner beauty, everyone will see you as a beautiful girl.

Hope this article is useful for you... follow me if you want to get update with my blog...


Jean Milka
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