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Pink Manicure : Revlon Colorstay in Bonsai

07 Januari 2014
Hai ladies...

Can't believe its only 3 days away from Christmas. Since Christmas is just around the corner,  I want to polish my nail with Christmas color which is green. Actually I want to make a nail art with Christmas theme, but since my lil sis is here. I don't have enough time.

So I decided to make it simple with revlon color stay in Bonsai. It's such an amazing color. Maybe the picture can't showing it well, but revlon colorstay nail polish in bonsai have light green color with gold shimmery. 

I never tried Revlon nail polish. I usually use pastel color for my nail like blue, pink, or purple. But I want to tried something more lady like with darker color not only barbie color. So this is one of my first revlon nail polish.


Jean Milka
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