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Pink Manicure : Nyx in Chick Lit

06 Januari 2014
Hallo everyone...

So basically.... I know... I know... It's already 2 weeks *I think* I didn't post nail art update...
I use my last pink manicure which is Christmas nail art for 2 weeks, since I don't have time to do it while I was at Bali for new year holiday.

I just have a chance to do it again last Saturday and I am too lazy to do nail art so I just pick one color for my entire nail.

This couples weeks I tried to find stand alone nail polish for my nail which is more like brave, bright, shimmery color or dark shimmery color. Most of my nail polish collection is pink, blue, green, yellow, pastel and cream color so comment bellow if you have suggestion for dark or neon shimmery nail polish.

This is my first time tried NYX nail polish. And I just know that NYX nail polish is quite cheap, I bought this one only 35.000 IDR and they have quite good quality. It's dry fast and have small brush, make it easier to apply. I bought 4 color will definitely post it when I try the others three.

This one is in NGP 157 *I am not sure that is the number* in Chick Lit... I love this color... It's like pink coral with gold shimmery. Everytime I bought a nail polish I can really swatch it on my nail since I always have nail polish on mine. But this one do a great job with explain the color from the packaging.

I really loved NYX nail polish brush... so let me know if you have tried one and please comment bellow if you have favorite color cause I would like to tried...


Jean Milka

2 komentar on "Pink Manicure : Nyx in Chick Lit"
  1. Nice color!
    Sayangny aku gabisa kutekan hikshiks

    1. Kenapa nggak bisa? nggak sulit kok... awalnya aku juga gitu.. setelah terus mencoba jadi lebih mahir


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