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Haul : Huge Sephora, Etude House, YSL, Khiels, Laneige, etc Haul

15 Agustus 2014
Hello Everyone

Today I want to share my recent haul.  This is my very first post about my recent purchase. I usually skip favorites or recent purchase post, but I think I should do it more since I also like to read or watch that kind post. This past 2 months I bought a lot of make up and skin care products. 

There is some promotion going on last month regarding Eid Celebrations. Most of my haul is skin care product. I prefer to bought and stock up skin care products while promotion. I never skip my skin care routine and I always depleted skin care product faster like no one business. So I always have reason to buy skin care products during promotion even tho I still have mine .. ehemm... *addiction* ^-^.. let's jump to the haul...

First of all I picked my favorite toner from Etude House which is Wonder Pore Freshner. I don't really like Etude House skin care products, except for this one. Etude House have promotion where you only need to paid 10.000 IDR for the same second item (should be same item, but for product that have color selection you can choose different color).

This is not my first purchase of Wonder Pore Freshner, I have used up one of the smaller size than this one. Since the promotion is basically like 50%, I pick two of the largest size. I also picked the Wonder Pore Modeling Clear which is a peel off mask. I never try this product before, but you probably already know that I always want to try product that can reduce my blackheads or minimize my pores.

If you follow me on Instagram (if you haven't you can follow me by click here), I posted this picture on Instagram and looks like this picture got a lot of likes. This is Too Faced Bonjour Soleil Palette which is limited edition of Too Faced bronzer for summber 2014. You get Too Faced popular chocolate soleil, sun bunny, and snow bunny in one palette. I have wanted Too Face chocolate soleil for so long and I just don't have enough reason to spend almost 500.000 IDR for one bronzer, since I already have Benefit Hoola bronzer. But when this limited edition come out, I can't resist it. Especially since it was made from chocolate powder and smells like chocolate. I am so glad that I got it cause I love it. I will post the review soon.

I also got my very first Nars product which is Nars Creamy Concealer in honey. This is also one of my wish list, but I am very sad that the color didn't match my skin tone. It's a little bit too dark and pink for me. I think I should pick the vanilla color. It's kinda tricky to pick your color for Nars Creamy Concealer even tho I already looked at the color swatch more than 10 times. I still want the buy another color since I really love the formula and coverage, but next time I will make sure to swatch it my self.

I also visit a bazaar that was held at Grand Indonesia last month and picked popular Lavie lashes. I am not typical fake lashes girl, still trying to wear a fake lashes without make my eyes feels uncomfortable an I think Lavie is quite popular among Indonesian beauty lovers. I pick 7 of their collection, I haven't try it but will let you know what I think about it.

During that bazaar, there is also a new beauty brand from Korea which is Beyond. I never saw it before but since I really like to create a nail art, I picked some of their nail polish. Most of the nail polish cost around 25.000 - 35.000 IDR, it was 20% off that time but there is one of the color worth 99.000 IDR (the blue polish,second row from the left). The color looks lovely but I have tried that expensive blue one also the mint blue polish (3rd from the left) and I don't like the result.The color is very different compare to the color you saw from the packaging. 

Next, I got some products from Sogo Central park and Plaza Indonesia. Sogo offered voucher worth 200.000 IDR for every purchase worth 1.000.000 IDR. You can use that voucher at the Sogo where you get the voucher, and your transaction value should worth minimal 2 x more than the voucher value you have. Kinda like 50% off, and this promotion applicable for all product. It is very rare for beauty brand, like that one in Sogo, have this kind of big promotion. 10% off is the most you can expect. Lucky, my mom bought her personal IOMA skin care products and I got the voucher... ^-^ *ehemm...sneak it without her permission at first*

As you can see, all products from the picture above are for pore or blackheads. First is IOMA Emulsion Exfoliante Douce which is an exfoliate foam with micro scrub that supposed to reduce blackheads. I have high expectation for this product. I usually took facial at beauty clinic and it's hurting... Hope this one works so I don't need to take facial anymore. I also got Khiel's Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion which is a moisturizer and Clinique pore Refining Solutions which is a serum.

