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Meet Your Softlens Needs with Lensza

11 November 2014
Hello Everyone..

I finally made another post *yeeiihh...*. I currently traveling back to my hometown where Internet is a luxury thing to find here. The signal is so lame that make me frustrated every time I tried to upload pictures. I hope I can post as many as I can this month, let me know if  there is any product you want me to review first, by comment down bellow.. ^-^

Well.. enough for the prologue, now I want to share to you one of the online shopping service which I am addicting to right now. My life is so busy now days, I am doing some freelancer stuff here and there, and I also trying to mange my blog. Due to my busy days which I spend most of the times in front of my lovely pink notebook , I sometimes like to do online shopping from home for fun. I share on my Instagram that Shopping is a stress relieve for me *also for most of the girls... of course* ^-^.

Couple months ago I discovered Lensza which is an online store that sells a wide variety of softlens. I used to wear glasses, but since I still able to see without glasses, I rarely wear them. Fact is some of my friends, even my mom, are strongly dependent on their glasses. That is why softlens become so popular lately. Softlens is one of the item that always listed on my mom shopping list, every time she visit Jakarta *my mom live at small city in Indonesia*. 

Lensza makes it easier for you who use contact lens in daily basic to easily get your needs. Lensza sells a wide variaty of softlens, like Acuvue, FreshLook, X2, NewLook, Omega, Geolica and many more. It's very easy to order the softlens that you want, and get them posted to you house. I got mine 2 days after payment. 

Lensza have, not only a wide variety of softlens brands, but also wide variety of softlens pattern and color that you can choose. They also sell some softlens accessories like eye drops and softlens case. I also love the fact that during specific time, they sometimes have promotion and sale that you might can't get at offline store. They also provide free shipping or JABODETABEK and you get free case for every softlens that you buy.

I got a pair of FreshLook softlens from Lensza, Thanks to Lensza PR Girl who give me a chance to choose one lens that I love. I confused which softens I should choose since I only familiar with FreshLook and Acuvue. After 30 minutes of exploring their wide variety, my decisions goes to FreshLook Colorblends in True Sapphire. True Sapphire is a blue lens with grey ring. I love to see blue eyes, so I ignored the fact that I am an Asian and bet my luck this time to try blue lens ^^

I don't have any complains about the quality. Especially due to the fact that I rarely wear a softlens. Overall I will said that I can stand wore it for about 8 hours without any eye drops. I don't think that this softlens give my eye a "big eye" effects, but I do like the color even though I think it looks artificial on my eyes. Asian girl with blue eyes somehow doesn't match well hahaha... ^^

If you are an Asian girl like me, brown or grey lens will looks more natural for your face. I don't think you can't wear blue or green lens, but lens with bold bright color might looks artificial on your eyes. Don't get me wrong, I still love this softlens .. what do you think about my looks with this lens? *comment down bellow .. okay? ^^* 

That is all for my post

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Readers : Don't forget.. I am asking you, what do you think how I look with blue softlens?

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