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Pink Manicure featuring Essie Summer Collection

13 Januari 2014
Hai everyone...
how things going for you in this rainy day? I hate rainy days... I plan to keep post for you but I can't take any good picture since it's cloudy and the picture turns too dark every time I take it.

So today I tried to update my weekly manicure.. I am so sorry that the picture didn't do their justice.

I still not in mood for nail art so I just pick two colors from Essie Summer collection. Essie always come with their mini series. I think they have it regularly every year. This one is Essie Summer Collection for 2013 *correct me if I am wrong*.

It's comes with 4 mini nail polish just like you can see from the packaging. I won't review all of the color from this blog. I might do it latter *let me know if you want it, I have a lot of mini nail polish collection*.

Two colors I pick is The More The Marrier which is a light green yellow tone color and Sunday Funday which is a bright coral pink color. This two is such an amazing color, Its spring collection and yeah its so spring with green and coral. I loved it.

I use Base Coat from Holika-Holika, and two top coat one from OPI wich is RapidDray top coat and another one is from The Face Shop with is not rally a top coat. This top coat from The Face Shop is a glitters top coat with very small gold glitters and will touch you nails with such a nice gold shimmery.

I tried to capture the shimmery but the sun keep changing and I am not a professional photographer so this is the best I can do.

The picture is so far from the real color. I only can said... go and grab Essie Summer collection 2013. It is such a pretty bright color. I got Mine from houseofpolish... and thx for the owner who introduce me to this collection.


Jean Milka

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