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Pink Manicure : The Magic of Red Queen

28 Januari 2014

Hay ladies... 
Did you ever hear Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Dazzling nail polish?  I have their Magic Pop Nail Vivid collection. Couple days ago I tried their Magic Pop Nail Dazzling nail polish and it have such an amazing micro glitters. 

It comes with glass bottle in *like* crystal ball shape. I like the packaging its unusual. First I tried this Red color in number 19 which is Red Queen *they don't mention it on packaging, I need to search it*. Since it's almost Lunar new years, I should have Red on my nails. I apply 3 coat of this nail polish cause of the color is very sheer. You should use another color under this color I think. 

Holika Holika nail polish quality is quite good compare to the price. Sometimes I found out that cheap nail polish is really sticky and it takes forever *Lol* for them to dried.  But I love Holika Holika Nail polish. The only weakness is they are not really long lasting. After 4 days, you already can see that the color is fade especially around the nail tip.

Holika Holika still have bought 3 free 2 promotion for their nail polish collection. But for the free item you can only choose between their Magic Pop Nail Vivid collection. One Magic Pop Nail Dazzling cost for IDR 88.000. I hope this information can be useful for you.

Let me know if you want the swatches for my Magic Pop Nail Dazzling or Vivid collection... I haven't tried all of them but I will always keep you update with my manicure routine.


Jean Milka
2 komentar on "Pink Manicure : The Magic of Red Queen"
  1. Yg kemaren dipake ya? Bagus lo warnanya :D

    1. Iya yang kemarin... iya bagus warnanya.. cuman emank sich g gitu tahan lama...


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