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Review and Look featuring 4 Step Smoky Eyes Palette 2 from Body Shop

14 Januari 2014
WARNING : This Post will be full with tons of narcissistic selfie... ^-^

Hello Everyone...
Today I want to share my favorite eyeshadow palette for nowadays which is 4 step smoky eyes palette from Body Shop. Mine is number 2 which is smoky plum *purple color* eyeshadow palette. Number 1 is brown color.

I always loved purple eyeshadow. I just feels its match my personality *which is girly and romantic* more than brown color. First time I swatch it, I am not really sure about it. It's looks like a very dark purple color. Especially the darkest one. But since I have 100.000 IDR coupon from The Body Shop I just picked it.

And I really loved It. It's not a really a dark purple tone color like the tester. It's comes with 4 eyeshadows 3 of them is shimmery and 1 of them is matte.  Its Just a perfect palette for everyday use. I use it for this entire week which is not normal, I usually use different eyeshadows everyday.

You can create couples different looks from this palette. I like the fact that it's have one matte color. It's also comes with such a big mirror and 2 eye brushs that makes this palette is perfect for travel. The only thing I don't like about this is the lightest color is too shimmery for highlight my eyebrow.  

Here is just simple looks featuring this palette. Just like you can see, I didn't create a smoky looks but more likes everyday romantic looks with purple color. I loved the fact that I can create natural or smoky looks with small palette *only 4 colors*.

On me :
1. Eyeshadow : 4 step smoky eyes number 2 from The Body Shop
2. Eyeliner : Face it styling auto gel liner in black from The Face Shop
3. Mascara : Cannonball ultra waterproof mascara from Urban Decay
4. Blush : Harvana powder box from Benefit Cosmetics
5. Lips : Heart Full Moisture Lipstick in RD807 from Holika Holika
6. Denim shirt in jeans from Uniqlo
7. Flowers necklace from Clair's
8. Soft-lens : EOS crystal grey from geosoftlensroom


Jean Milka
2 komentar on "Review and Look featuring 4 Step Smoky Eyes Palette 2 from Body Shop"
  1. wahh palet yang sama hihihi <3

    1. hahaha... Hai Rhea.. Salam Kenal... Kamu Cute banget... Semoga kapan2 bisa ketemu lagi dan selfie bareng ^-^


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