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3CE Lip Lacquer Review and Swatch, Pink Boom and XX Orange

27 November 2014
Hello Everyone..

I am finally have time to post another review after such a hectic and sick week.. *praise the Lord* ^^
This time I will reviewing 3 Concept Eyes a.k.a 3CE Lip Lacquer. For you who doesn't know, 3CE is a make up line from Stylenanda which is a fashion website based online shop from Korea. I never bought anything from Stylenanda before, but if you live at Korea or any other country near Korea I am so jealous with you cause their fashion line looks so tempting for me.

3ce lip lacquer

This two lip product is my very fist 3CE product. I saw fellow Indonesian Bloggers reviewed this product and since I prefer matte finish lip product, I can't resist to try them. I pick 2 neon shades which is Pink Boom and XX Orange.

3ce lip lacquer pink boom xx orange
XX Orange (top) and Pink Boom (bottom)

3CE Lip Lacquer comes in sturdy square bottle packaging of 6,4 g product. The packing is simple and edge like most of 3CE packaging that dominated by black. The color is true to the packaging and it is easy to see the color thanks to the glass packaging.

Lip Lacquer is basically a thicker version of lip gloss. Like I told you before, 3CE Lip Lacquers finish is matte. I take this picture bellow while some of the area already turn matte and some is not. If you have dry lips you might want to skip this one, but if you prefer matte finish than 3CE Lip Lacquers have quite a good texture since it doesn't makes my lips dry. If my lips is kinda dry, I only need to apply lip balm underneath it and it just fine.

3 concept eyes lip lacquer

The applicator is doe foot applicator that match my lip shape well. It takes some time to apply it since the texture is thick and pigmented, be careful not to mess up with it since it is not easy to removed. You can also see from the picture above, that even after I swabbed the swatches with tissue, it doesn't fully removed.

3ce lip lacquer pink boom xx orange swatch

I do like Pink Boom which is fuchsia pink, but I didn't really like XX Orange especially for daily basis. XX Orange is neon orange that match with blue or green shadows for summer. But since I prefer natural eye look, XX Orange is too neon for me. 

3ce lip lacquer pink boom
3CE Lip Lacquer XX Orange (left) and Pink Boom (right)
Speaking about the last power, it does last for quite a good time, but it definitively gone after eating. I mostly used it all over my lips, but you can definitely can shade in the center of your lips then pat it for a gradational effect. You can also mix and match two or more color, since 3CE Lip Lacquer is a gel texture, it is easily mixable. You can visit Style Nanda website here and see how the mix and match the shades. 

3ce lip lacquer pink boom xx orange
3CE Lip Lacquer Pink Boom

3CE Lip Lacquer retail for 20.82 USD *on Style Nanda website* and I got mine for 210.000 IDR at aurora_beautyshop. It is available in 12 shades start from pink, orange, and peach to red and wine shades which is quite a lot of color selection.

Overall review :

Pros :
I like the matte finish
Love the color actually, very pigmented and last long
Sturdy packaging and the color is true to the packaging, make it easy to find on my make up drawers
It have a quite a lot of color range to choose

It might dried you lips depends on you lips situation, you probably need lip balm underneath
It is not available worldwide so it's quite hard to find especially at Indonesia

Readers : Have you tried another color of 3CE Lip Lacquer? I want to try more color, comment down bellow what is your favorite. 

That is all for my post

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Jean Milka
7 komentar on "3CE Lip Lacquer Review and Swatch, Pink Boom and XX Orange"
  1. Ohh Pink Boom is such a pretty colour! ^ w ^

    1. Yeah.. It's really pretty.. I also love it so much..

  2. Nama applicatornya bukannya doe foot ya :)

    1. Oh iya.. wkwkwkw.. maaf saya Typo.. makasih sudah mengkoreksi yah ^-^

  3. km cocok pake yg oren jean, kalo aku suka pink nya XD
    cantikkk :3


    1. Oh yah? aku malah ngerasa gimana gitu kalau pakai orangenya... nggak PD.. hehehe

  4. warna orangenya cantik ci..
    pdhl aku lagi cari wrna orange kayak gini tpi ini mahal T_T
    nice review


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