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Recent BEAUTY Haul : The Balm and Ruby Wing Nail Polish AND Trusted Online Shop Information

09 Januari 2014
Hai everyone...

Today I want to share my recent haul I got this package from one of the trusted online shop from instagram ID : joancorner. joancorner sells a lot of beauty haul you can't find at Indonesia like Ruby Wing nail polish, OPI, Urban Decay, Sleek, Sigma, Real Technique and etc. They also sells The Balm, we have The Balm at Indonesia. You can find The Balm Indonesia at SEIBU, Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall but I found out it's too expensive at counter compare to online while trusted online shop also sells original The Balm.

First of all... Finally.. and Finally... and Finally... I get my hand on The Balm Nude Tude eyeshadow palette. It's come with cardboard packaging with large mirror which is can be so useful *we never know*. Most of the color is natural color, left side more like light pink, white, yellow color follow with natural brown color I love it.

But 4 eyeshadows from the right side which is sexy, serious, silly and sleek, I am not sure I can make it works for my eyes. They are a very dark eyeshadow color, and I am not really smokey eye make up holic with black eyeshadow color, But let's see. I haven't tried it yet and I will definitely let you know when I tried it and also make a full review for this palette.

I also get a blush from The Balm which is Frat Boy. It is a shadow/blush but I don't think I will used it as shadow. It is one of the boy blush collection if I am not wrong.

Frat boy blush is peachy pink blush *I am not sure, I am not really know how we should named a color*. It is matte finish that's why I loved it, No glitters or shimmery on it. It's really pigmented like every blush from The Balm so I think you should be a little bit careful when you used it. *I am sorry that the picture didn't do their justice*

Last but not least, I get scented changing nail polish from Ruby Wing. I never tried scented nail polish before, I have scented nail polish from model own but haven't try it. So a little bit curious how it's smells.

That's all my recent haul from joancorner. What I suggest you to try is Frat Boy, it's definitely worth to tried. It's quite price on counter, there is around 100.000 IDR different compare to online shop. So take your phone, open instagram and tried to find joancorner.


Jean Milka
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