Next is Laneige. I have tried the popular Lanige Water Sleeping Pack_EX and I really like it. I like scent of Laneige product compare to any other skin care product. It's somehow smells flowery and fresh in same time. I decide to try more of their product. I got Laniege Blackhead Melting Gel, Laneige Multi Cleanser Facial Wash and Laneige Pore Minimizing Pack. Have anyone of you tried this product before? what is your favorite Lanige product? Let me know by comment down bellow.

I also got two lip product which is YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in shade number 13 Love in Paris and Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in shade 365. This two are my current favorite. The YSL Love in Paris is more to light pink shade while Shu Uemura 365 is a bright bold pink. Love it so much. 

I also got Glam Glow Supermud from Sephora Indonesia. Sephora have Glam Glow gift sexy set including full size of Supermud and travel size of Youthmud. I really loved Glam Glow Youthmud. I have tried the sample size of Supermud before I decided to bought the full size. It was worth 890.000 IDR at Sephora Indonesia which is a good deal. One Glam Glow mud mask worth 780.000 IDR, only by add 110.000 IDR you can get proper travel size of the Youthmud, you can see the comparison with the full size (left one). If you wonder about what brand Sephora Indonesia carried right now, you can check my review about Sephora Indonesia here.

Last but not least I got Lancome UV Expert BB Complete which is new BB Cream from Lancome. I got this one from the latest event with Lancome and Beuphoria, check out the event here. I also got Dolly wink eyelash Fix Glue in white and Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in black, it was 20% that time. 

As I have told you before that I love The Body Shop Nutriganics Drop of Youth, you can check the review here. And finally the 50 ml size is back in stock again. I also got Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in chocolate and one of O.P.I nail polish *forget the name, will mention that on future manicure* in metallic dark purple.

I also got my very first MAC Product which are MAC gel liner in blacktrack, MAC Paint Pot in soft ochre that I used as eye primer and the popular MAC Blending Brush number 217. I only try the gel liner and paint pot couple times, so I can't give you any opinion. But the brush... it's really worth it. Now I know why most of beauty gurus have this brush in their collection. If you are looking for a blending brush, this one is worth to invest, it was around 300.000 IDR if I am not wrong.

That is all for today post. This is one of the huge haul I have ever did. I hope you like it. Let me know, do you like to read post about haul or not ? also which one of this products you want me to reveiew first? please let me know by comment down bellow.

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Jean Milka

16 komentar on "Haul : Huge Sephora, Etude House, YSL, Khiels, Laneige, etc Haul"
  1. aww so many cool things... how many sweet eyelushes **
    thanks for sharing~

    My blog ♥ New Review

  2. Di tunggu reviewnya ^^

  3. wow, banyak nya,
    Iri liat fek eyelahesnya, penasaran reviewnya nanti :)

    btw, Main-Main ke Blog daku yah,
    daku Lg Ngadain Giveaway lho . .
    Makasih :)


    1. will Do soon yah ^-^ Tapi lavie okay kok... dan harganya juga bersahabat. 30K IDR

  4. Amazing haul.. Can you do a review on the YSL lipstick, please? Will looking forward to it :)
    chalwoo <3

  5. ya ampun jee..... hampir semua yg u beli bikin iri. .. glam glownya lempar dong :p ama lipie nya :p

  6. levie, ysl, shu uemura, too faced, nars.....mau reviewnya :D
    OMG super haul deh pokoknya.. langsung follow blogmu aah
    btw, levie eyelashnya beli dimana ya ?

    1. Will do soon.. hehe... Mesti Coba dl sich... tapi YSL, Shu, Too Faced, Nars. Recommended banget. Terutama Too Faced nya karena limited edition. Nars nya juga ^-^

      Lavie waktu itu di Grand Indonesia ada bazaarnya, jadi beli. tapi kamu bisa order langsung ke lavie nya juga kok

  7. Wuaahh... This is a BIG haul! So many beautiful things here x,D
    Really curious about YSL and Shu Uemura lippies. Coz the color looks great.

    Dreamy Princess

    1. Will Try to do the post soon... Thank You ^-^

  8. Neik....
    Itu NARSnya beli di sephora indo? Udah masuk yaaa?

    1. ah.. nggak kak.. itu beli di Online shop dari ig gt. Drawmyfaceid. Di indo belum masuk kok. Bakl cingkrak-cingkrak gw kalau dy masuk. hehehe...


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