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Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Review and Swatch

23 April 2015
Hello lovelies...

Today I want to reviewed the newest lip tint collection from Revlon. Couple weeks ago Revlon Indonesia was so kind to sending me their new product I was so happy and excited when I saw this babies. Why? look at them, they're all bright colors that is really me. I prefer bright, bold lip instead of nude since nude make my lips look smaller and pale.

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First off all I think it's necessary to put some disclaimer regarding this article. Revlon Indonesia sent me this product but they didn't ask me to said anything that is not based on my own opinion. I might get some sponsored product but all reviewed is based on my honest opinion after experienced the products myself. Now let's jump and talk about Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain.

Official Revlon Website list Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain have 11 shades. But I found out later that Revlon Indonesia have only 10 shades. When I was trying to check which shade that is not available in Indonesia, I found out that Revlon Indonesia have Miami Fever (035) that is not available in Revlon Official Website. Where by Revlon Official Website have London Posh and LA Exclusive that is not available in Revlon Indonesia. So I am not sure if its just because of the different name or this collection actually got 12 shades.

I thought that I was so lucky to got all bright, bold, and pigmented shades at first. But actually this new tint collection only have a couples of nude or MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades. It comes in a rectangular, Art Deco packaging and you can saw the actually color from the packaging. Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain cost 89.000 IDR. Price wise its really affordable.

revlon, colorstay, moisture stain, review, swatch

The wide petal, angled applicator make it easy to apply and gives great control if you want to use it for lip lining. The problem is the formula of this tint is really tick that make it splotchy and uneven when you try to applied it directly from the applicator. Even thought it doesn't leave thick feelings, the thickness of the formula need time to settle. I recommended you to apply on your lower lip first using the applicator, spread it using your fingers and press your lips together several times to make the product set. It has glossy shine finish but once it settle, it doesn't feels sticky on my lips like any other lip glosses. 

Revlon, colorstay, moisture stain, collection, review, swatch

The colors I got are Miami Fever, Rio Rush, Barcelona Nights, Shanghai Sizzle and New York Scene. Some of the colors are look almost some on lips such as Miami Fever and Shanghai Sizzle, and also Rio Rush and Barcelona Nights. 

Miami Fever
Bright orange that is very neon and trendy. This is a perfect shades for summer time. Since it's very bright, I don't think its perfect for all skin tone. This is good on cool tone skin tone but might looks too bright on warm, darker skin tone.

Rio Rush
Cool tone pink, barbie pink. I think this color will be liked by young girls who like true pink gloss. If you are looking for a perfect dolly pink color that is not too pale than this is it.

Barcelona Night
Bright cherry pink, red-ish pink that have warm undertone. The color is more to the neon fuchsia color. I like this color so much, it's not too bright but also not too nude that is perfect for day time.

Shanghai Sizzle
A red-orange color. Out all of the colors I think this is the most unique color that I don't have on my lipstick / lipgloss collection yet. I falling in love with red lips this past weeks but sometimes the red lipstick I have is too flattering for day time. This is the perfect red for them who doesn't like the true red or just want to try red lips.

New York Scene
Its dark red wine color, perfect for winter time and make your skin looks brighter. The color is built able so you cam have sheer wine red lips or dare yourself with dark, vampire, wine red lips that give you sexy look.

Revlon, colorstay, moisture stain, collection, review, swatch

Revlon, colorstay, moisture stain, collection, review, swatch

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain last me for about 4 - 6 hours. The shine effect will fade out, but it does tint my lips, especially the dark shades. After a couple of minutes the thick consistency will melt and blend with your lips, leave shine effect without any thick or heavy feelings that you might experienced with other lipgloss or shine finish lip product. 

The tint effect last for up to 6 hours but for the first 1 - 3 hours, especially if you didn't take any food or drinks, you lips isn't kissable. The color will transfer to any food or drink you take. I am not really mind this down side, I just always make sure that I applied it long before I should take food or drink.

Overall Reviews

Blend to my lips
Doesn't leave sticky or thick feelings
It's very shiny
Last for a good time

Transfer and not kissable 
Takes time to apply
If you are not applied it well than it will looks uneven and splotchy

revlon, colorstay, moisture stain, review, jeanmilka, beauty blog

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Disclimer : This product was sent to me for further assessment and review. This Article is but a reflection of my personal thoughts and experience.
11 komentar on "Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Review and Swatch"
  1. They look so pigmented. I must try at least one


    1. Yeah it is. Super duper pigmented and built able.

  2. I have Barcelona Nights and love it! Such a gorgeous colour x

    Jasmine ||

    1. Out all off them, I also really like Barcelona Nights ^^

  3. Omg! All of these shades suits you perfectly :)

  4. Must try ^^ nice review and pictures ^^ I'm your new follower ^^

    1. Yah it's s must. Especially if you like bright lip gloss ^^

      Thanks for following me ^^

  5. Aku pake yang Rio Rush so far it is my fav color :)


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